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Through the Looking Glass

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Summary: An AU noncrossover. Addison comes to Seattle after Derek cheats on her. She starts to fall in love with an intern, but things get even more complicated when Derek shows up at Seattle Grace. Addison/Alex, Addison/Derek

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Television > Grey's Anatomy(Moderator)MalanaFR1556,079021,19729 Nov 068 Dec 06No

Chapter One

A/N: Okay, I usually don’t even read AU stories; much less write them. But the idea for this hit me randomly, and I decided I just had to write it. Tell me what you think.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Grey’s Anatomy or any of its characters.


Addison Shepherd came to consciousness gradually. She desperately wanted to stay asleep, but the pounding of her head wouldn't allow it. Besides that, her bed was feeling incredibly hard, and cold. Opening her eyes, she realized the reason for that. She wasn't in her bed. She was on the floor of her living room.

And she wasn't alone.

Memories of the night before came rushing back to her. She was feeling generally miserable and alone in Seattle. So, she had gone to the bar. She had gotten quite drunk, and started flirting with a guy. A guy she brought home with her. A guy who, by the light of day, looked much too young for her.

They had sex. Addison could remember that. In fact, they had fantastic sex. But beyond that, Addison couldn’t remember a thing about him. She didn't even know what his name was.

Addison stood up, and grabbed a blanket off the couch, wrapping it around her otherwise naked body. A glance at the clock told her that she had to at work in less than an hour. She saw under her breath, and looked down at the still sleeping figure at her feet.

"Hey," she said softly. When the guy didn't respond, she tried again, louder this time. She nudged him gently with her foot, "Hey!"

The guy groaned this time and shifted around a little on the floor before opening his eyes. He looked around in confusion for a moment, but broke out into a grin when he saw Addison looking down at him.

"Hey, yourself."

Addison rolled her eyes at the attempt at flirtation. "You have to go now."

The guy sat up and shot her a lascivious look, "Oh, come on. We had fun last night, no reason we can't have fun this morning."

Addison just glared. "Except for the fact that I have a pounding headache and I have to be at work in less than an hour."

The guy's eyes widened as he caught sight of the clock.

"Shit. I'm going to be late." He shot to his feet and looked around. Spotting his boxer shorts lying on a chair, he scooped them up, and quickly pulled them on.

"You see my pants?" He asked.

Addison found them on the couch and tossed them to him. "I'm going to go up and shower. I trust you'll be gone, by the time I'm done."

Alex smiled and nodded, "Don’t worry about it. I'm not planning on being late for my first day." He looked her up and down, "Not even for someone as sexy as you."

Addison again rolled her eyes, but she couldn't help but smile. As she headed up the stairs, the guy called out to her.

"Hey, I feel like an ass for asking you this, but what's your name?"

Addison paused, "I'm Addison. And there's no need to feel like an ass. I don't remember yours either."

"I'm Alex. Alex Karev," the guy offered as he started buttoning up his shirt. "Go on. Take your shower. I'll be out of here as soon as I get my shoes on.”

Addison nodded vaguely, and continued on her way.

As the hot water of the shower ran over her, more memories of the night before came back to her. The sex had been great. And it was just nice to be with someone. She had only been in Seattle for about a month, and she still felt out of place. She went to Seattle Grace, she did her work, and she came back home. That’s all she did. It was just going through the motions.

Doing something to break that routine, even if it was having a one-night stand, was a nice change. And if she was going to have a one-night stand, she could have picked a worse guy to have it with. Alex Karev might have been a little young for her, but he was gorgeous.

Addison almost regretted that she’d never see him again.
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