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Somebody's Baby Girl

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Summary: There was another reason this little girl survived. BtVS/CSI Miami cross

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Somebody's Baby Girl

Title: Somebody's Baby Girl
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-13
Disclaimer: Bruckheimer owns CSI Miami, Joss owns BtVS. Nuff said.
Spoilers: Er, set in the current season of Miami, but not related to the season, so spoilers for s1ep8 “Slaughterhouse”. Post Chosen.
Summary: This little girl survived for a greater reason than Horatio Caine ever imagined.
A/N: Was watching reruns of CSI (because they’re always on) and this still remains one of the episodes of any of the series that even though I’ve seen it tons of times, I can’t turn it off.

Somebody's Baby Girl

Buffy Summers’ mind wandered as she waited for her appointment. She remembered watching as little Erin Caplin played by herself in the corner of the classroom. The brown haired girl had hugged her stuffed teddy bear tightly to her. She’d named him Luke, after her brother that had saved her life first. Buffy had known that there was an orange bunny on her bed in the Joyce Summers family complex named after the detective who’d made sure she stayed alive and healthy.

Erin Caplin, a round faced six-year old little girl with brown eyes and hair, had witnessed the execution of her mother when she was seventeen months old. Her older brother Luke, of teddy bear fame, had saved her from death by hiding her in the dog house. Luke had gone back in to hide their three month old brother Max, only to die protecting him. Max and their nine year old brother Timmy had died as well. Erin had been the only one spared from her family’s killer - the only one spared from her father’s insanity.

Buffy worked mainly with the Council as a teacher and counselor, helping the thousands of girls given the powers of the slayer cope with their gift. Erin’s case wasn’t an unusual one, but Buffy had felt a connection to the little girl that had lost so much and had gained so much too. The only biological family she had left was her Aunt Stacy, but the girls and other families in her age group had become like a second family for them. Erin was adjusting as best she could, given what life had dished out for this little girl.

Which was why Buffy Summers was in Miami waiting to speak with Horatio Caine. An older main with red hair stood in front of her, bringing her out of her thoughts.

“Miss Summers, I understand you wanted to speak with me?” The man drawled, taking his sunglasses off.

“That depends on if you’re Horatio Caine,” Buffy smiled, rising to her feet.

“I am.”
“Good. I’m here because of Erin Caplin. You led the investigation on her family’s murder four years ago?” Buffy said quietly.

“I do remember that case,” Horatio nodded. “Erin’s aunt is her legal guardian -”

“Yes, I know both Stacy and Erin very well. Erin’s part of our community outreach program, for victims of violent crimes.”

“What can I do for you, Ms. Summers?”

“Nothing, really. Erin would like you to have this.” Buffy smiled, handing him the thick manila envelope that Erin had helped her fill the morning before she’d left for Miami. “Stacy and Erin also wished to send their condolences for your loss.”

“Thank you, Ms. Summers.”
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