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Airport Madness

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Little Sammy". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dean and Sammy take a trip alone. Too bad things don't go as planned.

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Heroes of the Hunt

It didn’t take long to get a description of the man chasing Sister Steve and the kids. One of the people who had witnessed the chase had recognized the man. He was a clerk over at one of the little shops that sold souvenirs, books and games and light munchies for travelers. Armed with this information, Kowalski and Jacobs (one of the other two uniforms there at the airport today) quickly headed to the luggage handling area. They also had the security staff’s walkie talkie frequency and one of their radios.

As dangerous as it was for a police officer to work alone, they were each taking one side of the luggage handling area and working their way inward in a search pattern. The only backup they had were the security officers who were searching as well. Ray didn’t know whether or not to be relieved that the security guards didn’t have guns. One the one hand these guys were civilians and didn’t have any real training as far as he knew. On the other hand they were chasing a killer after a nun and three little kids. It all sucked.

"You can't get away from me!" he heard from up ahead of him. Ray threw his hand back at the security officers and took off running. When he turned the corner at first glance he couldn't believe what he saw. When he thought about it much later he did come to believe it, knowing the lady in question. Sister Steve, his old time friend and sometime poker buddy, was running from a knife wielding maniac and jumping onto a skateboard, a very strategically placed skateboard he was later to find out.

The man behind her slipped on another skateboard as he ran after her, even as Ray brought up his gun to shoot. Before he could fire, two small boys jumped up from behind a stack of luggage whirling something over their heads. They let go and the things shot out and wrapped around the maniac, tying him up tighter than Ray's mother did people with guilt trips. The maniac fell to the floor, loosing his grip on the knife. As he did so, the boys ran over to their captive and Ray saw something he had never wanted to see. The oldest boy ran a knife right into the man's guts and if the angle that Ray saw was right, then it had gone straight into the guy's heart.

It had happened to fast for Ray to stop them. 'Oh God, that poor kid' was all he could think as he ran over. Then the younger boy did something he would never forget as long as he lived. He peeled the dead man's face right off. What was underneath was so horribly distorted and warped that Ray turned away and threw up. That was when the kids noticed him.

"You kids ok?" he asked gasping. He swore he would never watch an autopsy if he could get away with it. That was so disgusting. "Here, gimme that," he said to the little boy. He took the skin with two fingers and laid it off to the side. He touched the side of the man's neck just as a formality.

"He's dead, dude," the older boy said sarcastically.

"I know that, but I gotta do it because those are the rules," Ray said. He wiped his hands on his uniform pants. "Dean and Sammy Winchester, I presume?"

"Yes sir," the boys answered in unison just as Sister Steve rode the skateboard back. She popped it up expertly and knelt down next to Dean.

"What was that you guys threw at him?" Ray asked as he looked at what was wrapped around the corpse's upper body and legs. It looked like fishing line to him.

"Bolos made from fishing line and balls," Sammy said excitedly. "Dean showed me how to make mine. Daddy showed him how to make them last summer. Did you know that you can hunt deer with them?"

'Among other things,' Dean thought. 'He'd been aiming for a kelpie and had hit the deer on the other side of the pond. It wasn't his fault that he'd missed. At least the deer had made a good dinner after they'd gotten the kelpie.'

"Well, you two did real good. I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner so I could take care of him for you. Now, where is Willow Rosenberg?" he asked hoping that the little girl was alright as well.

"I'll go get her, Ray," Sister Steve said. "We had her stashed with a pool que while we took care of this."

"You and Willow ok Steve?" She nodded as she got up. "Thank God for that. Ok, you go and get her. Chief James have one of your people take Sister Steve and the kids back to your office. I'll get started on securing the crime scene here."

Ray pulled Dean off to the side a little ways, keeping an eye on the security chief who was with Sammy. "Can you tell me what happened? I saw the end, but I need to know what led up to it," he asked.

Dean shrugged. "That guy came in and killed the security guard while I was on the phone. We ran out and he came after us. We hid and we didn't think anyone would find us before he did so we set a trap. The knife I used on him was supposed to be a gift for Pastor Jim from my dad. He sent it as a thank you for taking us in while he's working on a job. Pastor Jim collects stuff like that," he lied. He knew that sometimes a Hunter had to lie to police because they couldn't handle the truth about monsters and ghosts and stuff. He also remembered the lecture his father had given him on the subject. Lies were only to be told when absolutely necessary. It was 100 pushups and kp for a month if his dad ever found out that he had lied when it wasn't necessary. Dean hated kitchen patrol with a passion.

"Why did you kill him?" Ray asked gently. He didn't want the kid to think that he was putting him down for something he had already told him was a good thing. "Why didn't you wait once you had him tied up?"

"He was going to kill Sammy and the ladies," Dean growled. "And I wasn't sure the bolos would hold him." He hadn't been sure. Some shifters had supernatural strength and if this one had that it could have burst the bonds.

"That is a very good reason Dean. Like I said before, good job," Ray said as he clapped him on the shoulder.

Just then Sammy scurried over, with the chief right behind him. "Mr. Policeman, you need a copy of this list. It has the names and addresses of the people whose stuff we borrowed to make our trap." Sammy thrust the by now much battered list at Ray.

"Thank you Sammy," Ray said impressed. It wasn't every kid who would have thought about that or every adult either. These were a couple of very honest kids. He wondered if he could get someone to give these two a medal or certificate or something.


It was a week later when John finally showed up at Pastor Jim's. He was exhausted but happy. He had killed the Rawhead and rescued not one child but two. He had stayed only long enough to make sure that they would both be alright before taking off for Chicago to get back to his boys. It was late at night and the boys were down in bed when he arrived. Pastor Jim was glad because it gave him a chance to tell John what had happened out at the airport.

As he told the story he could see the fire in John's eyes burn but John let him get the story out before saying a word. "I honestly didn't think they would be in any danger John. I never would have sent Sister Steve out there to pick up the boys if I had. I would have gone myself loaded down with every weapon I have."

"I know you would have Jim. And the boys did good, protecting themselves and the girls." John paused. This is what all of the training he was putting his boys through was all about. So that if necessary, they could protect themselves and others from what was out there in the dark. In a better world, one without real demons and monsters of all kinds, there wouldn't have been a problem. "Is Dean in trouble with the cops?"

Pastor Jim grinned. The explosion he was waiting for didn't happen. It had to be because the boys were safe and John was about to drop. There was no other explanation. "No, in fact, they showed up here and gave Dean and Sammy an award each for heroism."

They both laughed at that. "If they only knew," John said as he raised his glass. "To the heroes of the Hunt." Pastor Jim clinked glasses with him and settled in for a quiet night. Tomorrow would be soon enough to take up their task once more.

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Airport Madness". This story is complete.

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