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Goddess of the galaxy

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Summary: Jack's only daughter is nothing like him and she’s needed in another galaxy. Willow/Ronon pairing.

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Stargate > Willow-Centered > Pairing: OtherlexasFR1833,64244710,8945 Dec 0613 Jan 07No

Story of a Lifetime

Disclaimer in first chapter.

She had known him her entire life and loved him for what seemed like longer and now he was gone, she was alone and every friend apart from Faith and Giles blamed her for his death. She had loved him with her entire being saved the world for him and nearly destroyed it because of him. She had been so torn over the death of Tara she had turned to the dark arts to alleviate the pain of her loves passing but it was when she had pulled the magic from Giles that she decided to end it. She had felt all the pain in the world, all the masses of suffering people screaming in her head but it was his pain that made her break down.

She remembered it vividly watching Giles face as she sucked the magic out of him reveling in the feel of it coursing through her veins the floating feeling and then it started. The floating feeling turned into a dropping feeling sending her crashing head long into a fountain of suffering she felt it all the fear, grief and sadness of the masses crashed down into her soul searing her insides with its intensity. She remembered screaming out in her head calling for silence to come to the voices she locked her powers down hoping to stop it she succeeded in only turning the voices of those not bonded to her down. The pain of her friends crashed into her almost throwing her into the wall she remembered the two most dominant links flaring and flooding her with pain and despair her father and Xander both were in so much pain and it was killing them and her.

Her bond to Xander was the stronger of the two she knew it was probably due to the proximity between them all their lives and the love the shared. It was Xander’s pain that made her cry out he was afraid and not of her but of losing her he didn’t want her lost, his pain was making him lash out. He was angry and scared and it was making his hyena edgy making him growl and yell at Dawn and the other two idiots he wanted to tear into the things that were hurting her. He wanted her above everything she felt his need and desperation at what had happened to them over the last couple of years his fear that she wouldn’t make it that he would truly lose her.

She felt his hyena pushing at her trying to break into her and calm her she was pack to his hyena his chosen queen, his mate and his hyena was scared he was going to lose her. She remembered pushing it all away pulling her own inner power to the surface she knew exactly what she had to do she had to end it all the pain and suffering had to be stopped. She stretched her magic out laying it across the land trying to find something to help her she finally found it, she needed to go to Kinsman’s bluff.

She remembered pushing some of her soul into Xander sending him the last little piece of the real Willow the one he loved and hoping he would be alright in the next life. She remember the initial pain that tearing her soul caused and then the metaphysical bleeding that was caused by her rash actions she held in her pain and focused on the dark side of her nature. She called the demon side of her nature she didn’t know how or when she had gotten this beast she called Thorn and that she had had it for almost as long as she had had her magic. It had always been there a dark presence within her that often clawed at her inside trying to free itself but she had always locked it down pushed it into her subconscious and burying it beneath all the goodness and light she had in her soul.

Rack had been the first one to taste her power he had sensed the dark power in her the taste of strawberries that had left him panting for more. He wanted to control her to take the power from her but the demon had other ideas it was far stronger than Rack and had every intention of using him for its own pleasure. Her demon was dark and demanding and she knew that it was also a necessary evil one given to her by her goddess she needed her demon to be the competent warrior she was destined to be. She knew that her destiny would be null and void now after all of this even if she was to be stopped she wouldn’t be able to make amends for what she had done.

She didn’t know it then but she had been wrong her destiny was to fall from grace and to rise again from the ashes of her doubt and pain. It would take time but it was her destiny and it was to be fulfilled as her goddess had intended. She remembered being on the bluff fighting with Xander even her demon was unwilling to kill him he was her one true love all others came second. Everyone knew that Oz had and even her beloved Tara had but it was Tara who had loved her regardless of it and that’s why she was so broken by the loss of Tara. Tara had been willing to love Willow and she was also willing to let Willow go if she decided to finally chance being with Xander Willow had been content with Tara and now she didn’t have that anymore.

Her savior had been her own stupidity Xander had felt the bond to her snap and the piece of her soul enter him he had used the last untouched piece of pure Willow to track her down. She had sent him the piece of her soul that she hadn’t truly thought about in a long time it was the part that loved him the little girl with the yellow crayon the teenager with the funky clothes and the adult that loved him but gave up because of the pain it would cause them both. She had sent him the last of her love and innocence and he had follow her reminding her of all the reasons she loved him pushing the piece of her soul she had given him back into her, but not before melding it with his ensuring that she would always know he loved her just like she did him and making her whole again.

She spent months in England with Giles after that always thinking of him and the love she had for him she felt Tara’s presence every now and then checking up on her sending her love and encouragement. Pushing her back to Xander Tara was playing matchmaker from beyond the grave trying to push her towards her soul mate, her one great and true love. It had taken her months to recover too finally and push the demon back into its cage locking it down in her and burying it under her regret and pain over what had happened.

When she had returned to Sunnydale all she could think about was Xander she made efforts to see him everyday and be with him as long as she could. They started dating casually just before Buffy started having her slayer dreams about the potentials dieing. As the coming apocalypse started her and Xander moved into a more serious relationship telling all their friends that they were together and happy had been the first step after three weeks of casual dates and lusty kisses. Buffy was the one who made her dislike of the situation apparent she knew didn’t quite trust Willow anymore and she wasn’t willing to risk Xander it was Xander who set her straight telling her in no uncertain terms that he was able to look out for himself.

Eventually Buffy had accepted them she knew Xander was a were-hyena and strong in his own right his hyena was a wild one but it was extremely strong an alpha among the were-hyenas in Sunnydale. So she backed off warning Xander to watch his back but other than that nothing she watched Willow closely and often accused her of improper use of magic but other then that she mainly left them alone. They went everywhere together did everything together survived a hyper teenager who thought she was meant for Willow and an apocalypse.

It was four months after the apocalypse that she found out she was pregnant and it was a month later when they married she and Xander had been so happy that she never thought about what would happen if she lost him. Who would care for her and her daughter she hadn’t seen her biological father for 12 years, since her mother and step father had managed to get sole custody of her and cut Jack out of her life completely. Her mother had cut her off after she married Xander because she didn’t marry a Jewish man like her mother had wanted her to.

Her mother and step father were Jewish by heritage and she knew that they wanted her to marry an influential Jewish man and settle down. When she had told them she was marrying a catholic American boy of Hispanic heritage they had forbid it when she told them she would marry him regardless and would be taking his religion they were pissed off. When it finally came out that she was pregnant her parents gave up trying to band her from marrying Xander and disowned her not caring that she loved Xander or that she was their daughter.

She had sent her biological father an invitation to her wedding and tried to contact him but apparently he was out on a mission and it was not known when he would return. After weeks she gave up and got married without him asking Giles to give her away instead and he was proud to do so. When their daughter was born she tried to contact her father again but she got then same thing so she gave up and her daughter was christened Savannah Faith O’Neill. Both Xander and herself had decided to take her biological fathers name Xander didn’t want his children to carry his alcoholic abusive parents name and Willow didn’t want them to carry her absent parents name so both took Jacks name hoping that he wouldn’t mind.

Willow Danielle O’Neill and Alexander Logan O’Neill were happily married for four years before it happened Willow had gotten pregnant again and she was four months along both her and Xander were so happy that it was such a shock when Xander died. He was off patrolling the little town they were living in with his slayer Amanda while Amanda’s mother sat with Willow talking to her about her pregnancy Julie Amanda’s mother was one of the more accepting parents of the slayers and she treated Willow and Xander like family.

When Amanda called from the hospital Willow panicked six demons had jumped them on their way home they had beaten them and then Xander had collapsed. Amanda called 911 and gone to the hospital saying that Xander was her cousin and they had been walking when some men had attacked them when the police asked for a description she told them the were talk and were masks and that it was to dark to make out anything else. When Willow arrived the doctor told her Xander had made it through surgery but he was still in critical condition one of his lungs had collapsed and he had suffered a sever concussion. It took three days for Xander to wake up and when he did it hadn’t been for long.

He woke up managed to tell her he loved her to tell Savannah he loved her and explain that he was leaving but that he would always be there for her all she had to do was think really hard and he would hear her. He told Willow to live for their daughter and their coming son he told her he loved her and to be a great parent like the ones they’d had always wanted and then he slowly slipped away.

She used the money they had saved after buying their house outright to organize the funeral and set in motion the dealing needed to sell her house. When Buffy came barreling into town blaming Willow for Xander’s death Amanda told her to get lost and that she wasn’t welcome at Xander’s funeral. Faith and Giles had rushed to her side helping her as best they could and understanding when she told them she was going to her father. Buffy had tried to use the council lawyers to take Savannah away from Willow she was arrested by council officials and held in jail for the duration of Xander’s funeral and Willow move to Colorado.

Eventually Buffy calmed down enough to be told what had happened to Xander she no longer took actions to destroy Willow but she still blamed her for not protecting him. No one told her where Willow went and only Amanda, Faith and Giles knew exactly where she was everyone else had been kept out of the loop and it wasn’t recorded in any legal documents. Everything else Jack had made sure was buried or considered classified after she came to him she had a fresh new start without Xander and she hated it. That’s why when Jack told her about his job and the job opening in the Pegasus galaxy she agreed readily as long as she had a few things she wanted.

AN: ok so that was some back info I was thinking for the next chapter I would have some character interaction and possibly some more background but I think that enough to explain a fair bit. Now Willow is 3 months away from having her son and I’m having some problems thinking of names I’ve already started the next chapter and I’m thinking that at the end Willow should go on the Daedalus (I think that’s what it’s called I don’t really remember). So any suggestions on names would be appreciated and also anything you would like to know tell me and I’ll try to write it into the story. Oh and sorry for the delay on this chapter I’ve been so busy trying to talk my parents out of sending me to Business College that I had little to no time to write.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Goddess of the galaxy" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Jan 07.

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