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No Rest

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Summary: She jumped to save her sister. She jumped to save her friends. She jumped to save the world. She jumped to finally be at rest. She didn’t jump only to wind up in another dimension where two attractive brothers hunted evil in an Impala.

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No Rest

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Spoilers: Post “The Gift” for Buffy, and post “Croatoan” for Supernatural and then goes AU afterward.

Author's Note: I'm rushing it because we're in the home stretch!

No Rest

Artwork by the amazing PyroDeScorpio!

“Fine, but no funny stuff, princess, or you’re out,” Dean glared at her.

Sitting on the bed, Buffy turned to him, a picture of innocence on her face, “Who, me?”

Buffy wasn’t sure what Dean considered to be funny stuff, but she was beyond happy random bouts of crying fits were not on his list. She was usually stronger than that, but the memories would creep up on her at the most random of times and she couldn’t hold back the tears. One minute she would be in the backseat of Dean’s car listening to them talk about their hunts and the next, she’d be crying. She didn’t just go off, but usually what Dean or Sam would say. Dean could mention something about Sam getting hurt, and then the memory of Dawn getting captured by Glory would pop up and Buffy would start with the waterworks.

The first time it happened, Dean had actually pulled the car over. His stare had her feeling like a circus freak, but a few words from Sam had him changing. Locking down her emotions, Buffy assured them that she was fine, but that lasted all about ten minutes before another memory crept up on her. They didn’t pull over, but she, again, had to make sure they knew she was fine. The entire trip took her through a rollercoaster of emotions before they finally managed to stop in a small town.

“You were serious about the ghost towns and dingy hotels, weren’t you?” Buffy frowned, looking around at the scene before her. They had stopped at a gas station, probably the only one within 100 miles, and Buffy was not happy. The town was small, like, really. Sunnydale may not have been really large, but at least people populated the little death trap.

“Makes it easier to hunt, people stay away from everything,” Dean shrugged. “It’s the suburbs you have to watch out for, people everywhere.”

“Yea, gotta watch out for those soccer moms and their SUV’s,” Buffy smirked. “So what’s the what?”

Taking a second to decipher just what Buffy had just said, Dean pulled a newspaper out of his coat pocket and handed it to her. “Five dead students in a field. Did a little digging, they wanted to bring a spirit forth, get some power.”

“But now the spirit is loose, needs another few kids to do the spell to keep it in this world,” Sam finished.

“Ritual sacrifices, my favorite type of sacrifice,” Buffy muttered as she skimmed the story. Looking up, she noticed the brothers giving her a look at what she said. “Xander would have gotten it. I guess we’re a little jaded when it comes to fighting the bad guys.”

“How jaded we talkin’ about here?”

“Do you have the plural for apocalypse, cause we need it.”

Their own silence was their answer.

“So what do we do?” Buffy continued. “Usually, my friends and I would research it, but what about you guys?”

“Research, that’s usually Sam’s gig,” Dean pointed in his brother’s direction. “Think I’ll ask the locals if they know anything.”

“I’ll join if that’s alright? See if I can find anything about my situation, also.”

“Do you really think it was a demon like the paper said?”

The first few people they came across dismissed them and it wasn’t until Dean broke out his FBI badge that they finally started getting some answers.

“We’re still investigating, miss” Dean answered politely.

“It’d piss a lot of people off is why I’m asking,” the woman, a twenty-something brunette, spoke.

“Why is that?” This came from Buffy.

“This town, it was said a demon founded it. Everyone here knows the story and a lot of people seem to accept it as truth,” she answered. “The towns surrounding us have their own legends, but they’re similar; a demon started them.”

“And everyone just accepts that? No one’s locking anyone anyway for talking crazy?”

“Not everyone. I mean, there’s always gonna be people against ideas and we’re talking about demons an-and fairy tales here. But honestly, if a demon were to talk down the street right now, most people would run and I doubt they’d think it was a trick of the eyes or something.”

Buffy couldn’t believe it. Here was someone, a young someone, who actually believed the supernatural existed and apparently, the rest of the town did, as well. And judging by the look on Dean’s face, he couldn’t believe it, either.

“So, if a vampire was killing people, the paper would say..?”

“They probably wouldn’t just say vampire, but they’d allude to it,” she shrugged and then snorted, “It’s not like they’d deny it and blame it on someone falling on a barbeque fork or something.”

With a much undignified jaw dropping action, Buffy had to turn and walk away, and with a lot to think about.

“Thank you for your time, miss, we’ll try to get everything solved quickly,” Dean smiled again before taking off after Buffy. She had gone quite the distance before he stepped up next to her and couldn’t help but overhear as she spoke to herself.

“I dropped into a world where a lot more people seem to accept the unacceptable. Okay, maybe not the whole world, but entire town and even the ones around it accept it,” she spoke, not really paying Dean any mind. “That, I can handle. But, she said it. Barbeque a-and the neck, she actually said it.”

“She’s been like this all day.”

With Buffy seemingly losing her mind, Dean decided that maybe questioning people with her by his side wasn’t the best idea and drove them back to their rented motel room. Sam was already there, doing whatever research he could.

“I’m fine now, I think,” Buffy spoke, the hollowness from her voice gone. “And, I’ve done some thinking and I think I figured out the hints.”

Closing his laptop, Sam gave his full attention to Buffy, who sat across from him in his chair, on one of the beds, while Dean sat on the other.

“The demon, he told me to think about what would have happened if my sister jumped.”

“She would have opened a door for Glory, right?” Sam asked.

“Yea, because that’s what her blood did, so what would my blood do? I didn’t get it and then said the name Eve. I don’t know any Eve’s and when the woman in town said spoke to us, I got it. The only Eve I could think of is Eve from Adam and Eve,” Buffy explained.

“I’m so not following this,” Dean groaned. “What does Eve have to do with this?”

“Adam and Eve were the first humans and you know, Eve would be the mother of human beings, right?” And who said she never paid any attention in school?

“So you’re thinking, what, exactly?”

“You guys, I think my blood created your world and I’m,” Buffy tried to search for the right world, “I think I’m the mother of it.”

We spoke about Adam and Eve in my Brit Lit class last year and I can’t really remember much of what we said, but I do know we spent a while talking about Eve and her being the mother of what came after. So, if you have a problem with that, take it up with my prof.

The End?

You have reached the end of "No Rest" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Dec 08.

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