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Tales of a Traveling Reaver: Meeting Xander

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Summary: Crossover with Legacy of Kain. Raziel is given another chance at life. He is given the choice to travel to new worlds and help unwilling pawns to break free. In his first assignment, he helps Xander, after his lie about the soul spell comes out.

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Games > Horror > World of DarknessColdFangFR1522,914072,9676 Dec 0610 Dec 06No

Ariel's Offer

The Tales of a Traveling Reaver

By ColdFang


Disclaimer: I am but a penniless college student. I do not own anything.


Set post-Defiance in LoK and post-Chosen in BTVS.



Crossover with Legacy of Kain. Raziel is given another chance at life. He is given the choice to travel to new worlds and help unwilling pawns to break free. In his first assignment, he helps Xander, after his lie about the soul spell comes out.

“   “ = talking

Italics = thoughts





Date:  Unknown

Location: Ancient Vampire Citadel, Nosgoth



Kain’s POV: 


I tried to pull back the Soul Reaver from where it had impaled Raziel, but he wouldn’t let me. He was trying to tell me it was necessary…..that his soul needed to be consumed by the blade.


“The Soul Reaver…. pure of all corruption….. This is what it is for…… This is what I am for….. The two become one….Both Soul Reavers….And the scion of Balance is healed….And I am not your enemy….Not your destroyer……I before….your right hand….your sword….”


“No, Raziel.”  I said. “This can’t be the way.”


“And now….” He continued… “You will see the true enemy….”


As Raziel said this he fell back against the rock, to which the blade was impaled, and faded from reality.  After his image disappeared, the glow around the blade, took on a bright blue hue. It was the same color as the glow that had emanated from Raziel’s eyes.


“Raziel…..” I exclaimed as I withdrew the blade in horror, and it was then that I saw…


A very large tentacled creature just appeared where there had been nothing at all….







In a strange, dark mist-shrouded realm, a humanoid figure began to appear, its presence, a stark contrast to vagueness of the world around it.


The being spoke, “Where…..Where am I? …. Where is this place? ….Am I now in the Reaver?


Another voice sounded out of the darkness “Yes, little soul.”


The visible being swiveled, trying to peer through the darkness “What or Who….is there?”


Another figure began to take shape in the mists. It was pale and ghostly, like the mists surrounding it.


The first being turned to face the second figure “Ariel?.... Is that you?”


If the realm had not been so dark, a spectator would have been able to see a smile appear on the second figure’s face.


“Yes Raziel, it is I. And yes this is the realm of the Reaver.  It is not, however, your end of journey’s. I am here to help send you on your journey.”


The being called Raziel shook his head. “I cannot go. I must remain here to help Kain. He is the last hope for Nosgoth.”


“But you have helped him,” Ariel explained. “You have sacrificed yourself to heal him so that he may restore the balance. You need not remain here. There are others in need of your assistance.”


These words sparked a wave of anger within Raziel. “I refuse to be a pawn in the game of fate any longer…. I ….Have….A….CHOICE!!”


Rather than becoming angered or surprised, Ariel shook her head, an expression of semi-amusement on her face.  “Yes Raziel, you do have a choice. You can choose to remain here in this place for all time, or you can choose to come with me and help other people……people who are entrapped in a world of destiny and bound by fate to their current roles.”


“That is not much of a choice.” Raziel observed.


“Just because you have a choice does not mean your options are bound to be easy paths to take.”


For a few moments, both beings were silent. Then Raziel sighed. “Take me elsewhere then, I have no desire to spend eternity in a shapeless void.”


Ariel’s form seemed to solidify to a degree and her eyes began to glow a bright yellow, “Very well.  I shall take you to the first one in need of guidance. But first you will be presented with a few gifts to aid you in your journeys. ”


“What gifts?” Raziel asked.

The spirit, with her eyes still glowing brightly, answered his question. “You need to be able to blend in with the inhabitants of the realms you visit. So you shall be given the gift of form-shifting. You will be able to shift at will to any one of three forms. They are, a human form, an enhanced version of your vampire form, and your current Reaver-of-Souls form.

“Unfortunately, you will not be able to access the Soul Reaver in its physical form, so instead you shall be gifted with a duplicate of its physical form. This blade will only appear when you are in your vampire form.


“You shall also be gifted with a variety of ancient magics, as well as the knowledge of a forgotten form of glyph magic. Temporary control of the elements will also be given.


“With these gifts come certain rules. You must not use these gifts to influence the current realm on a large scale beyond what is necessary. Your goal is to help those in need, not to re-make their world to suit their desires or your own.


“You must not take a course of action that will critically endanger those in need beyond what is necessary. Do NOT take excessive risks.


“If you violate these principles to an extent where the mission has become threatened, you shall be removed instantly. If you cannot explain your actions to the ruling influence of that realm and myself, then you will be returned to the realm of the Reaver. However, if your actions were damaging enough, you will not return the Reaver……you shall instead cease to exist.


“Do you still wish to accept? I cannot force you.”


Raziel was silent. His mind was trying to take in the offer he had been given. Finally, he looked back at Ariel and said. “Yes, I accept.”


As soon as he spoke the words, Raziel was suddenly encased in a bright light. The light intensified and expanded until it seemed to fill the entire realm. Then it was gone and the shadowy void returned, showing no trace of either being that had once been there.


Then, a chorus of voices was heard as they spoke as one. “IT IS DONE!!!!!”


Date: August 24, 2008

Location: Cleveland, Ohio USA


It is a dark moonlit night in what appears to be an empty park. A flash of light appears and leaves behind an odd figure. To an outside observer, it would appear to be human, if one ignored the large pale leathery bat-like wings rising above its shoulders and stretching down to its knees.  The being looked around, surveying his surroundings carefully.


“Well this must be the first realm to which I am to provide assistance.” But I feel somewhat taller now, and there’s something else different too…. It feels familiar somehow…..


Raziel began stretching his long unused muscles, but he caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of his eye. Turning his head, he realized why he had felt different and why it was familiar.


MY WINGS!! Wait, they seem to be a bit bigger than I remember.  He flapped them once, and was surprised by the way he nearly shot into the air. They also seem to be a lot stronger and more powerful too. So, this is what Ariel meant by an enhanced version of my Vampire form. A feeling of long-forgotten joy ran through him as he reveled in the comforting weight upon his back that he had missed for so long.


As he stretched he notices a long, thin box and an envelope on the ground before him. Opening the box he saw a sword inside. But this was not just any sword. The Soul Reaver. Well its not The Soul Reaver, but a Soul Reaver. He mused.


Opening the envelope, he found a few pieces of paper addressed to him. Reading through them, he came to learn about what world he was in, who needed his help, and what would be the best way to approach them.


Interesting, he thought. The first thing I, a semi-vampiric spirit, is expected to do is help a group of vampire hunters. I feel like I’m almost back in Nosgoth. I suppose the first thing I should do is this group and talk to their leader, the head of the Watcher’s Council.






FangNote: Well, What do you think? Any Questions or Comments? Please Review. I need all the input I can get. Also, is anyone is interested in becoming a beta-reader for me? I have at least two more chapters written that just need to be typed onto a computer. 
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