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A Daughter's Search

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Summary: Before the final battle to destroy the death star II, a daughter searches for the truth, and a father discovers the extent of the deception that imprisons his soul. The chase is on, the hunt begins. There is no escape - it is their destiny.

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The Chase

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Vader looked in consternation at the data screen, of all the possible locations for Leia to choose – why that one. What possible reason could she have for going there. It was mostly a waste planet now – the empire having long stripped it of all its resources in building the first death star. The mere thought of that cursed planet brought forward long suppressed memories. Small tendrils of anger slowly permeated his brain, how dare she go there. Old feelings rose -the fear, the taint of betrayal, and then anger. How dare she. The impertinent child, this… this he would not countenance.

He transmitted the location to his lead Noghri agents, and then pondered the meaning of this latest development. What did it mean. He would meditate perhaps it would give him some measure of peace. Until then, he could not chance his daughter to the same fate that met her mother on that cursed planet. Flicking open the comms he snapped out a terse command.

“Admiral Piett – set course for Mustapha”. He had no sooner uttered the command than the trace location from Padme’s old ship suddenly altered. Leia had re-entered hyperspace, cursing he re-activated the sensors for optimal trajectory. His gloved hand tapping in annoyance. Leia as a rebel he could anticipate and comprehend, but Leia as a daughter was beyond his skills and he could weep at his lack of understanding of his daughter. He had no idea what she was doing, for sure this was no rebel countenanced mission, for Leia this was deeply personal. He tapped out a quick set of instructions to the Nohgri, and then commed Piett, “Admiral – belay that order but have the fleet on stand by”.

Turning he stared at the deep stretches of space – “where are you my daughter”. Perhaps he should take the time to try and understand this women who was his daughter, until Leia dropped out of hyperspace there was little else to be gained. Information would lead to understanding, with that would come a connection and maybe just maybe a force connection he could meditate on. Like Luke he would be able to sense her presence even should she abandon Padme’s ship.

He would learn all he could of Leia, not as a rebel or potential sympathiser. But as a person. Unlike Luke she was a member of a royal household. Even her first steps and her first boyfriend should have been officially and unofficially followed by both imperial press and the gutter slime. Alderaan was no longer, but the empire was thorough in collecting and archiving all. He had devoured every school report of Luke’s and had even eagerly read up on the rebel news for possible stories of his son. But they were few and far between. But Leia’s entire life from baby teeth to her first dance - it would all be documented and recorded. Unanticipated eagerness filled him as he accessed the mainframe, his hand paused as he hesitated. He was treading a dangerous path, his feelings were strained and conflicted. He needed to meditate on how best this new information of his daughter would serve him, but not yet, not yet. For now like a proud papa he wanted to know more of his daughter’s life.


Leia grinned almost maniacally as she ignored C3PO’s litany of complaints and R2 D2’s annoyed screeching. She knew she was out of control. Duty, logic, reason - all had deserted her, obsession and need fuelled her. The rebellion didn’t truly really need her now, the final dance had started and she was no longer the lead dancer. But this need, this compulsion it ruled her she had to know, she had to find out more.

It had only been a short stop at Mustapha. The planet was obviously pivotal in her Mothers death, as she had been alive and well when she had left Coruscant. She had been intrigued by the notes Captain Rika had left. However one glimpse at that ravaged and dead planet had reaffirmed Rika’s conclusion that whatever had happened on that planet, no clues or answers would be found there.

Next she had stopped briefly at the hospital base Mehta which had been her Mothers next stop, but like Rika before her she had discovered little. Even with R2’s ability to hack into and communicate with most main frames, it was pointless. It was only when she had checked time reference points did she realise that this system had replaced an older version. Files had been copied over it was true but strangely those critical dates were blank, checking the data banks she found that a mysterious benefactor had gifted this system including new droid medics and had sent a team to allow a seamless transition from old to new. For some reason she had pictured her false father Bail Organa. Logically she knew she could not be certain, but some inner voice whispered that this was truth. He certainly had the resources and the connections. But what was he hiding. What was he scared of.

Unlike Rika before her she had found out one dreadful truth. Whilst no record of that period existed, the docking mainframe had, and remarkably R2 was able to crack the code- one log entry existed that made her blood freeze. A naboonian star spliff had docked with two passengers one injured man one pregnant female, cargo two droids. Immediate emergency response teams were activated to the craft as the women was in birthing distress. No further details were recorded. Two standard imperial days later the same ship had departed two passengers one man, a newborn boy infant and a Cargo of funeral casket with female body. There was no doubt in her mind, she was that infant they must have disguised her sex to further protect her. But how had her mother died, was the man that travelled with them her father. Her hands had clenched. To be so close and still no answers just further questions.

“R2 start the docking procedure, C3PO you will remain on board whilst R2 and I enter”, Leia raised her hand as C3PO started to gesticulate, “No arguments, I need R2 to hack any security devices and you need to have the ship prepped for immediate take off”. R2 beeped softly almost preening as he whirled around.

Leia smiled grimly – it was reckless even Han would agree so. Perhaps he was rubbing off on her, but she had to know more. And this was perhaps her last opportunity, the emperor was away visiting his new shiny toy and Vader would probably still be smarting from his wounds in Naboo. Nobody would think of looking for her here. It was perhaps the safest time, even to herself it sounded a weak argument. But she needed to see her mother’s apartment. According to Rika it had been sealed off and even he was unable to gain access. When he had made some discreet enquiries it was at this point in his investigation that he had been warned away. Fearing for exposure he had reluctantly concluded his investigations and returned to Naboo.

Now it was her turn and she would not, could not fail.


Vader gazed at the small non descript hospital base. He had missed her yet again but what was her aim, this merry chase served no purpose. If she was

Padme had died here, he could sense it. A deep sense of grief and sadness welled deep within him. If he had known that he had not killed her, he would have searched for her, and maybe he would have found his children and maybe salvation. But he had not, when Palpatine had uttered those words of damnation that he in his anger had killed her. He had reached out not wanting to believe, but the connection was no longer there, it had been severed as only death can do. In his madness and grief he had succumbed even more the dark side, surrendering himself as Palpatine’s slave to do his bidding. Now not even Padme would recognise Anakin form the monster he had …. chosen… to become.

He sighed his heart felt heavy the years of living weighing heavily on him. Why was she doing this. It was foolish, unwise and without reason. This was not the actions he expected from the Princess of Alderaan. He picked up the holocrom looking again at pictures of Leia growing up. He noted the pictures or rather lack of pictures of her at many family events. The official news citing her absence as childish ailments or scholarly activities. But the holos for her with her family were the most telling fo all, they seemed to be distant with her, only Bail would appear in pictures actually touching her. The others from her juvenile day showed her looking mutinous and resentful, but one had caught her looking forlorn watching on as the Queen fussed over the other children. Later as shew grew older she learned to mask her feelings - His hand fisted her countenance frozen and frosty. Earning her the nick name the ice princess. It was a stark difference to Lukes toothy grin. school pictures, brimming with life, hope and dreams. Luke may have been deprived of materialistic things, but it was obvious that he had been deeply loved by Beru and Lars.

“Leia what are you searching for”, just then his tracking coms buzzed into life. Vader snatched up the screen, his heart stuttering for a second …Coruscant

“Daughter, what are you doing?”

Da ddumm Da dummm Da dummm

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