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First Contact

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Summary: Everyone’s favourite blond Cylon has a series of unfortunate encounters… [BSG2004Multiple]

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Multiple Crossings > Non-BtVS Crossovers(Past Donor)Starbug + 8 othersFR15168,5693151100,2671 Dec 061 Aug 14No

Midway to Iscandar... (nBSG / Star Blazers 2199) by sorawithans

Six squinted at the ship currently displayed on DRADIS and wondered if this was a joke. Apparently, someone had taken an old ocean-going ship and replaced its stern with a giant thruster. Hell, they even left the old glass windows in place!

"Target that idiotically-designed ship an remove it from the universe, please." She commanded.

Out of the front missile ports on her Basestar, the flagship of this fleet, four missiles streaked across the void. To its credit, whoever was piloting that ship saw the missiles coming and tilted his ship, letting three streak by while the fourth hit, dead on target on the ships right flank. Six grinned, thinking that was the end on the ship.

She was justifiably surprised, however, to find the ship emerge from her missiles smoke cloud, leaking smoke from a hold in its hull but otherwise fine. She blinked in surprise as the ship started a full burn and- was it launching fighters?!

"Launch the raiders." She commanded over the fleets com network. "All ships, fire at will."

As fighters are wont to do, they engaged well before the lumbering capital ships could do more then aim their main guns. Six noted to her annoyance that her raiders were performing just as badly as they did against the fighters of Galactica, despite the defenders being just as outnumbered.

It was then that the main gun turrets on the strange battleship fired, shooting some strange blue beams across the void to smash to her fleet, both turrets aiming at a different ship. To her shock, both attacks punched straight though the bio-armor on those Basestars and emerged the other side, destroying both ships in secondary explosions immediately after.

The Cylon hybrids running the other ships held their resolve, though, emptying their launch tubes in a flurry of smoke. Tiny turrets that Six had missed until now starting spitting slivers of ruby laser light at the incoming missile swarm - point defense! Most of the swam was knocked out before reaching the ship, those hit by the point defense exploding and taking out their neighbors.

Six smirked as no less then five missiles hit the enemy battleship. There. That should... oh come on. Large chunks of hull plating was now visibly missing, smoke leaking in huge plumes. The ship fired again, taking another two Basestars out. Six shook her head. She still had 15 ships to her name. 'I'm not going to loose to some primitive ship with oversized guns!' She thought.

Now if the enemy captain had any sense, he'd circle around the fleet, staying mobile to better dodge their missiles and letting its guns scythe though them. She was therefore most surprised, AGAIN, when the enemy ship decided the head straight through her formation. So surprised, in fact, that the ship almost made it into her fleet before she remembered to give the order to fire once more.

This time, to her fury, all the missiles fired missed, and the enemy fired its energy turrets - oh god help us it had a third turret on the back, now in possession of an angle of fire - and fired its own missiles from recessed tubes on its prow. Six swallowed. 10 Ships left. As the ship passed the Basestar she resided on, she could see the name painted on the side: "Yamato".

She steeled herself. It was hardly invincible, she just needed it hit it hard enough. Concentrating, she gave the authorization for nuclear arms.

The ship had made it one megametre from her fleet when she targeted it one last time. "Goodbye, annoying fly" She hissed, thoroughly spooked but trying to hide it.

Unexpectedly - how many times could this she be surprised by this one ship? - the Yamato turned 180 degress, to reveal that light was building in a hollow space in its prow. 'What now?!' Six thought, shortly before a beam of searing light washed over her ship and the rest of the fleet, obliterating them entirely.

Nearly an hour later, the repairs on the Yamato were in full swing, when the Battlestar Galactica jumped into the system. Almost immediately, it hailed the Yamato.

"Earth was right where you said it was! The refugee ships were happy to have a planet to live on, even in those underground cities of yours, and Earth was glad to have a fleet of jump-capable ships to... er, Captain, did we miss a battle?"

"You were right to warn us about those Cylons."

"I don't see any Cylon wreckage."

"We may have gotten carried away with our Wave-Motion Gun at the end."

"I see. So then, Iscandar, isn't that where we're going?"

"You wish to come?"

"You think, having just found a new home, we'd stand by and let it die?"

The two aged veterans stared intently at each other though their vid-screens. Both were captaining ships which under normal circumstances would be in museums, not in space. Commander Adama's ship was actually in a museum when the Cylons attacked, and Captain Okita (or Avatar, depending on your translation) was captaining an actual WWII battleship, heavily retrofitted but still nearly 300 years old.

"You might as well help with our repairs first."

The End?

You have reached the end of "First Contact" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Aug 14.

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