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It's About Time

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Summary: A person from the future unknowingly goes back in time. The role to be played is that of unchangeable history. Warning... four main original characters. more OCs being the bad guys.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralPlutronFR1524,518017962 Dec 062 Dec 06No

Act Two

Act #2 September 14 2028
The People I Grew Up With

I sat in front o the vanity and sighed as Eli babbled at me and ‘Glowworm’ did… whatever it was she was doing in the background. I’ve been wherever here is for the past 3ish months. I think I’m still on the moon; but without any windows or doors I can’t be certain. Anyway over the time I’ve been here I’ve worked on my fighting skills as a whole meaning both me and Eli have been out and fighting. ‘Glowworm’ has been a lot of help in this aspect because she can make realistic opponents for us to fight. So we have worked with swords, whips, and staffs so far and have been improving.

On the second day of being here I had asked ‘Glowworm’ why we were here. She didn’t seem to know and got quite frustrated with herself. So I just ruffled her hair and told her not to worry about it. So I’m not sure of the why or even the how but I know I should be ready. For what… well that has yet to be determined; but I know something big and bad is going to happen. I’m just not sure when.

As I was sitting there I shifted through Eli’s memories and found something that surprised me. Well actually it infuriated me. How could she withhold this from me she didn’t even mention it.

“Where is mother?”

She looked at me shocked but then understanding she nodded. I love our mother very much. I remember when I was five she told me a story about how she was rescued by an angel and then I would ask her if I could be an angel too. She would laugh at me with an amused look in her eyes and say I already was one. I was her little angel. Since that day I knew it was up to me to take care of her. Our father was a no show and for that I hated him. He had to have been the reason me and Eli are the way we are and if he had been there he could have helped mom through a lot of confusing discussions. I know more about a woman’s thoughts and anatomy then any man should ever know.

Finally Eli looked at me straight on (which she barely does) and answered my question;

“She disappeared… I’m not sure of the particulars but the council would know.”

She went quiet and before I could respond ‘Glowworm’ ran up to me with a worried looked on her face and was jumping up and down anxiously. Then without warning she sneezed in my face and after I blinked we found are selves in a new environment.

“What did you do this time Glow?” Over the past few months ‘Glowworms’ powers have proven to be difficult for her to control. This resulted in more then a few disasters in fact one such time she ended up making everything either actually black and white or made everyone color blind the truth of the matter was hard to pinpoint. This time however seems to be far worse in a way that made my spin chill. The room was very familiar. It was the England training room the council used to train their younger slayers. I remember when I was 5 Faith was watching me while she trained the baby slayers. They were so beautiful to watch I was mesmerized at how fluidly they moved. Then Faith would show them how to do it and every time I was always so much more enamored at how a fully trained Slayer could be. I wanted to be like them.


‘I want to be like you Aunt Faith’

Faith chuckled at me and I furrowed my eyebrows in annoyance.

‘Well Axe that’ll be hard seeing as you’re a guy’ Her eyes danced in amusement and I don’t think she’d ever tell me but I think it made her happy that not only did I call her aunt but that I wanted to be like her. It was only natural that I looked up to her especially since mom and Buffy were always busy with… well they never told me and when I asked they gave me weird looks. So most of my time was with Faith. Yep half the year with her other half with mom in Japan.

‘But I can turn into a girl… however as a girl I would rather not fight.’ Her eyes changed to those of pain for a reason I did not know and if I did I’m sure I wouldn’t have understood. But she smiled at me anyway and took me off for my nap.

‘If I could have my way you would never fight… but as B always says ‘history is immutable’… whatever that means.”

I’m not sure what she meant but as I drifted of with my head over her left shoulder I saw a man with wings standing in the shadows of the training room.

End flashback

“Yo bro come back to the world of the living… well the living and un-dead.” I was brought out of my mussing by a pale peach colored hand waving in my face and a voice that was very familiar. I looked up and my eyes widened with shock. Before me was Alan my cousin and Buffy’s son. His silver hair was a mess and his forelocks were reddened by blood. His clothes which were his usual style of all white were also covered in blood. A quick look to his eyes confirmed that they were changing from gold to silver grey. I almost groaned…. He was all smiles… How annoying.

“What did you kill this time?” He frowned at me and put a hand behind his head and laughed nervously.

“Why is it always my fault when I kill something trying to kill you?”

“Because I don’t need your help.”

“Well it’s your lucky day this blood is all mine.” He promptly fainted in to my lap. If I wasn’t so concerned I would have sweatdropped. As it was I settled for sighing in indignation. Glow for her part was running around like a chicken with her head cut off.

‘What did I do to deserve being surrounded by idiots?’

I lifted Alan up and started walking out of the training room. As I looked around the halls I felt a slight feeling of worry come over me. The building looked exactly the way I remembered it but it also looked far too new. In fact it looked like it did in the pictures I was shone of how the place looked after Xander worked on it.

‘Could I be in the past?’

I chuckled that would be impossible… right?

Despite my humor I’m not all that sure. I cringe a little at the thought of being in the past. The Scoobies were anything but nice to intruders and they were all very strong. There would be no way for me to fight them and protect Alan if they saw us as a threat. I stopped and thought for awhile about what to do. I was so scared that I didn’t realize I was crying and shaking until I felt a strong hand on my shoulder. When I looked up I almost stopped breathing. I was vaguely aware of Glow taking Alan out of my hands but the man in front of me brought out a sense of home coming I didn’t expect to feel.

“What happened… do you need help? Sorry stupid question follow me.” It was Xander; my uncle of sorts, but he didn’t seem to recognize me and it hurt. The tears fell more freely now and I cursed myself for them. It was weird but I never realized how much love everyone had given me… well me and Alan. Now that it wasn’t there I missed it.

“Come on hurry up.” Amusement laced his voice and he smiled at me as I ran to catch up to them. Silently I thanked the goddess that he had found us… nothing bad was going to happen.

A few hours Later

I scowled up at the two men in the room with me. I had trusted them. Tears burned my eyes and I hastily wiped them away. I swallowed the lump in my throat and pulled air into my stressed lungs. How could they be so cruel not only did they lock Glow up but they put Alan into a deep sleep and now they were interrogating me? All we wanted was help. Though I suppose later I’ll curse myself for crying like this. It was only natural that they’d do this. I raised my eyes to look at them and was glad that at least Xander had a sad look to him. Giles however looked cold. I never really knew Giles but he had always given us candy on are birthdays so it was hard to equate him to the man before me.

Just as I was about to yell at them the door bust open and Willow rushed in with an excited expression on her face. So she finally figured it out… but what now?

“Guys Axel is telling the truth. I didn’t want to believe it either but both he and Alan are from the future.” Both men looked between her and me while gawking like fish before Giles took off his glasses and started cleaning them. Finally he spoke up;

“Willow… are you sure and what about the girl?” Willow sighed and rolled her eyes before handing a piece of paper to Giles then she continued.

“Anyway I have no clue about the girl she has a weird aura…” I cut her off… really I had to if I didn’t they might find ‘Glow” bad and try to hurt her.

“I don’t know who she is either… all I know about her is that she can turn into a glowing ball and has other indefinite powers that she has a low level of control over.” I looked at them and saw that they were confused but at least Willow was shaking her head as though she understood what I said then she surprised me.

“With that I could safely say she is a Fay or… you know one of the fairy people… anyway the weirdest thing is the Demon boy Alan.” She smiled and looked expectantly at the two boys. In that moment I knew the look that was about to grace their faces would be worth all the pain I went through a few moments ago.

“What about ‘im Will?” Xander asked and if truth be told he looked like he had an idea about what she would say. Then again he always was very intuitive. One time when I was 8 I had tried to take the scythe to see how it worked. Before I even touched it he had lifted off the ground and put me on his shoulder saying ‘that toy is for big girls which you won’t be for a long time’ under his breath he had followed that with ‘and I can’t believe I just said that sentence.’ He knew what I was doing and thinking and there was no reason he couldn’t do that now.

“Well as you know we did a DNA thing as part of the normal check up. Cause we have to know all about everyone who comes in whether they be captive, helpie, helper, or bady. So anyway when the docs got to the DNA on him it came up that he was Buffy’s son.” Giles dropped his glasses, I smiled, and Xander promptly passed out. So I was wrong he had no clue that was coming. Still it was nice to know that at one time Xander could be as surprised as the rest of us. Willow smiled shyly at me as she walked over and said;

“Solvo (Release)” I rubbed my wrists and watched as Giles pulled Xander out of the room tentivly I looked at Willow and asked;

“Will Uncle Xander be ok?” After I said that I realized my faux pass and cover my mouth looking at her with wide eyes. She looked startled at first but then smiled.

“If you really know him then I think you know the answer.” I shook my head she understood what was going on but not from my perspective. Everyone is how I remember them to be but weaker or less of what they are. I looked her straight in the eyes then.

“No I know the future him and he never got surprised. I remember one time a demon woman came to our home and told him he was the father of her baby. He didn’t know who she was but he knew she was telling the truth and didn’t bat so much as an eye.”

She looked thoughtful for a minute and then shrugged.

“So tell me about you Axel. Why are you here? Who are your parents?” To be honest talking to her was awkward for me. The only Scoobies I spent any time with were those who ened up being stationed in Japan… well minus Faith. That being said I only spent time with Xander, May, Buffy, Alan, Mom, and Andrew. Faith I knew the most though (and my Mom… but that is kinda obvious) because half of every year I spent practically glued to her side because of some unknown reason. As for Willow I only met her once and that was when I was 3. She was watching me for the day and I cried on her the whole time. With that last thought in mind I’m sure I went ten shades of red. I cleared my throat quickly and started talking;

“I can’t tell you why I am here because I don’t know. And it would be rather pointless to tell you who my mom is because you won’t know who she is… I don’t think you met her yet… as for my father I have no clue you guys would never tell me. You all always looked so sad about it. He was probably a very bad man though.” I said that last part bitterly and winced. For her part Willow looked sympathetic.

“Oh sorry we never told you… wow this is weird… though probably more for you… but I have a hunch about something. Think I know who your mom is. Her name is Amanda Alvor right?” I was surprised and tired of the emotion. Ever since the moon it had been one surprise after another. I had so many questions and no one to answer them. I nodded my head.

“Its getting late but tomorrow we are having a discussion about a lot of weird things that have been happening. Before it was decided that um Glow would be put in a comfortable but warded room. I know you feel she is harmless but…” She let it hang and I reluctantly agreed to it seeing as there was little I could do. Seeing that I wouldn’t put up a fight she went on.

“Buffy’s son” I note she said this with a smile;

“Will be kept asleep for his own good for now. What happened?”

“I don’t know… it seems we both just ended up here. He didn’t tell me before passing out.”

“Well I suppose you need a room. Follow me.”

Together we left the room and walked down the corridors. I briefly noted that the room I was given was the one Faith and I used when I was little. My head hit the pillow and I was out before I could think if this had any importance.

The End?

You have reached the end of "It's About Time" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Dec 06.

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