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The Power Within Me

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Summary: Dawn performs magic infront of Dumbeldore and is accepted into hogwarts, where she meets Draco Malfoy

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoyremembranceFR1353,2741285,3856 Jun 0323 Jul 03No


Disclainer: I dont own anything

Chapter 5

Normal POV

Draco quickly gathered his things and ran after Dawn. When he reached the hall he heard faint sounds of footsteps to the left. He ran after the sound. But when he saw its source he came to an abront halt.

She had collapsed onto the floor like a broken doll. Crying of names he never heard of. He slowly approached her. When he was close enough he crouched beside her and pulled her in his arms. She let him hold her, as she cried. Cried for the people she couldn't save, people she didn't know, and the people who survived and had to live through more pain that, yet again she felt responsible for.

Draco had no idea what to do. He was not a person for comfort. So he just held her. Something had reminded her of her past. The one he knew nothing about. But he knew now it was full of pain. And most definitely loss. When he was watching her, he saw how her eyes seemed to be distant. As if looking at a memory. And the same sudden change that caused her tears. He had only seen that one pair of eyes that held that much pain. He had seen them in Harry Potter. She lost family. And by the looks of it, she lost many.

She pushed him lightly away, and stood her back facing him. Brushing off tears, she said with a hoarse voice, "Thank you, Draco. I would appreciate it if this was not mentioned to anyone. Especially Snape."

She spoke again now all emotion gone. Back to that cold exterior that he was used to. And Draco did not like it one bit.

"No you do not get back to that again!"

She turned to him confused.

"To what?"

"You know bloody well WHAT! You will _not_ go back to that zombie state that you hide behind. I have seen what pain is inside you Summers. You cant hide your feelings like that. And that was proven just a moment ago. Do you want the students to see that?"

Anger quickly took Dawn over. And she glared, such a glare that would put Snape to shame. Causing Draco to back up a few steps.

"WHAT exactly would you know about pain Mr.Malfoy. Did your sister _die_ saving your life. Did you get shipped of to England because your friends couldn't help you, and your father didn't want you. Do you wake up every morning not sure if you are really waking up or are you reliving a memory implanted in your brain. Was over half your life a lie. Was your life revolved around darkness and demons. Were you kidnapped at least once a month! Were you forced to come here because your magic might eat you inside out. NO Mr.Malfoy, you know nothing.................NOTHING about pain."

She said evenly and slowly. By this point Draco was backed up against a wall. She gathered her things while Draco watched silently. Before she turned away she said "I will be talking to Dumbeldore. IM caught up enough with my studies this year. I don't believe I will be needing your services anymore."

With that she walked away. For the next week, Dawn Summers will be locked in her room.

A/N: R+R

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Power Within Me" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Jul 03.

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