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First Contact

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Summary: Everyone’s favourite blond Cylon has a series of unfortunate encounters… [BSG2004Multiple]

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Multiple Crossings > Non-BtVS Crossovers(Past Donor)Starbug + 8 othersFR15168,5693151100,2671 Dec 061 Aug 14No

The Iron Men (BSG/Warhammer 40,000) by Duken

The Pride of Dracon
Magos Technicus Graham looked at the slate in his hands in confusion. Two separate groups of unknown ships had entered they system, the first one broadcasting on every channel they could. The auto-scribe couldn’t translate much of it, but what was led him to believe that the ultimate blasphemy to the Omnissiah, Iron Men, crewed the chasing fleet.

Help…Humans…Chased…Androids…False Humans…Iron Men…Help

There was only one thing to do; secure both fleets and destroy the affronts to the Machine God. Switching his vox unit over to ‘ship wide’ he prepared to deal with the foe. “All available crew to the shuttle bays, the blasphemers of the Omnissiah await.”

Basestar Six
Six looked at the reports in shock. Each ship had been boarded by a force only described as augmented, the boarders ripping through her crews as if they were nothing. Hers was the last ship, and they were coming through… A loud explosion signaled the arrival of the intruders. Turning her head, the last thing that the fake human saw was a half-human with multiple metal parts point various weapons in her direction. A loud hiss followed by nothing was the last thing heard.

Magos Graham looked down at the puddle that had once been an Iron Man, the Multi-Melta in his lower left arm having done its work. Smiling savagely, he turned to leave; there was a fleet of humans to talk to.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking