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It's About Time

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Summary: A person from the future unknowingly goes back in time. The role to be played is that of unchangeable history. Warning... four main original characters. more OCs being the bad guys.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralPlutronFR1524,518017942 Dec 062 Dec 06No

Act One

AN: Ok I haven't forgotten about my other story I just hit a snag with it.
Warning: Ok this is important so I hope you read this as I am sure in actuallity many people would not want to read this story. This is because IT WILL have many OC or original characters in it. Mostly they are bad guys which can be excusible but their will 4 main OC's that the story focuses on. However the story will slowly but surly focus on Faith. Hopefully she will come into the story at around the third or fourth chapter.
This will be conected to another story i will write that will take place about the same time as the main part of this story.

Disclamer: I do not own Buffy and her world but I do own all my Oc's and their history... I think... If my original stuff sounds close to something you have heard of please tell me so I can change it or give proper credit were it is due.

It’s About Time
Time line 1

Many are the stages from the cradle to the grave -
Diversities in journey to each of us God gave.
Within each stage of journey lies paths that one can choose-
Depending on the chosen path, we either gain or lose.

Confusion and perplexity may sometimes come our way-
Despondency and sadness may sometimes waste our day.
Among each stage of journey, there's One we cannot see-
Our guide and our companion near He'll always be.

Giving rest when we are weary, giving joy when we are sad,
Comforting and consoling, each broken heart made glad.
Along this present journey looms chance for eternal wealth-
Along this present journey is choice of immortal health.

Deceptions and distractions along this journey lie-
Illusions of elation, beckon you and I.
Depending on the choice one makes determines what will be-
In the stage that's soon to follow, for all eternity.

Madelyn Yanchyshyn

Summer Solstice Arc

Act #1 June 21, 2028
Summer Solstice

One minute a girl was in bed the next…

‘Man does my head hurt’

I opened my eyes expecting to see the ceiling of my room but was meet with a sea of stars. I rubbed my eyes hoping that I was just seeing things but when I looked again I still saw stars. This time I sat up quickly and surveyed my surroundings. All around me were white stones as far as my eyes could see. If I didn’t know any better I would say I was on the moon.

‘Scratch that… I am on the moon.’

Noticing for the first time that the earth was right above me.

I always knew one of these days all my mom’s weird stories about moon kingdoms and fairytales would give me a killer nightmare; but this was ridicules. I raised my left hand and gave my right arm a pinch. It hurt. So I’m probably not dreaming. That made things so much worse. Here I am on the moon; breathing, and looking down on the earth. The facts on space have been highly exaggerated. I should be dead now. Every fact in my little brain agrees with that. It took a wind blowing by for me to realize how cold I am. I wrapped my arms around myself to keep warm. It’s odd. The cold I’d expect but the wind made no sense at all.

After awhile of sitting with my arms over my crest I realized something rather important. My chest was gone. Ok not gone as much as flat and muscular. I felt it for a second then looked down my shirt. Yep gone. This could indicate a problem. I’m not an emotional person but if what I think happened… happened … well we might see some tears. Then I went to check the thing that would confirm what I thought had happened.

My stomach felt as though butterflies had taken up permanent residence and my hands were shaking as I moved them to my pant hem. I gulped, and then hesitated. Did I really have to do this now; maybe I could wait till later... I sighed as I realized I was only delaying the inevitable. Eventually I’d have to look. If I didn’t do it now it would be whenever I next went to the bathroom...

So I quickly looked down my pants and saw the one thing I didn’t want to see. I felt dizzy and lay back down on the ground. My stomach started acting up again and I thought for sure I’d throw up.

‘Whose bright idea was it to turn me into a guy?’

A few hours later.

I was having a hard time going too sleep (which was the only thing I could think of to do) when a bright light caught my attention. It was radiant and headed right for me. I was stunned to silence. It only occurred to me that maybe I should run away when the thing was almost on top of me. So naturally I got up and started to run. When I had gotten barely two feet I tripped over my own legs and feel face first into the moon dirt. I guess being taller and having a different build does affect your coordination


I sat up sitting on my knees and rubbed my sore face and spit out dirt that had ended up in my mouth. This was potentially embarrassing. After shaking my head I remembered I had been running away from something. I didn’t want to look behind me but again that would be delaying the inevitable. So with both hands on the ground ready to push me up I turned around.


I fell back in an awkward potion as I tried to get away from the floating orb that was an inch from my face. I was freaked to say the least. Here I am in front of an orb of some kind not to mention on the moon. Suddenly I heard a weird rumbling sound. It was a soothing sound and I found myself relaxing. Suddenly nice calming thoughts entered my mind. Flower petals, snow, Christmas mornings, summer evenings, and lullabies.

‘What the hell am I doing!?’

I quickly jerked out of the peaceful mood and moved away from the orb. It was then that I figured out that the sound had been coming from it.

‘It’s purring like a cat.’

This was crazy. No this was worse then crazy; this was impossible. How I wasn’t dreaming I have no clue but I was ready for this to all make sense and come together. The thing started circling me all of a sudden and for awhile I followed it with my eyes. But then it started going to fast so that I had to look away or end up getting dizzy. Whatever this thing was it was way hyper active.

All of a sudden I started laughing. I don’t really know why but I got the feeling that the strange light was trying to cheer me up and for that I was grateful. It stopped circling and started purring again. Then it rubbed up against me and I felt a strange bolt of energy go through me. It was kind of like static but painful. The thing cooed and moved away from me quickly in a frightened motion. My vision swam for a few minutes before going back to normal. It was then that I heard a voice speaking to me.

‘Hey let me out… let me out’

It took a moment but I finally realized the voice was in my head. At this point I was sure I’d be committed if I ever found my way home.

“Yo glowworm; do I look crazy to you”

It cooed and rubbed me again. At least I wasn’t alone. I closed my eyes and rubbed them and when I opened them again I found myself in an over decorated room. An over decorated room that was very pink. I was on a round red heart shaped bed and sadly still male and to make matters worse I was naked. I groaned and got out of the bed and started looking around for some clothes. When I got to the closet looking thing and opened it is was empty. Closing it I then walked over to a vanity and noticed something very odd about my reflection. First was that it was female. Second and most importantly it was waving at me.

“What the…”

“It’s about time you noticed me. Oh and let me back in control of our body… you’re still… hurt... I can tell.” She seemed concerned about something and for a moment I thought about what she said. Then it hit me. I had no clue who I was. I knew my mother and had some memories. The more I thought about it the more memories came back and suddenly I remembered everything. I was indeed a boy… but the last time I had been out was when I was about ten. Me and my female self switched places but mostly it was her show. Our mother didn’t really understand this but knew that it would be best if we both developed. But when I was ten and Eli was 6 something… Well I don’t like thinking about it. Anyway I hadn’t come out in nine years. So why now?

“Eli what happened?”

Eli shrugged at me and went into a whole account of what she had been doing since I locked myself away deep within our body. I was slightly annoyed with her ditzy attitude but listened anyway. She always did this and I don’t know why. When I was in control she always babbled at me whenever I was in front of a reflective surface. I never did that when she was in control unless I thought she needed me.

I smile at her and put my hand up to stop her.

“Eli… I can’t change back.”


“I know I don’t like it either. But something is going on here. Maybe this is good for now. We both know I’m the better fighter.”

Eli nodded to me and then I saw it. She was scared. I wished I could help her… hold her. But that was a moot point. Slowly the image of a short long haired blonde girl with emerald green eyes was replaced with a long black blue haired man with blue violet eyes. I smiled at my reflection and then continued my search for clothes. As I was search I stopped paying attention to my surroundings when suddenly I heard a female chuckle. I span around quickly and ducked down behind the bed. I was sure my face was flushed red and it didn’t help any that the girl had a predatory look in her eyes.

She had long black hair, light silvery skin and the most beautiful blue eyes I’d ever seen. I was sure I went ten degree’s redder. Suddenly the predatory look was gone and one of worry and concern took their place.

“Are you ok master...? Oh clothes… humans like those… I’ll get them?”


That surprised me but before I could say anything she turned into… I didn’t believe this… She turned into the ball of energy that was with me before. I pinched my arm again…

‘No… but I wish I was.’
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