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Airport Madness

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Little Sammy". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dean and Sammy take a trip alone. Too bad things don't go as planned.

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Off to see Pastor Jim

Title: Airport Madness
Series: Little Sammy
Summery: Dean and Sammy take a trip. Too bad things don’t go as planned
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Father Dowling Mysteries or the movie Unaccompanied Minors which gave me the bunny all gift wrapped. In Chapter 7 I have introduced a new character, Ray Kowalski. He is from Due South and I don't own that either.
Warnings: Dean’s first crush and the resulting mess is all his fault, John told him to behave!

John Winchester was a demon hunter by vocation and a mechanic by trade. He was also a con man but only when he needed to be. But most of all, he was a father to two young boys, one of whom was marked by a demon. He didn’t know why his youngest was marked but it didn’t matter; he wouldn’t let the demon have his son. The demon had killed his wife and he was determined to kill it before it did whatever it wanted to his son. He was also determined that no one else should have to suffer as his family had.

John hated to do it, but he had no choice. He couldn’t take Dean and Sam on this hunt, it was too dangerous to have small children around, even if Dean was eleven and a better man than most John knew. Rawhead and Bloodybones weren’t particular about a person’s personality or abilities to be responsible. All they cared about was a person’s age. And as far as they were concerned, the younger a person was, the better they tasted.

The trouble was there wasn’t anyone close that he felt he could trust enough to watch his boys. He couldn’t leave them alone while he hunted down the monster; he’d made that mistake before. No one had been hurt, but it was too close as far as he was concerned. Faced with this situation, there was only one thing he felt he could do. He had to send the boys to Pastor Jim and Jim was on the other side of the country. That meant like quite a few other single parents, he was sending his sons cross country by plane, alone. That thought scared him more than the monster.

“Mary, I sure hope you can watch over our boys until they get to Jim,” he whispered as he packed the boys backpacks. John only knew that Mary was his guardian angel because Sammy had told him so two years before. Of course then he had just wanted to know why Mommy didn’t have wings like other angels he had seen. John still didn’t know why some angels had wings and some didn’t but he had started thanking God and Mary after every hunt. He knew it was because of God that he still had Mary and because of Mary that he got that extra bit of help that he needed when he was making the world a bit safer for their boys.

He called the boys and knelt down in front of them. Because he knew it was Mary that was watching over them, he had made sure that there was no way she would be ashamed of the way he was raising their boys. That meant that although they were poor and more than a little strange to most of the people around them, they were also as honest as it was possible to be. That meant that this week, they were living in a tent up in one of the national parks. John wasn’t about to turn to credit card fraud or stealing in front of Mary like some of the other Hunters did.

“Ok boys, listen up. This is one of those times when we’re going to have to be less than honest in order to be safe. I don’t like it, but we don’t have a choice. You need to get on a plane to go stay with Pastor Jim. I’m calling in a favor for the tickets, so you don’t need to worry about how we can afford them. I saved someone and they were happy to tell me that I could have plane tickets any time I wanted them.

“Now, I’ll drive out to Pastor Jim’s when I’m done with this hunt. I want you to be good for Pastor Jim and don’t give him any trouble. Do you understand boys?”

“Yes sir,” Dean and Sam chorused.

“Good, now here’s the part that’s not so good. Dean, the law says you can’t have weapons in the airport or on the planes, but I can’t let you travel by yourselves without weapons. The security people are going to look through your backpacks, so the only things that are in there are the rock salt bombs you made and the protection amulets. I can’t let you take your gun or knife. I’m sorry, but they won’t let you on the plane if they find out you have it. They won’t make it through the metal detectors. The security people could even arrest both of us. What I am going to do is give each of you two knives, one made of silver and one made of stone. Neither of them will set off the alarms.

“I want you to hide them in your boots. Here are some more rock salt bombs, put them in your coat pockets.” John handed both of the boys the water balloons filled with rock salt and made sure that the protection charms they wore were still in place and didn’t need to be replaced as the boys filled their pockets. “Ok, let’s load up; the plane isn’t going to wait for us.”

The camp was quickly broken down and their gear was loaded into the Impala. The trip was fairly long, but it wasn’t boring thanks to the boys in the back seat. The bad joke contest was put to a halt by John when Dean started getting a little to adult for Sam (and his mother). Then they switched to Hunting stories, the gorier the better as far as Dean was concerned. Sammy was all eyes and ears over the, unfortunately only somewhat, exaggerated stories that Dean’d heard at the Roadhouse, a bar that served mostly Hunters where John sometimes got some work or information. John would have been worried about the stories if he didn’t know that Sammy loved them, especially if he knew that the Hunters in the stories had survived the Hunt because he knew them.

The boys got through the airline security without any problems, mostly because John had left his weapons, except for a stone knife, amulets and rock salt bombs, in the car. John charmed the airline attendant into promising to watch over the boys for the flight, not that he needed to. With the innocent puppy dog eyes that the boys were giving her they were a shoo in for special treatment.

As he watched the plane with his sons pull away from the terminal, John sent up heartfelt prayer. “Please send someone to watch over my sons, Lord. I can’t go on without them.” Then he turned away and firmly turned his mind to the Hunt. There was nothing more that he could do for his boys. It was time to go save someone else’s children from a monster.
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