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In Together

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Summary: Willow and Sam decide to take the next step in their relationship. (Out take to the Bitch 'Verse)

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Supernatural > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Sam Winchester(Site Founder)JinniFR1511,270261,9603 Dec 063 Dec 06Yes
Title: In Together
Author: Jinni (
Rated: Pg13
Disclaimer: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al. All things SPN belong to Eric Kripke, et al.
Notes: A 50 Missing Scenes out take….
Summary: From the Bitch ‘Verse. Sam and Willow decide to move in together.
Wordcount: 831


It started with a missing pair of jeans. Her favorite jeans. Willow sighed, blowing a piece of hair up and off of her forehead. It flopped back into her face, dangling into her eyes until she was forced to reach up and brush it out of the way behind her ear. She was on the floor, looking under her bed. There was the sweatshirt that she’d worn two days ago, a hairbrush that she had thought she threw out, and, oh, the other half of a dangly set of earrings that Sam had given to her.

But no jeans.

Willow leaned back up, hands going to her lower back. She rubbed at the tension that her fingers encountered there, working through the tight muscles until they slowly relaxed under the pressure and warmth of her touch. Perhaps yesterday’s three-mile jog and impromptu training session had been overkill considering she hadn’t actively done any physical training since she left the Council house. It was a nightmare that had driven her to do it. A bloody, dark dream where she had been caught unaware and unprepared.

In the dream Sam had died.

It was just a nightmare, she had told herself when she woke up. Nothing more, nothing less. Her past’s way of reminding her that she would never be completely free of it, no matter how far away she ran. At the very least there would always be memories to haunt her.

Still, dream or not, it had shaken her enough that she’d felt the urge to train. Some running, some various other physical exercises and stretching. And she’d promised herself that she would keep this up every other day. That wasn’t the life she wanted, but that didn’t mean that she should just ignore it. Besides, if she didn’t open her supply chest, then she wasn’t really getting back into that game, right?

So today she reaped the rewards of working out too hard. Tomorrow she would repeat the routine. Soon there wouldn’t be days where she woke up aching from head to toe.

But right now all she was worried about were her jeans.

Willow thought back to the last time she’d been wearing them. It couldn’t have been more than a week ago. Last Friday maybe, when she and Sam had gone out for dinner and a movie. She’d stayed the night at his apartment afterwards.



Why in the hell was he missing half of his undershirts?

Sam frowned and looked at the mostly empty drawer in front of him. Whereas there should have been at least a dozen of the flimsy white t-shirts, there were no more than four or five. He knew for a fact that he didn’t have any dirty clothes in his hamper; yesterday he’d made sure of that.

He grabbed one of the remaining t-shirts from his dresser and yanked it over his head, frowning. Maybe they were in another drawer? Not the top. Not the second from the top. The bottom was full of things that Willow had left at one point or another. Almost three or four days worth of clothing at this point. It was cute how she was always leaving things here without even realizing it.

They were just that familiar with one another. It was nice to have that connection again with someone. To feel that kind of bond with another human being.

His cell phone rang from the living room, and Sam nearly stumbled over his feet trying to get to it. With a quick glance at the caller ID, he flipped it open, voice soft with affection. “Hey.”

“Hey yourself,” Willow said, her gentle smile reaching him through the line. “Listen – I was wondering. Did I leave a pair of my jeans at your apartment? The faded blue jeans with a little rose on the back pocket?”

Laughing, Sam rifled through the bottom drawer. “You have left a total of three shirts, four pairs of socks, a bra, couple pair of underwear, a sweater, and two pairs of jeans.” He laughed again. “And, yeah, one of them is the pair with the rose.” He liked that pair. Liked running his hand along the rose on the back pocket before slipping it inside to caress her.

He liked a lot of things about Willow.

No, he loved a lot of things about Willow. Big difference. This had moved past just plain old ‘like’ very quickly. There was just something about her that had called out to something in him. A kindred spirit, even though he knew that was impossible. They had a lot of things in common, but not those things. The ones that he kept hidden from her.

“Speaking of leaving clothing laying around – I don’t suppose any of my t-shirts are there?”

Willow’s laughter was an answer in and of itself. “Oh, only about six of your white undershirts. You’ve got practically a whole drawer full of stuff here.”

Her grin was infectious, and Sam felt himself returning it in kind. “We’ve been spending a lot of time together.”

“We have,” she agreed. “And I like it. You like it, too, right? I mean – you’re not upset about spending all that time together or anything, are you?”

“It’s fine. It’s great,” Sam cut Willow off before she could get further into her babbling. Shutting the bottom drawer, Sam leaned against the dresser. He thought about the brochures he had tucked away in his desk. The research he had been doing at night, sometimes after Willow went to sleep. A week now he’d planned this. Planned and prepared for what might end up being a really spectacular negative response. The kind that could break his heart.

No time like the present, right?

“In fact… I think that sharing a dresser with you on a regular basis would be sort of nice.”

There was a hitch of breath, then silence. It stretched out until Sam felt his heart skip a painful beat in his chest.

”Or not,” he managed to say as light-hearted as possible. “I mean, hey – it was just an idea. Since we’re always together anyway. No pressure or anything. You know what – we wouldn’t want to mess up the good thing that we have going anyway. I don’t know what I was thinking.”


Willow’s cry interrupted what Sam knew was a rambling, if not completely see through, attempt at brushing his question under the rug. Rambling – or babbling, as she called it – was something that he had picked up from Willow. He certainly had never babbled before.

At least, he didn’t think he had. Dean would’ve called him on it at some point, if that was the case.

“What?” he said quietly.

“I think that it would be a good idea. Me and you – living together. That is what you meant, right? Because, wow, if not I feel really, really stupid saying it. But, you know, if it is, then yeah – I’d like that.”


Later, as he was making notes of the things that he wanted to bring with him when they chose a new place, Sam thought about the box of hunting equipment in his closet, the lid currently blocked by a stack of his shoes.

Living with Willow couldn’t make him happier.

But he’d make sure that he didn’t draw her into that life.

She deserved to be normal.


The End

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