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Yellow Brick Road

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scars". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The 'Scars' series. Summary: Everyone has a journey to make.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-CenterednicowaFR131016,68021814,36130 Nov 0616 Jan 07Yes

Dawn of a new beginning

The hours the train took to go from London to an undisclosed Scotland location passed slowly. Conversation was limited and while someone had offered a game of cards, nobody paid much attention to the game, resulting in many singed fingers. And so the time passed in broody silence. So it was with a sigh of relief that Hermione announced that they were getting close to Hogwarts and should change into their school robes.

When the train pulled into the station, Dawn followed the others as they disembarked. She started when she heard someone call her name. She turned to see a giant striding towards her. Only Harry’s whispers persuaded her not to turn tail and run.

“Dawn Summers?” He asked again, more gently this time. She nodded fearfully, she didn’t hear the whispering that was going on behind her. “This way please.”

He was turned and gone several steps before Harry could convince her to follow him. She ran to catch up. She just caught him up when they turned a corner to see a glassy lake mirroring the moon, and a number of boats bobbing in the gentle breeze. As she followed the giant down to the edge of the lake she felt an odd sense of deja-vu. A glance to Harry, he gestured to her that it was safe to follow on, as she got into one of the boats.

With a little jerk the boats set off. Neither Harry nor the giant seemed to be paying her much attention so she kept her exclamations to a minimum. They other two seemed to be waiting for something so she kept looking ahead. As they rounded a corner in the surrounding cliffs she finally saw what they were waiting to see.

Hogwarts, the most famous castle in the British Isles, reared it magnificent head above the cliffs, turrets pointing high, lights shining like beacons. She gasped at the spectacle of it all. Then remember where she had seen it before. Harry had shown it to her in one of their shared dreams. Even Technicolor dreams couldn’t compare to the actual vision.

They came to the dock and disembarked, entering the castle and the huge entrance hall. Dawn wondered briefly if her eyes could actually pop out of her head from staring like she was when a sharp voice pierced her musings.

The owner of the voice, a tall, stern woman watched her hawk-eyed as she came towards her out of the double door behind her.

“Please, follow me,” she said. Here Dawn started a lesson in confusion. They went up stairs, along corridors, up more stairs, they waited at the bottom of stairs for them to change destinations, they went down, up, back, forth, till Dawn’s head was spinning. Eventually they seemed to have reached a destination.

The gargoyle seemed to stare at them impassively until Dawn’s guide whispered something under her breath. This seemed to satisfy the statue as it moved, revealing a moving winding staircase. Her guide stepped onto one of the steps easily and Dawn quickly joined her, pretending it was just an ordinary escalator.

At the top was a single door which they entered without knocking. There was no one there anyway. She was told to take a seat. Dumbledore would be with her in a few moments. She nodded and sat down as the woman left the room.

But she didn’t stay sitting long. There was too much to look at and Dawn had always been the curious sort. The poked and prodded, sometimes only looking when she couldn’t tell whether or not it would be safe to touch. She could feel Harry’s disapproving gaze on her though he followed with as much curiosity as she had. She was working her way up to touching the stuffed bird when she was startled by a calm voice.

“I don’t think Fawkes would appreciate being poked or prodded,” Dumbledore said with amusement. Dawn jumped in surprise. Her next words added to his amusement.

“It’s alive?” The bird moved then and to Dawn it was as if someone had breathed life into a previously inanimate object. She let out an ‘eep’ of surprise. Dumbledore chuckled.

“Very much alive, I’m afraid,” he said smiling. He gestured for her to retake her seat, which she did, blushing.

He sat opposite, half-hidden behind his desk and the objects thereon. These were some of the most intriguing objects in the room, and the only ones she hadn’t interfered with in any way, taking the fact that they were on the table to mean that they were actively in use. The fact that different ends periodically belched different coloured smoke had helped make that decision.

The bright red, bird that she had been about to examine, straightened up and seemed to eye her up and down. Dumbledore, however, distracted her from eyeing the bird back indignantly.

“How was your journey?”

“Long, boring.” She shrugged. “What am I going to be doing here?”

Dumbledore seemed to ponder that question before answering.

“You will attend classes, learn as much as you can from my teachers. You will also have lessons from me as well as extra lessons outside the set curriculum as I see fit. I’d advise you to study hard-” He was interrupted.

“Let me guess. There’ll be tests. One in particular. Pass, fail, you pass, you live, you fail, you die.”

He inclined his head gravely.


“Why waste words.”

He nodded his head at this piece of wisdom.

“You will need to be sorted into a house so that points you acquire can be added to the total. Also the house you’re placed into will be your home for the remainder of your study here.” He rose taking down a battered hat, one that had seen much better days. “This is the sorting hat. It has always been used to decide where students should be placed. It will see the attributes you have and decide which house you belong to.”

He placed it on top of his table. Dawn eyed it warily. Then the hat seemed to come to life of its own accord. A tear opened on the brim and it began to speak in a sing song manner.

“Young student dear, please have no fear,
My knowledge is used in the best of minds,
For though yours is new,
I have seen them all,
Young and old, Great and small,
Smart and brave, cunning and loyal,
For Hufflepuff is steadfast true,
And Slytherin is clever canny,
Gryffindor is courageous fast,
And Ravenclaw is in brains the top,
With brain and brawn and cunning finest,
We can outdo them, all the rest.”

The hat settled then as Dawn gaped at it.

“Dawn Summers,” Dumbledore called formally, before picking up the hat and placing it atop Dawns head. She had a moment of startlement before the hat called again.


And so ends the second installment of the Scars trilogy. Join me in the third and final part and:

-Find out what house Dawn will be in (I think I've already decided and no its not obvious but if you want to suggest a house and give a reason you can do so!).

-Meet up the Scoobie Gang.

-See how Draco is doing in his role of informant (also Ron and he 'interact' - I'll leave that to your imagination!)

-Dawn meets Voldemort (hopefully!)

Join me again here soon!

The End

You have reached the end of "Yellow Brick Road". This story is complete.

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