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No Rest

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Summary: She jumped to save her sister. She jumped to save her friends. She jumped to save the world. She jumped to finally be at rest. She didn’t jump only to wind up in another dimension where two attractive brothers hunted evil in an Impala.

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No Rest

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Author’s Note: This may or may not branch into an actual story…

She jumped to save her sister. She jumped to save her friends. She jumped to save the world. She jumped to finally be at rest. She didn’t jump only to wind up in another dimension where two attractive brothers hunted evil in an Impala.

No Rest

Artwork by the amazing PyroDeScorpio!

As soon as Buffy hit the ground, she knew she was still alive. She knew for a few reasons. Firstly, she didn’t believe there’d be an actual ground for the place she expected to go after jumping off the tower. Secondly, she could sense her surroundings. Definitely not a heavenly or hell-y presence. And thirdly, she felt the vibrations on the ground and knew she was on a road.

Buffy opened one eye and then the other. Her vision was blurry, but it cleared just enough as a car came speeding toward her. She rolled left, not counting on not stopping and rolled herself into a ditch. She heard the brake, a hard stop and through slightly better eyesight saw the car backing up.

She heard two doors open and close and then footsteps. They were clearer than usual. Something was off with her abilities, she was sensing more and more. They came closer and Buffy was ready to attack when she relaxed. Her instincts told her they weren’t a threat.

“Where in the hell did she come from?” one of them asked.

“I don’t know, but we need to get her to the hospital,” the other answered.

“And what if they ask us for our information, Sam?”

“I know you’ve got some ID’s, Dean.”

Buffy heard the one named Dean sigh and move toward her. She tensed again, and the guy saw it.

“Don’t worry, we’re just gonna take you to get fixed up,” Dean reassured her.

She allowed herself to be carried and regretted being moved too fast so soon. She couldn’t hold it in as the vomit came to the surface. It was all over the guy’s jacket and shirt.

“Great,” Dean spoke as the one named Sam laughed.

‘Great,’ Buffy thought. ‘Two sexy men and I throw up on one of them. I’ve gotta be in hell.’

She couldn’t do it; she refused to go to the hospital. She all ready had to give a short speech on why she wouldn’t go when she found she couldn’t speak.

Great, so she was stuck in some state with two people she didn’t know with even more enhanced senses and she couldn’t say anything about it! Sam, she remembered was sitting in the backseat with her and noticed her discomfort.

“Dean,” Sam got his attention. They were pulling over to the side of the road once more. After the car stopped both men looked to her to saying something.

Buffy rolled her eyes at the situation and pointed to her throat and shook her head.

“She lost her voice,” Sam caught on.

She nodded and her head and continued with her game of charades. She wondered on how to tell them she didn’t want to go to the hospital. She pretended her finger was a needle and placed it on her arm.

Dean, thinking he knew the game, poked Buffy on the arm. She gave him a weird look.

“I thought you wanted us to poke you!” he defended.

She shook her head and tried again. This time, after poking herself, she made a motion with her hands that spoke ‘no.’

“You don’t want to get a shot?” Sam asked.

Buffy nodded vigorously.

“You don’t want to go to the hospital?” he caught on. “Why not? They can help you.”

Buffy formed her hand to make it look like she was drinking from a cup and put it up to her mouth and gave a thumbs up.

“All you need is water and you’ll be good?” Sam asked confused.

Dean turned back to the steering wheel and found a Pepsi can. “No water, but this should help.”

She took the can and drank it all down. The initial taste burnt her lungs like alcohol, but she kept drinking. She finished off the can and burped, loudly.

“Excuse me,” her voice was raspy as she blushed. When she realized they heard her, she forgot about her embarrassment. “Thanks for listening to me.”

“Wouldn’t really call that listening,” Sam smiled. “Do you really hate hospitals that badly? I mean, you were in a ditch in the middle of nowhere.”

“I just need to get to Sunnydale, California and I’ll be fine,” Buffy nodded.

“Sunnydale?” Sam had asked confused. He looked to Dean who had the same expression. “There’s no such place.”

Buffy’s eyes widened in shock.

‘Crap,’ she said to herself.

She was still in shock as Dean started driving again, this time to find a place for the night. She didn’t know how long they had driven or where they had ended up, but the next thing she remembered was Dean lightly slapping her on the face.

“Sorry,” he apologized, “But it was the only way.”

“Where am I?” Buffy asked. She looked around the room, not exactly the best living conditions, but then again, she didn’t really know the conditions of motels in other dimensions. She sat on one of the two beds. Sam was off to her right, on the bed closest to the door. Dean stood in front of her.

“Oklahoma,” Dean answered.

“What’s the year?”

Dean was a little thrown off by the question. “2006.”

He watched the woman give a small, bitter laugh and roll her eyes. “Of course it is.”

“What’s wrong with today?” Sam asked.

“Nothing, unless you’re me,” Buffy answered. “Today, when I woke up, it was May 22, 2001.”

She saw the look that passed between Sam and Dean. Clearly, they were as confused as she was. But she also noticed, they weren’t overreacting like everyone else would do.

Now knowing that they at least may have known something about the real dangers of the world, Buffy took another look around the room for things she missed. Like the way Sam was closest to the door, making sure she couldn’t escape. Dean, standing in front of her, closing her off.

The salt around the door.


“Salt?” she smiled. “Were you planning on keeping the baddies out?”

Their confused faces turned to uneasiness. She was right.

‘Double crap,’ Buffy thought again.
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