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The Consequences of Our Actions

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Alec Winchester 'Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: AW #5 - Alec deals with the aftermath of disobeying John.

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Supernatural > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Dark Angel(Site Founder)JinniFR1511,0191142,2947 Dec 067 Dec 06Yes
Title: The Consequences of Our Actions
Author: Jinni (
Rated: Pg13
Disclaimer: All things Dark Angel belong to James Cameron, et al. All things SPN belong to Eric Kripke, et al.
Notes: Requested as part of my 50 Missing Scenes2006 spree.
Summary: An out take from the AW ‘Verse.


Alec hid a smirk when John glared at him for the hundredth time since Alec had come back. It was obvious the man wasn’t used to being disobeyed. Whatever. Alec wasn’t used to getting bullshit orders that didn’t make any goddamned sense. Even the orders he got from Manticore had made sense so long as he only took into account the twisted reasoning used to that logic.

He supposed they were even; him not understanding John, John not understanding him.

Alec could tell that John wanted to say something to him. To yell at him, most likely, for coming back after he’d been ordered to stay away. Things had been tense since yesterday when he’d knocked on the motel room, much to John’s surprise. Anger. Irritation.

Confusion. John’s, not his. He knew damn well why he was back, but John just couldn’t get it. Couldn’t understand why Alec hadn’t obeyed him in this.

What Alec didn’t get was why John was holding back, why he wasn’t just saying whatever the fuck he had to say so that they could move past this. He wasn’t leaving John to fight alone. That was that. Not having someone cover your back was just stupid. That was one of the things Manticore had taught him that Alec was pretty sure they got right. Loyalty to your unit.

Well, John was as much of a unit as he supposed he’d ever have again, aside from those two so-called ‘brothers’ of his. They hardly counted when they were two states away and dead set on playing by daddy’s rules even when they knew those rules were fucked. Oh, Alec had seen the resistance in Sam’s eyes, but it apparently wasn’t enough to make Sam want to disobey dear old daddy.

Alec snorted. This family was fucked up. Seriously. Fucked. Up.

Whether he’d intended it or not, the snort drew John’s attention to him. A quick flick of cold, hard eyes. A press of lips that turned downwards in a frown so intense that Alec wondered if it really was possible to be glared to death. Or at least frowned to death.

“What?” Alec asked finally when the glaring and stormy silence had gotten too much to take. He crossed his arms over his chest. If John was looking for him to apologize or say that he was going to run back to the brothers like a good little boy, then he had another thing coming. “You have something to say to me, go ahead and say it. This silent, glaring act is getting really old.”

“Then leave,” John growled.

The words were an epiphany. Alec laughed, understanding dawning. “Is that your game? Think if you make me miserable enough I’ll run off like you want?” Alec shook his head. “Man, do you have another thing coming. You forget that I’m not used to all that lovey dovey caring crap anyway.”

What remained unsaid was that he’d sort of gotten used to the camaraderie he had with John, that feeling that he was one of the team – maybe even the family – even though John had no reason to trust him or take to him like this. Dean and Sam had indicated that being part of the family was exactly why John would have sent him away, but Alec didn’t get that. Maybe it was because the only real family education he’d ever gotten was from television and old movies, but families stuck together.


John was still standing there, watching him with an angry scowl on his face. Alec thought about warning him to be careful or his face might stick like that, but on second thought John probably wouldn’t appreciate that very much.

“This is dangerous,” John snapped. “It’s not a game.”

Rising with the irritation of a man that had just had a nerve struck that he hadn’t even known he had, Alec took a step toward John before he caught and held himself in check. When he spoke, it was through clenched teeth. “Nothing in my life has ever been a game. Nothing. What the hell makes you think that I’d take this of all things as a fucking game? You don’t want someone watching your back, I got that. You know what? Too fucking bad. I’m not leaving. I don’t think your sons would like it very much if I left you without backup.”

“I don’t need backup.”

“That’s a matter of opinion,” Alec said, refusing to back down under John’s stubbornness. “You’re safer with me watching your back.”

“You’re going to get hurt.”

Alec didn’t smile, didn’t laugh – he didn’t do any of those things that he wanted to do when he was finally faced with this undeniable proof that John really had somehow come to adopt him into this screwed up family unit.

He smirked and drawled. “Do we need to have the whole super-soldier versus the bad things talk again, dad?”

It was just a joke, the way that he tacked on ‘dad’ there at the end of it, but even as he said it, Alec realized that it sounded right.

And John didn’t correct him.

John sighed and shook his head. “No. You’re right. Doesn’t mean I’m going to quit worrying.”

“Wouldn’t expect you to,” Alec muttered. “Figure I could be just plain old invincible and you’d still worry about me getting a paper cut. So – how about we just skip right to the part where you just accept the fact that you’re not getting rid of me and we go kill something evil? Yeah?”

Silence so heavy that Alec could feel it on his skin weighed down the room.

Then, John laughed. It was short and dark. He held up his hands in a gesture of defeat.

“Can’t say I didn’t try.”

Trying was all that mattered, Alec supposed.

It meant he cared.

Alec couldn’t say why that made him happy.

But it did.


The End

You have reached the end of "The Consequences of Our Actions". This story is complete.

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