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Chaotic Circumstances: Central

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Chaotic Circumstances". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Mainstream of the Chaotic Circumstances universe. Introduces the HSL, Chaotix, and brings together all of the different genres and side-stories of the CC-verse.

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Title: Chaotic Circumstances: Central

Author: Joshua

Disclaimer: Yet another post-Halloween costume AU BtVS crossover. Many of the following characters are taken, in one form or another, from a large number of other fictional sources that were created and distributed for public viewing by people other than me. I'm just borrowing their characters . . . and whatever, for fun and I'm not making a cent off it. Buffy, Xander, Willow, Cordelia, Giles, Jenny, the Cordettes, and Snyder are just the beginning of what I'm hoping will become a large verse in fanfiction. Succinctly put, I own nothing. Not even any OCs in this.

Summary: The gang, on a whim, dressed up as various X-men, and Ethan's was the only shop in town to boot so EVERYBODY changed. Buffy, as a joke, went as Cyclops, Willow as Jean Grey i.e. Phoenix, Xander went as Iceman, and Cordelia went as Rogue. Meanwhile, the rest of Sunnydale dressed as everything from storybook monsters, Hollywood productions, comic book characters, to creative 'self-costumes'. Not to mention demons, vampires, and werewolves OH MY! This is just as much their story as the Scoobies now.

AN: I blame ziziggy123 author of “Sunnydale Berserker” and Anime Ronin author of “Of Scoobies and X-Men” for the inspiration, if you want to call it that, for this little piece of fanfiction. Mostly it came from Berserker in seeing how Buffy and the brand new Xander aka Wolverine were getting along and it struck me as peculiar that “Wolverine” just NEVER gets along with a person named “Summers”. Then I started brainstorming 'What if' Buffy did dress up as Cyclops, and it became permanent the same way Xander dressing up as Wolverine did? Then I went further, and further, and further still and came up with all that follows. If you like, GREAT! If you don't, <shrug> eh, that's ok too.

AN2: I am always open to input, that is not pure uneducated dribble that is often referred to as “Flames” and usually involve cursing. Sometimes in numerous languages as well. But if you have constructive criticism, I always listen and try to reply to such, and if you have suggestions about where to go from here, those I *REALLY* listen too and enjoy and always reply back to.

E-mail/Reviews: and

AN3: This is the Continuation I.E. “Sequel” to my BtVS YAHF fic “Chaotic Circumstances”. This will also, eventually, become the Mainstream of the storylines dealing with the CC-verse. So while there will, hopefully, eventually be a multitude of side-stories and prequels and “sequels” to this, you can come back to this to see the Overall Big Picture of the CC-verse. Enjoy!
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