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A Daughter's Search

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Summary: Before the final battle to destroy the death star II, a daughter searches for the truth, and a father discovers the extent of the deception that imprisons his soul. The chase is on, the hunt begins. There is no escape - it is their destiny.

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Piet hurried down the corridor, almost sprinting, his aides struggling to keep up. His personal guard of Stormtroopers surrounding him clearing the way of personnel.

They rounded the corner, entering the loading bay in front of them a gleaming white shuttle slowly touching down. Piet breathed a sigh of relief as he skidded to a halt, exchanging a wry glance with his aides as they smoothed down and straightened their uniforms. Only vaguely aware of other officers and a contingent of medical support staff arriving in frantic haste.

The shuttle door slowly opened and Lord Vader appeared, a very dusty and slightly battered Vader. Piet held his breath, and gave a quick cursory salute, before hurrying forward. Vader took everything in with one single piercing glance, waving away the medical crew. Before turning his full attention to Piet.

“Walk with me”, he commanded.

“My Lord, it is good to see that you are safe, we had grave concerns … “, Piet began. Vader interrupted “It is of no matter… brief me”

Vader remained ominously quiet as Piet run down the days events and actions taken. Giving no indication of either his approval or displeasure. Piet held steadfast as he gave his report. He had perhaps not followed standard imperial procedures to the letter. But he stood by his actions.

“Remove the flight embargo but all ships to be searched and passenger manifesto’s checked, before take off. Tractor fields on all flight paths, arrange for an interdictor fields to be set up at the outer boundaries. Any ship that tries to leave without approval, to be disabled and all passengers and crew arrested… alive at any cost”.

“Yes My Lord… Sir, Captain Meeklah, head of intelligence is planning reprisals over the attack ”. Piet kept his face and voice deliberately neutral, not allowing any of the distaste he felt against retaliation against unarmed innocent civilians show. He swallowed nervously, as Vader stopped abruptly and was that a growl coming from the dark Lord.

“They are as clumsy as they are stupid”, seethed Vader, “Any action taking against Naboo will only alienate the imperial cause more, which is exactly what the rebellion was planning on. This is… was an isolated incident and will remain such.” Vader paused before adding ominously “Request Captain Meeklah to report too me immediately”.

Piett nodded his face grave. “Immediately Lord Vader”.

“I will be in my quarters, I want immediate notification of anything unusual and Admiral…” Vader swung around to face him, “You did well”.

“Thank you Sir”, Piett saluted smartly and watched as Vader with a curt nod strode away. Turning he made his way back to the ships bridge allowing him self a flush of enjoyment over Vaders words ‘you did well’.



“Leia there is not much time, we must hurry and there is so much still unsaid”, Ruwee bit her lip and wrung her hands as they made there way through the derelict building. They had made their way almost immediately after Leia’s miraculous rescue.

For as long as Leia would live, which may be not that long if Vader has his way. She would savour the sight on Darth Vader completely stunned and out manoeuvred. When Ruwee has announced her relationship to Leia she had thought that would be the end for both of them instead Vader had seemed stunned almost shocked by the revelation that the Royal Princess of Alderan was really a bastard child of Naboo. His lightsabre had dropped and he had seemed staggered as though recovering from a blow. It was all the hesitation Ruwee needed as she fired off a round clipping the evil lord on the shoulder. Then the waters had erupted as a full dozen Gunghan’s had sprung up, some tackling Vader directly but the others grabbing up the two women in their long gangly limbs and propelling themselves back deep into the water. There had been a panicked struggle for air for a few moments, until breather masks were attached and they were swiftly moved through the water.

She had barely had time to thank these strange creatures before a slightly dishevelled and very wet Ruwee and captain Rika started hustling her through a maze of streets and buildings. Her grandmother explaining as they hustled how they had raised this small army to rescue her, her voice sad as she recounted the loss of many a brave Gunghan.

Captain Rika fumbled with some controls on the door, his eyes hard as he surveyed their surroundings, before hustling them inside. Ruwee swore softly as she entered passwords into they computer login station. That’s it she muttered as one by one the lights came on and with a slow grinding clunking noise the hanger door opened. There in front of them was a gleaming silver Naboo star skiff – a pre imperial J type version but by the looks of it still in top condition.

“It was your mothers”, stated Ruwee quietly with a small degree of pride “the Naboo government gifted it to her after her Naboo Yacht was destroyed in an assassination attempt, she risked her life to rescue Naboo from tyranny and they never forgot ”.

“She’s beautiful”, Leia turned around “you must come with me – it wont be safe for you, for anybody I have put you all in terrible danger”.

Her Grandmother shook her head , “No child, my place is here, the Gunghan’s will hide me deep in the ocean where the imperials do not know about. Jobal will join me shortly. I contacted Sola and they and anybody connected with us have all gone into hiding. The imperials will find only empty houses.”

“I should never have come”, Leia cried out in despair.

“And we are so glad you did, already news of the brave rebel princess is spreading throughout Naboo, like your mother you bring hope with you. And when we are at peace again, we will be publicly able to claim you as our flesh and blood”. Her grandmother embraced her, gazing deep into her eyes as she held on tightly, almost painfully so.

“My dear Leia, my sweet Leia, I wanted you to be safe, but I can see in your eyes you would never stay with us. You are your mother’s daughter. There must be a reason you came now to try and find us. I suspect something spectacular is about to happen, and you will be right in the thick of things – just like your mother,” she laughed wryly “some things never change”.

“So be safe my child, do not fret for us, when it is safe come and seek us, if we are still in hiding leave a message at the crypt”.

“I wish we had more time”, smiled Leia tearfully. “I have so many questions, so many things I wish to know”.

“As do I, but time is short, we arranged a flight path and the time window for clearance is rapidly closing, you have to go now”, she sighed and continued her words rushed “Your mother was brought back to us in her ship, her logs are still there, maybe it will provide the answers you need. Your droids are already aboard and the ship has been prepped for launch. I have left a message for you in her quarters. Be strong, do what needs done, and come back to us”. Ruwee was almost sobbing tears streaming down her face “Go now child and may the force be with you”.

“And with you”, replied Leia, then without looking backwards she keyed open the hatch and made her way to the cockpit.

“Your highness you are alive…see you bucket of rust…I told you she would be fine”. C3PO excitedly spoke in high falsetto voice, his arms jerking as he spoke.

R2D2 batted his dome head against C3PO and squealed in outrage before warbling his usual beeps and warbles in greeting, clearly relieved to see her.

“Well I never…I only said that the empire was sure to catch us this time….”

Leia smiled, tuning out C3PO’s frantic apologies and arguments with R2, it was a small taste of normality and for some reason it grounded and help stabilise her emotions.

“Give me the controls”, she said sliding into the pilot’s seat, “R2 fire up the convertors, its time to go, we have put this planet in enough danger”.

R2 burbled his agreement and within moments they were flying out the hanger.

“Goodbye Naboo”, whispered Leia.


Vader strode down the hall way only vaguely aware of the Stormtroopers saluting him as he passed. His thoughts, his emotions slipping out of his control, just a few more steps, just a few more…..he just needed to reach his haven, desperate to be alone, to get this seething black sea of emotion out. Words and emotions came at him without his desire. He could feel his mind splintering.

‘This is a happy moment Padme….’

‘It seems in your anger you killed her’

‘you are a rebel and a traitor, take her away’

“and now your highness we will discuss the location of the rebel base….’

Her screams reverberated in his head, ……. what had he done ……she had been so afraid and yet she hadn’t screamed until the very end when her eyes had rolled back, her body spasming against the torture droids intrusion. The screaming, that terror filled scream ……oh Padme what have I done…

NO NO…he couldn’t think… not now…. Just a few more steps….control, just a few moments longer.

He keyed in the code, the door sliding smoothly open and then shut as he entered his training room. Soundproof, no prying eyes, insulated against his force emotions. Safe for now. He slowly collapsed to his knees. Only a hunter droid, its red eye slowly blinking, was there to witness the total destruction of a dark lord. The inhuman sound of rage, anger and desolation as the Sith lord collapsed against a Tsunami of emotion and memories. Metal creaked and objects flew as Vader struggled against the tide. Until eventually he curled up almost into a foetal position, no sound except for an unsteady wheezing of his breather mechanism. Nearly 30 minutes passed before Vader slowly stood up, his visor slowly surveying the total destruction of the room. His eyes alighting on the hunter droid, the red light stuttered as though the droid could feel fear, Vader pulled out his light sabre, force clicking the droid on.

I need scooby snacks.... pleaseeeee....

thanks to all the reviewers - going to be rediting the original story to get rid of all my mistakes ...

and there is still more to come ... do you really think vader will give up that easily
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