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Tales of a Traveling Reaver: Meeting Xander

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Summary: Crossover with Legacy of Kain. Raziel is given another chance at life. He is given the choice to travel to new worlds and help unwilling pawns to break free. In his first assignment, he helps Xander, after his lie about the soul spell comes out.

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An Unpleasant Encounter

The Tales of a Traveling Reaver

By ColdFang


Disclaimer: I am but a penniless college student. I do not own anything.


Set post-Defiance in LoK and post-Chosen in BTVS.

Slightly AU.



Crossover with Legacy of Kain. Raziel is given another chance at life. He is given the choice to travel to new worlds and help unwilling pawns to break free. In his first assignment, he helps Xander, after his lie about the soul spell comes out.

“   “ = talking

Italics = thoughts




Chapter 2: An Unpleasant Encounter


Date: August 24, 2008, About 10:22 PM

Location: Near Cleveland, Ohio USA


On a dark night, in an area just outside Cleveland, a lone figure begins a long walk up a long stone walkway that led up to an old-looking large house with brightly lit windows. 

Inside the structure, the current Head of the Watchers Council wondered over what he could do to solve his current problems.



Rupert Giles, the current Head of the Watcher’s Council, an older gentlemen clad in a tweed suit was just sitting down in a chair musing over the days event.


He couldn’t help but groan out at how far his group had fallen. Today, one of his charges had almost beaten one of his other charges to death.  If the violence suppressor wards, which were crafted into the building, hadn’t gone active and alerted the leading member of the council, then Xander would have been dead. It would seem that Xander had not told Buffy that Willow was going attempt to re-curse Angelus with a soul long ago in Sunnydale.  Yes, the words ‘kick his ass’ are not ones a person would normally use to indicate such an attempt, he mused.


Several years later, Buffy had found out while discussing magical enhancement techniques with Willow.  In a fit of rage, she had called Xander over to the house and then proceeded to attempt to beat him to death. Thankfully, the wards had quickly deemed her a threat and magically restrained the enraged Slayer.


When Giles reached the three youths and learned what had happened, he had quickly rushed Xander to the hospital. Before he left, he placed a locking and stasis spell on the door to prevent Buffy from following and stop her from trying to finish the job.


After getting Xander to the hospital and the emergency room, Giles returned to the house to check on Buffy and Willow.  He then began to make himself some tea and set about preparing to return and stay the night at the hospital.


Giles sat down while waiting on his tea and began to collect his thoughts. I don’t know what to do. I cannot keep Buffy away from him forever, short of killing her or sending her to a special holding facility. I need her to be able to do her job and her duty humanity as a Slayer by protecting them from the Vampires and other creatures of darkness. Her duty does not include beating a former friend to death over her vampire lover! If she continues her attitude and she attempts to continue her previous actions, I might need to take drastic actions.


He also realized that if something were to happen again, Xander needed to be able to protect himself from Buffy on his own as well as function on the reformed Watchers Council. But there was a problem. Right now, I can’t both train Xander to be able to defend himself from a slayer and lead the new council. But there was no one he knew that could be of help and be trusted with Xander. Of course, all this depended on whether Xander survived the night or not.


His thoughts were interrupted when there was a knock at the door.  He paused, wondering who would be knocking on his door at this hour, except maybe a demon. Placing a loaded crossbow within easy reach, yet out of sight, he went to answer the door.

As he opened the door, he felt a strange magical presence, one which raised the hairs on the back of his neck. Whoever was at the door, wasn’t a normal human.


 He looked over his visitor with a wary sense of caution. He was a somewhat pale skinned, black haired man who was dressed in black-on-red formal suit of a strange design.


“Are you Rupert Giles?” the man asked. “The current head of the Watcher’s Council?”


“Yes I am. Who are you?” Rupert responded.


“My name is Raziel. I have been asked by a certain group of beings to assist you in your formation of a new Watcher Council. May I come in?” the man said.


“I’m afraid not,” Giles stated. “I am in a hurry to return to a friend who has been seriously injured. I also will need more information and proof that you have no ill-intentions toward me or anyone I know. Also I will need to know who this group is and why they want to help me. For all I know you could be a demon in disguise. You certainly don’t feel human.”


The ‘man,’ Raziel sighed. “I was afraid you would say that. I’m sorry, but time is running out.”


The ‘man’ raises his hand, which begins to glow with power. Rupert raced for the crossbow. Before he can reach it, the man’s spell is released, creating a large burst of bright light which washes over him. Instantly, Rupert collapses to the ground. Carefully, Raziel picks the fallen human up from the floor and places him in a chair. Chanting softly, Raziel raises his hand to the man’s forehead. After a minute he stops and goes to sit in a chair across from the mortal and waits for him to wake up.


After a few minutes, Giles begins to show signs of consciousness once again.


“Ugh, what happened, the last thing I remembered was….” he mutters. A light seems to go on inside his head as he remembers and he looks up to see the ‘man’ sitting calmly in a chair across from him. Instantly he jumps to his feet and he tries to reach for one of the various weapon caches hidden throughout the building.


He stops short, as he finds a curved white sword at his throat.


“Now, Mr. Giles, is this any way to treat someone who offered to help?”


“Apparently, I wasn’t clear before, when I said I needed proof of your intentions, before I could trust you. Your sword at my throat, isn’t exactly helping me to trust you.”


“That is understandable Mr. Giles. If I remove my sword do you promise to hear me out before trying to kill me again or running away?”


“Very well Mr. Raziel, I will hear you out but after that I make no promises.”


“Fair enough, Mr. Giles, only my name is simply Raziel. I have no other name or title.”


The blade disappears, and Giles finds it much easier to breathe. Looking at the man, he remembers what he was doing before he showed up.


“Now will this take long, I really must return…”


“…To the hospital? …To check on Xander?” Raziel interrupts. “Is this what you meant?”


A look of shock and worry flashes onto Giles’s face.


“How did you know that?” He asks.


“I was told about your situation by the group that asked me to assist you.” Raziel explains.


“But he was only attacked a few hours ago! How is it possible you know?


“I was left a letter. Now, would you like me to tell you on the way, or would you rather we discuss stay here and talk about it now?”


Rupert thought about the offer. I suppose if he already knew where Xander was and had truly wanted to hurt either of us, he would have already done so. “Very well, Raziel. I believe for now I will trust you. But I warn you, if you give me reason to think you wish to do Xander harm, you will find the consequences….unpleasant, at best.”


With this last sentence, he gave a Ripper-worthy glare to Raziel.  Raziel, having faced hordes of vampires, Hylden Warriors, and Sarafan soldiers, merely smiled back.


As they left, Rupert Giles had a feeling that his bad day, was far from being over.











FangNote: Again I ask, What do you think? Any Questions or Comments? Please Review. I need all the input I can get. I still need a beta-reader if anyone is interested.  I have lots more planned for these unlikely allies. I promise Xander will have a part in the next chapter. 


The End?

You have reached the end of "Tales of a Traveling Reaver: Meeting Xander" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Dec 06.

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