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Iron Gear

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Summary: What do you do when you have the memories of a multi billionare? XANDER Is About to find out.

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Iron Gear

(A/N) I Do not own BtVS or Iron Man


Iron Gear


Xander cursed under his breath when the welding torch spit at him as he worked.

Halloween had been three weeks ago and Xander, in all his infinite wisdom had dressed in a tuxedo and he had intended to go as James Bond or something, but the lack of funds had been just enough to get him the tux and nothing more. A tuxedo that had been bought from a Good Will store in Los Angeles a week earlier.

This wouldn’t have been so bad if all he had ended up with was the portfolio of a semi-rich business man. Instead he had changed into a multi billion dollar business owner with a secret.

Xander stepped back and admired his handiwork. Nowhere near as impressive as the current Iron Man out there, it was still light years better than the original clunky design.

By cannibalizing several dozen TV’s and microwaves, he had managed a rather effective microwave beam that had already proven very effective against Vampires. Due to their bulky nature though, he had been forced to incorporate a shoulder mounted system with only limited tracking capabilities.

“As long as it all works,” Xander muttered as he started to put the heavy grey and red armor on. Weighing in at almost a hundred pounds, Xander wished again for even a couple of the micro servos Stark enterprises had access to. Instead he had been forced to use an external pulley and hydraulic system and that had managed to take the dependant weight down to forty pounds

Shrugging off the vulnerabilities such a system created, Xander pulled the helmet on and grinned as the rudimentary systems came online. “Let’s take you on a test run,” he muttered to the armor as he turned and walked carefully out of the warehouse.

It was always better to move slowly when testing something like this so you don’t fall over and spend the rest of the night flailing like a tipped turtle.


Xander had decided on an obstacle course, followed by a run around a four block radius as the first ‘Stress Test’ on the suit design. His first mistake had been expecting it to be a simple test.

He was through the obstacle course and halfway through the run when he heard a muffled scream through the armor.

//Note to self, put external audio hook-up in.// Xander thought as he turned down the alley running between two warehouses.

Looking at the three males struggling with a woman, Xander winced and made a second mental note even as he moved towards the group. //Thermal overlay is definitely a must.// he decided as he flicked the small switch and moved his helmet so the small crosshairs centered over one of the antagonist’s back.

He hesitated for a moment, afraid of pulling the trigger on the small chance this was not a vampire attack. The memory of the poodle that had accidentally been hit by the microwave cannon still made his stomach roll.

Any belief that it was a random human crime was washed away when two of the three vamped out as the woman struggled.

Grinning, Xander pushed the firing stud down.


Michael Kane gave another silent thanks to whichever deity sent the slayer to Sunnydale.

Since she had shown up, Michael hadn’t had to share a single meal with any self styled ‘Master’ vampire.

Of course he did have to be careful where he hunted and he always made sure to toss his victims into the ocean as the tide was going out.

He grinned as two other Vampires helped hold the struggling woman down.

His grin dropped at an odd whirring sound broke through the woman’s struggles and muffled cries. Turning slightly Michael’s last sight was a red and grey armored form before a short crack of thunder heralded the end of Michael Kane.


Xander was surprised as the response he got as instead of staring in shock the two remaining vampires dropped their victim and charged.

As the first went into a classic tackle, Xander took a step back as the heavy steel armor took most of the force.

Reaching down as the undead scraped at his armored shell with claws, Xander sunk all his fingers into the vampire’s skull and pulled the twitching form off him as the other tried desperately to find some flesh point to sink his fangs into.

Reaching with his free hand, Xander’s gauntleted fingers grasped the creature around the neck and applied pressure. Finally feeling his fingers sink into the soft flesh around its spine Xander used his armored strength to rip the vital bone structure out of the vampire’s body.

As the last vampire looked up at the dust of the ex-vampire, he made a decision that might have saved his life. Letting go of the armored form, he ran around the slow moving figure and headed for the exit.

Xander smiled again as he turned and placed the crosshairs over the fleeing vampire’s back and pressed the firing stud for a second time.

Grrr… fffzt.

Blinking once, Xander looked over at the smoking remains of his shoulder mounted cannon and sighed.

“Back to the drawing board,” he grumbled as he turned back to the frightened woman and stared at the empty alley. “Guess she got the idea to run,” He mumbled before finishing up his run.

He was unhappy about the vampire getting away more for the chance of his armors existence getting out to the general public than not dusting the undead leech. The last thing he needed was Stark Enterprises Chief of Security coming to Sunnydale on the rumors of Iron Tech Armor.


(A/N) So what do you think? Love it, Hate it, Wish it buried under the garbage of Voyager Season 1 scripts BtVS Season 7 tapes?

Send me your opinions and reviews PLEASE! I love reviews, I live for reviews. Reviews feed the plot bunnies that make me write things like this. Think of the poor bunnies… THINK OF THEM!

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