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A Daughter's Search

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Summary: Before the final battle to destroy the death star II, a daughter searches for the truth, and a father discovers the extent of the deception that imprisons his soul. The chase is on, the hunt begins. There is no escape - it is their destiny.

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Dont own it - wish I did...

CH 4 Family Found Family Lost

Darth Vader surveyed the ruthless efficiency of his stormtroopers as they cleared the building floor by floor. Courteous instruction with a steel fist as administration staff were hustled from the space dock station and those that protested were given short thrift.
In their place imperial splicer’s took positions fingers flying over control pads as data and information were spliced and analysed in nanoseconds.

But still Vader was dissatisfied with the progress. Impatience filled him, the dark side murmuring to him to vent his frustration, his anger, his wrath. His control was held on by barely a thread. He must find his son, he must save him.

“My Lord, we have found their ship, ibay 553 North side. It was due to disembark , but missed its allotted schedule, as no new flight plan had been submitted. It was already flagged, when the splicer’s noticed the anomalies with its registration documents.”

Vader turned to survey his new intelligence attaché officer, a lieutenant fresh from the academy and eager to make his grade despite his caution and fear of his new commander. Slowly Vader savored the feeling of slow building terror and trepidation that emanated in waves from young officer, letting it fuel the darkness that was always with him now. A far crueler and demanding master than Palpatine could ever hope to be.

“Very good, have Seekers scope the ship discreetly, and all monitor stations feeds to be analysed - I want results”. Seethed Vader impatiently.

“Yes sir”, the lieutenant visibly paled, before saluting smartly and rushing off to do his masters bidding.

Vader swung around as the Naboo delegation bravely approached him. The queen conspicuous only by her absence.

“My Lord Vader, On behalf of the Queen who has unfortunately contracted a rare case of Sino virus and is under quarantine in her Summer Palace. We extend our warmest welcome to the emperors emissionary and offer you the fullest hospitality of our peaceful and neutral city”.

Vader said nothing, just surveyed them calmly, giving no indications of his truel feelings. This tact, this intimidation he had learned from Palapatine. Let the fear build, tensions rise, let your enemies make the first move, the first step in the game. Then move in for the kill.

The small bearded man – Ambassador Rawkins, adjusted his cravat nervously, at Vaders countenance. “However we must protest at the manner of this ahhhh visit and perhaps we can come to some peaceful compromise that would not alarm our city residents”.

Vader inwardly smiled, he had already won this game of strategy. The Queen would probably not have made the same mistake as her ambassador if she was of the same ilk as Padme, but they had learned it seemed not to send their Queen into uncertain territory. No doubt she was safely hidden in case she was used as a pawn in the emperor’s games.

However he needed to be careful, if the Naboo government lodged an official complaint, whilst the emperor could care less about this planet, he would be suspicious at his apprentices heavy handiness in a planet which he had links with. Tact and a subtle hand was needed here, not he thought wryly his strongest points.

“You may convey my apologies to her Highness for this short lived inconvenience. Once I have apprehended the rebel agents, I will be departing to attend to other matters. Your full co-operation is most invaluable and appreciated Ambassador….. after all it would be unfortunate if the emperor found reason to revoke the neutrality of this planet”.

The Naboo delegates looked at each other nervously, before bowing their heads, “We will convey your apologies to her highness and we will ensure the cities security detail provides all necessary assistance”.

Vader nodded “then we have an understanding ambassador”, he remarked pleasantly before dismissing them by rudely walking away.


“And these are Padme when she went on a Peace mission to Zulya System. All pink faced with pigtails she was just nine years old and already growing up so fast. A proper little madam at that age. When she came across a shuttle filled with refugees she insisted we shared all the food from the gantry. To the extent that the formal grand Banquet for the Zulya official Government consisted of standard soldier rations”.

Leia chuckled as she examined the picture intently. Gazing at the face of her long dead Mother, she was so beautiful. She had dreamed of this for so long. But nothing could have prepared her for the feeling of peace and happiness that she felt. This was home, this could have been her home, the low burn of injustices rose again within her. The emotional trauma that was her childhood had never left her. She had a family, a family that had waited and waited for her to return. That had so desperately wanted her. So why had Bail Organa kept her. The unwanted bastard child reared in the royal courts of Alderaan. She shook her head that was in the past, and there was one lesson that her childhood had taught her - grab each moment of happiness while you can. A lesson that she had forgotten when she had joined the Rebellion and watched her home planet be blown to smithereens. But Han, her wonderful Han had brought her back to life again.

Leia looked up at the ceiling blinking away tears - this was her Mothers room as a child. Her grandmother had kept it for her waiting for Padme’s child to come home. Waited for her, and it was almost too late, but she was here, and she would have this one magical day before she left.

She smiled at her Grandmother “tell me more, tell me everything”, she pleaded a teary smile disguising her desperate need to find out everything about her family, her real family. And so on bed strewn with pictures, knick knacks and mementoes they chatted and shared memories of a time long past.

They had spent a day together, every moment so precious to Leia. They had almost by unspoken tacit agreement not discussed the rebellion and her part in it. She had carefully made little mention of her childhood, instead regaling her with tales from her life as a senator and ambassador. And her grandmother had regaled her with stories of her mother, that Leia greedily drunk up, savouring every moment, every word. Not realising how much she was revealing to this worldly women.


Leia looked up to see her Grandmother watching her with troubled eyes.

“Leia…. I know that you lived with Bail Organa – did… did they… were they… were they a good family?”

Leia, shook her head, not quite meeting her grandmothers eyes, “Oh I lived the life of a princess my every whim catered to, and a wardrobe full of toys and clothes”. She said brightly, her fingers pulling and twisting on the tassels of the cushion.

Her grandmother leaned over holding Leia’s fingers, holding them tightly, as she gazed into Leia’s eyes. “Your mother was a leader and such a cunning diplomat, full of courage and fire, with instinctive knowledge and need for justice and peace. But even she could never learn to lie a damn to the people she loved”.

Leia looked down, her mouth trembling, tears welling in her eyes. A horrible howl half muted and strangled came from deep within her.

“Oh my Leia, my poor Leia”, her Grandmother hugged into her arms, surrounding her with such love and understanding, as Leia cried the tears of the lost.

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