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Summary: Criminal Minds. Spencer Reid knows of the supernatural, what happens when the supernatural collides with his job at the BAU?

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Television > Criminal MindsNoxFR1854,25222524,1651 Dec 0619 Feb 07No

Chapter One

Author: Nox
Title: Hidden
Fandom: Criminal Minds/Buffy
Disclaimer: Don't own any of it, woe is me.

A.N. I got bitten by this at work, back story for how Spencer and Willow know each other will be supplied as the story goes on.

Spencer hitched his satchel up on his shoulder as he stepped out of the elevator. It was early morning and the team had been called in. He smiled at Derek who stood up from his desk and followed him into the conference room. Elle and Hotch were already lounging in chairs, flicking through case files. Gideon looked up from his folder and greeted Spencer.

"Serial in Charleston, West Virginia, five victims so far, he bleeds them out." Spencer raised an eyebrow.

"Purposefully? Is it ritualistic? A lot of ritual behavior demands blood as an ingredient or as a sacrifice." He flicked open his folder to the crime scene and autopsy photos, the other agents had gone backs to studying the folders, except Derek who was still watching Spencer. He was the only one who caught the recognition and fear that flashed across Spencer's face as he saw the photo of the cause of death. It was a look that just as quickly disappeared.

"This looks like a bite wound, did crime scene find any saliva?" Gideon smiled proudly.

"Yes, it is almost certainly a human bite, however the unsub seems to have unnaturally long canines which he uses to pierce the jugular, owing to the total lack of blood where the victims are killed we can assume he collects the blood. It is possible our unsub believes he is or plays at being a vampire. We should research vampire mythology, Reid?" Spencer closed his folder.

"I'll look into it on the plane." Gideon stood up.

"Let’s move then." The agents closed their folders and streamed out of the conference room, they rode the elevator down to the car park before splitting up to their separate vehicles.

Spencer slipped into his car and plugged his mobile into the hands free headset; he typed in a number and started the ignition as it rang. He was just pulling out of the parking space as a bright, cheery voice answered.

"North American Watcher's Council, Clarissa speaking, how can I help you?”

"This is Spencer Reid, is Willow Rosenberg in?" There was a clack of computer keys at the other end of the line.

“Ms Rosenberg is in the field with a class, but if you like I can connect you to her cell.”

“Thank you, I’d appreciate that.” The car was filled with the sound of telephone waiting opera for a few minutes. It cut off and Clarissa was back on the line.

“I’ll connect you now.” There was a click and another female voice came from the car.

“Spence? How are you? How’s Jeremy?” Spencer smiled sadly.

“I’m fine, Jeremy, well we broke up.” Willow sounded embarrassed and apologetic.

“I’m sorry Spence, but we can be single together, Kennedy and I didn’t work out. It’s been too long since we’ve seen you, when are you going to get back up to Cleveland?” Spencer sighed.

“Probably not unless I have a case there, I never realized how much the BAU consumes your life. But that’s why I’m calling, my new case is right up your alley. I’m driving to the airport now to go to Charleston, West Virginia, we’re being called in for a serial, but I’m certain it’s a vampire. Five so far, all drained, none turned so far as I know.” Willow sighed.

“What do you think? A fledgling who isn’t good at hiding his kills or someone older just screwing with the police?”

“He’s at least a decade old I’d say; it’s to controlled to be a fledgling.” Willow laughed.

“Yeah control was never one of the strong points of fledglings, I’ll organize to have a full team sent down, just to be safe, Joshua for magic and Vi, Amelia and Jesse for slayers I suppose. Or…”

“Or, what?” Spencer asked suspiciously.

“Well I haven’t seen you in so long, and Michael can cover my lessons, he needs to learn how to control them anyway, and it’s been ages since I’ve had a vacation. So I’ll come, I’ll bring Vi and Amelia and Jesse and we can see each other again and do a bit of slayage.” Spencer smiled at Willow’s babbling

“It will be good to see you again Willow, I don’t know where we are staying yet, should I call you when I get there with details?”

“You’re still wearing your amulet right?” Spencer frowned.

“Of course, you told me to always have it on, why?”

“Oh, it’s just because I made it, I can home in on it, no need for directions, I’ll see you in Charleston Spence.” Willow hung up. Spencer stared blankly for a moment before he fished out the amulet from inside his shirt.

“So that’s what it’s for.” He shrugged and merged into the traffic.
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