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Through the Looking Glass

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Summary: An AU noncrossover. Addison comes to Seattle after Derek cheats on her. She starts to fall in love with an intern, but things get even more complicated when Derek shows up at Seattle Grace. Addison/Alex, Addison/Derek

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Television > Grey's Anatomy(Moderator)MalanaFR1556,079021,19729 Nov 068 Dec 06No

Chapter Five

-----Three Months Later----

"I still don't see what she sees in him."

Christina, Izzie, and Meredith all rolled their eyes. They had heard this before. Many times in fact. And while they all agreed with George on the subject, it was starting to wear a little thin in terms on lunchtime conversation.

"Let it go, George," Meredith advised.

"But he's a jerk!" George insisted.

"Well, she obviously sees something else in him," Izzie noted. "After all, they've been together for, like, three months now. And she seems really happy. Maybe underneath it all, he's a really good guy, or something.""

The four interns studied Alex and Addison at their table several yards away.

"I really don't think he is," George said.

Christina shrugged, "Face it. Some women are drawn to jerks."

Meredith shook her head, "I just don't understand how she can date an intern. I mean, it's weird. An attending and an intern?"

"It's not that weird," Christina insisted.

"If you didn't have an attending of your own, you'd think it was weird," Izzie countered.

Christina only rolled her eyes in response.

"I just don't get it," George repeated.


"You're friends are staring at us again."

Alex followed Addison's gaze to the table of interns, who quickly tried to look like they hadn't been staring.

"Those guys aren't my friends,” Alex said firmly.

Addison rolled her eyes. "Fine. Your fellow interns are staring at us again."

"God," Alex said. "Why the hell did I have to get reassigned to Doctor Bailey?"

"Hey!" Addison said, swatting Alex's hand. "Don't you dare say anything bad about Doctor Bailey. You could do a hell of a lot worse in a resident."

"Maybe," Alex agreed. "But my fellow interns suck."

"I like them," Addison said simply.

"Oh come on," Alex protested. "I mean, I know you like Izzie, because she's all into the baby thing, but the rest of them?"

Addison nodded, "Sure. Yang might be too aggressive, but she's one of the best interns I've ever seen. O'Malley is sweet, but he's also more than competent. And I've only worked with Grey once, but we got along just fine. You should give them a chance."


Addison sighed. The last few months had been great, but not without their problems. She really liked Alex, but sometimes they were a little too much alike. They were both aggressive and stubborn as hell. That meant that when they argued, neither of them was likely to back to down.

"Fine." Addison's tone was clipped.

"Addison," Alex said with a sigh. "I just don’t feel the need to be friends with the people I work with. These people aren't my buddies. They're my competition. And Yang is a bitch, Stevens in an airhead, O'Malley is a pansy, and Grey is a timid mouse."

Addison shook her head. She really hated seeing this side of Alex. His anger made him uncomfortable. Sure, Addison had taken her own internship very seriously, but she had also grown close to the people that she had gone through the process with. She only hoped that in time Alex would soften to his fellow interns. It was important to have that network to fall back on. Being an intern was often terribly hard. Alex could use some friends. But she knew if she said that, he'd only get angrier. And she wasn't in the mood for a fight.

"Are we going to Joe's again tonight?" Addison asked, changing the subject.

"Sounds good."

"Alright," Addison said as she stood up. "I've got surgery, but I'll meet you in the lobby after and we can head over." She leaned down and gave Alex a quick kiss. "See you tonight."


As she waited for him in the lobby, Addison thought about her relationship with Alex. She was surprised by how happy she had been lately. The two had decided to go public with their relationship as soon as they had established that they were going to give this thing a serious try. Well, to be honest, that had been more of Addison's decision. Alex had fought it at first. But Addison knew that nothing could be kept secret in a hospital for long. It was better to be straightforward and honest in cases like these.

Richard had been less then thrilled, but he told Addison that he appreciated them being honest about it. Mostly he seemed worried about what would happen if there was a bad break-up. He didn't want that kind of tension in his hospital. He had also expressed concern over special-treatment. But that had changed when Bailey had become Alex's resident. The Chief knew as well as anything that Bailey wouldn't stand for her interns not getting equal treatment.

Bailey did not approve of her friend being in a relationship with her intern. She had made that perfectly obvious. Although she had told Addison it was nice to see her looking so happy, she still had big problems with the relationship. She also had reservations about Alex. She told Addison that she didn't want to see her getting hurt. Addison had done her best to assure Miranda that she could handle Alex Karev, and that it would in no way affect the surgeries that Alex got. It was actually a good thing that Alex had no interest in Addison's specialty. Luckily, Addison and Miranda's friendship hadn't suffered at all. Things had been a little strained at first, but they had worked things out. Addison was grateful for that. Friends like Miranda Bailey didn't come along very often.

In all honesty, Addison was a little frightened by how quickly she had fallen for the young Doctor Karev. When they had first started dating, Addison thought that it was just going to be some simple fun, having drinks together, and occasional dinner, and some hot sex. But somehow it had turned into something more. She saw a side of Alex that no one else seemed to see. She knew that he didn't open up much to anyone. But he had started to open up with her. And she really liked the side of him that only she saw. He could be kind. He could be sweet and romantic. And Addison loved that about him.

Addison felt a familiar pair of arms wrap around her waist and she smiled, leaning back into Alex's embrace. She sighed happily and turned her head to give him a kiss.

"How was surgery?"

"It was fine," Addison said. "Both mother and daughter are perfectly healthy."

"Good. Hey, do we have to do Joe's tonight?" Alex asked.

"You don't want to go out tonight?" Addison questioned, turning to face him, feeling a little hurt.

"I figured we could go back to your place. You know, have a night to ourselves. I'll make some dinner," Alex offered.

Addison nodded and smiled. "That sounds great."

The smile faded from Addison's face as she looked over Alex's shoulder to the doors of the hospital. This couldn't be happening. Not now. She could not be seeing who she thought she was seeing. Yet there he was, walking directly toward her and Alex.

"Alex,” Addison said, her voice filled with worry. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

"Sorry?" Alex asked, turning around to see what had her so worried.

"Who is that?" Alex didn't recognize the handsome dark-haired man who has headed their way. "Addison, what's going on?"

"Hello, Addie."

"What are you doing here, Derek."

"I left you several messages. You never returned my calls."

Alex frowned at the two of them, his frown deepening when the stranger turned toward him with a smirk.

"Hi. I'm Derek Shepherd. And you must be the guy who's been screwing my wife."


A/N: Normally I don’t like to just take things directly from the show and plug Addison/Alex into Derek/Meredith's place. But the scene was pitch-perfect on the show, so I wanted to stick closely to it.

I'm still not entirely sure where I'm going with the pairings in this story. It's going to be quite long, so there might be a bit of a romantic merry-go-round. Right now I still plan on having an Addek pairing in the end, but that isn't for certain. Sometimes my writing gets away from me. But, Addek will be getting together at some point.

Other pairing that might possibly appear in the fic (This includes everything from flirtation to dating to long-term romance) Addek, Addex, Mark/Izzie, Mark/Meredith, Christina/Burke, George/Callie, George/Izzie, Derek/Meredith, Izzie/Alex, Izzie/Denny, and Izzie/Derek. Yeah, Izzie/Derek. I have a serious weakness for the pairing, and I've only ever found 2 fics that use it. I'm not saying it'll fit in this story, but it might.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Through the Looking Glass" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Dec 06.

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