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A Daughter's Search

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Summary: Before the final battle to destroy the death star II, a daughter searches for the truth, and a father discovers the extent of the deception that imprisons his soul. The chase is on, the hunt begins. There is no escape - it is their destiny.

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and it begins

Starwars doesn’t belong to me, I make no money from this. George Lucas the lucky man owns it all.

A Daughter’s Search

Before the final battle to destroy the death star II, a daughter searches for the truth, and a father discovers the extent of the deception that imprisons his soul. The chase is on, the hunt begins. There is no escape - it is their destiny.

Rebel alliance - unoccupied space
The Saviour - Medical frigate

Chewbacca roared, his unhappiness clear to even the most obtuse observer. The Rebel crew cast him harassed looks but wisely kept their distance. It was not wise to upset an already volatile Wookie.

Leia glanced at him in exasperation, trying to ignore the Wookie’s sorrowful growls and howls as only a Princess could do, as she manoeuvred around him, loading crates and luggage to a small Delta personal carrier.
“Your life debt is to Han not me”, she muttered for the hundredth time, rubbing her bruised knuckles on her flight suit.

“A Wookie gives allegiance where he deems it your highness and”, added Han a twinkle in his eye softening his words to their own private endearment, he leant somewhat crookedly against the bulkhead “…its not wise to argue with a Wookie”.

“Han!” Leia ran to him leaping into his arms, her arms twinning around his neck as she kissed him boldly. Han snapped his arm around her slender waist. His eyes widened in surprise as he responded as best he could. However after only 2 days his hibernation sickness made him feel as light headed as omni punk. He swayed and Leia gave a rueful chuckle, bracing his legs, as she whispered into his ear “Wore you out this morning did I?”

Han glanced around, and actually blushed as he noticed the crew unashamedly watching this fascinating turn of events. The pirate and the ice princess. He kissed her forehead unobtrusively feeling for signs of fever., his princess was not usually so public. Chewbacca as always had his back and roared in laughter, which sounded terrifying to the crew who did not understand Wookie. The crew suddenly found many other jobs to do and magically the loading bay cleared. He groaned into her hair holding her tight, knowing this story would be half way round the fleet by noontime. “Sweetheart, why are you doing this?”

Leia stiffened, and looked away, “Han I have to” she paused looking at him pleadingly “please understand”.

Han opened his mouth to protest. Then closed it. He loved her and if he loved her he had to let her go, had to let her do this. The rebel fleet was preparing for the next attack on the Deathstar and soon she would be unable to break away even for a short while. He kissed her again, and held her tight. Nodding in a calm acceptance he did not feel.

A captain coughed unobtrusively, “Princess Leia, the ship is loaded you will be cleared for take off momentarily”. Leia nodded and leaned back to give Han a watery smile. “Gotta go”.

Han glared at the captain,” Ok sweetheart if this is what you want, you have 3 days then I am coming to Naboo to get you”.

Leia arched her eyebrow, “you think both ship and master will be ready”. Han wagged his finger, “By the stars Leia, three days and then me and Chewie are taking the falcon and coming to get you”.
Leia kissed him and without looking back strode to the ship.
“May the force be with you”
“and you”. she replied.

Han watched the light of the ships engines fade until he no longer distinguish it from the stars. Chewie mournfully wailed. “You said it Chewie her father should have disciplined her as a child… and I thought I was reckless” he shook his head in disbelief. They had fought for days about this, but she had been adamant, Han was not well enough to travel and Chewie was just too conspicuous, so now he had to let his love his only true love go to dangers unknown with only golden rod and R2D2 for company. He shook his head “Reckless” he muttered. Come on Chewie we’ve got to get the falcon ready for action, and I just had to notice some introverters and reverse couplings we can purloin. After all he thought, once a pirate always a pirate.


Princess Leia looked at her face critically in the mirror. The make up was exotic and strong. She was made up like a noble woman from Naboo aristocracy. She was hoping this would help her blend in, she certainly looked nothing like the holovids of princess Leia. She started to read again the intelligence reports she had taken this morning from the net. She had been planning this journey this search since she was a child, never believing that one day she would be able to cut all ties and follow her heart. In some ways Han was the reason, maybe it was wildness and uncontrollability that attracted her, it certainly seemed to rubbing off an her. She grinned as she remembered his face as she kissed him in front of the crew. Who would have thought a princess could shock a rascal. Her rascal, she smiled again running her hands down her breasts and waist in a pure womanly gesture. Then she caught an alien face looking back at her, she frowned and switched the mirror off.

C3PO came bustling into the room, “Oh my… gracious.. You look positively charming Princess Leia” C3PO bumbled as he looked at his mistress. “Thank you C3PO, how much time until we leave hyperspace?”
“R2D” is disengaging the hyper drive now, we will approach normal space lanes in 3 parsecs and merge with normal traffic to remain undetected”. Leia breathed out her stomach a knot of apprehension. She could take on the entire empire without breaking a sweat, but the search for her family, her real family left her in tatters.
“Very well, I will join you momentarily”, Leia spoke unconsciously mimicking her regal bearing.

Leia looked down at the files again, she would have to destroy them before she landed. Too dangerous to do otherwise. She sighed and picked up a picture of Bail Organa with the Naboo delegation, the photo was old, taken she was born, but she often looked at it, searching for the secrets she was sure were buried there. Was her mother one of these women, and was her father, her real father that strong regal man standing so proudly beside his Queen and Bail? She stared into space, her mind fragmenting as she remembered the day the first time her world was blown apart and not with a death star but with words.

Leia was crying big fat juicy tears rolling down her chubby cheeks, short hair clumping around her head. she was hiding in her papa’s office, waiting for him to get home, he would make it better. They wouldn’t find her here, they would not even think to look. It was so unfair, she didn’t know why, but she was always different from everybody else always treated just slightly differently. At school all her class mates envied her the Princess Royalty. But they had no idea how much she envied them. The second youngest of the Organa’s she never quite seemed to fit in with her family. Deanna and Breece were constantly teasing her and mocking her and it wasn’t because she was younger than them Lionne was younger by 1 year, and recently even she had joined her tormenters. Her mother never gave her the plentiful hugs and kisses that she gave the others, and if she tried to join in on a game of Beat the Wookie, her mother would proclaim a headache and wander off, leaving her to face the accusing stares of her sisters. Her father would mumble in an off hand way when she came with her tales of woe, would kiss her forehead and send her off and tell her not to be silly.
Today it had rained merciless all day and shut inside with no way to get rid of their energy, the sisters had turned on Leia with a vengeance. The teasing had not worn out as it was usually wont to do, but had steadily increased. They dropped iggy sticks on her hair, and hid her favourite toys, only returning the after they were mangled beyond recognition. Finally one of them had gone too far and had poured hibiscus honey on her hair. She had turned into a wild thing, striking out and punching, scratching and biting. Her sisters cowards that they were started screaming, before long the whole household was alerted. Her mother had come running, yanking Leia up by the arm she had smacked her hard on the cheek. Leia had stopped flailing and had stared at her red faced, chest heaving. Ignoring Leia’s sobbing and broken explanation, she had listened to Breese’s story. Her mouth set in a thin line she had marched Leia past the curious eyes of the household staff to her room. There holding her down she had given her a sound thrashing, ignoring the evidence of broken toys. Then she had called out for Sasha the nursery maid to cut her hair. Sobbing Leia was forced to watch as her long brown hair made sticky with goo was shorn from her head. Finished her mother forced her to the mirror, “this is what happens to naughty children who cant tell the truth” she had screamed. Spit flying from her mouth. Leia shocked and abused could only stare at the strange sight before her. She looked like a boy, she would be laughed at in school. “I hate you”, she screamed at her mother. Her mother had looked just looked at her, and for just a brief second Leia had a glimpse of her mother thoughts, as though someone had a pulled a veil away. She didn’t really believe Breese’s story, she just wanted to hurt and punish Leia, satisfaction, hate, fear and anger poured out of her mother all directed at her Leia glared, as her anger mounted uncontrollable. “ I HATE YOU”, she had screamed. The mirror smashed and Leia although she could not remember throwing the brush, she must have as the evidence was before her. Shocked silence descended, and Leia taking advantage whirled and ran out to hide.

Now many hours later, Leia still hid waiting desperately for her father to appear. When he finally did, he was not alone, her mother was with him. Leia debated the wisdom of letting them know her presence. She kept silent, she wanted to speak to her father alone. Her parents were exchanging angry words, her mother was not backing down.

“The child must go, you would endanger all our children for that evil spawn?”
“You are exaggerating”
“She could have killed Breese today, and what of me, would she kill me? The whole household heard her hatred of me”
“And you have done little to earn her love, have you my dear? The children follow your example, she is just child, all she wants is your love?”
“How can I love that thing?”
“When I brought her home, and placed in your arms you swore to love and protect her”
“You lied to me, I thought her an orphan, a harmless orphan from the war, but you brought home a spawn of evil, she looks so much like her mother, is that why you cannot see how evil she is. Are you as infatuated with the child as you were with the mother.
Bail sucked in his breath and clenched his fists “do not dishonour her name”.
“If the empire know what grew in our midst, they would kill us all.”
“It is done, there is no undoing the past, we cannot abandon her now, to do so would create too much interest”
“Then send her away I cannot stand to look at the face of that bitch”.

Leia shaking her head in mounting horror and disbelief had started to crawl away, banging against the chair. She was only vaguely aware as her parents NO these strangers stopped shouting. Bail’s face appeared around the side of the desk. His eyes wide with horror. “Leia….” he stopped no words could really heal this. Whirling around he grabbed his wife harshly by the arm and dragged to the door. “leave now women you have done enough damage”. Slowly he made his way back to Leia, his mind awash with regret and heartache for this little girl. Leia sat her face white, lips pale in shock, as the world she knew was obliterated. The next day Leia left for boarding school.

Princess Leia shook he head, no good dwelling in the past, and she had long since outgrown her child’s hurts. Strapping herself in, she started docking sequence to land.


Darth Vader stared out into space, mediating on the force. Looking for a way to find his son. The bond had been formed since the fight at cloud city. Like a silver thread it stretched to his son. But no matter how hard he tried to follow it, it remained elusive. Occasionally he would reach for him calling out to his son, and he would receive a thrumming emotion in return and while not exactly a vocal answer to his sons thought, he welcomed the contact. He regretted his harshness in duelling with his son, but such was the way of Sith no matter how he might try and temper his actions, in the heat of battle and in his eagerness for his son to join him, he had been too impatient. But still all was not lost, his son had longed as much for a father, as he had longed for a child, a child of Padme’s.

Lately although his quest for his son had become an obsession, he felt he was missing a vital piece, the force was trying to tell him something but it always remained intangible and vague.

Making his way to the computer console, he opened the latest intelligence reports, previously he had analysed reports on rebels movements. Now however he concentrated huge amounts of resources to finding out all he could about his son, which was surprisingly little, and his friends which seemed easier to get hold of. Considering he was such a hero of the rebellion, almost like himself the - hero with no fear - when he was that age, you would have thought there would have been more to report, but…he caught himself just in time recently he had noticed that his thoughts often dwelled in the past. He could feel his surety in the dark side get tainted by the light.

Ignoring the voices of the past he pulled up the reports discounting the ridiculous ones. Recently there had been a rumour that The Princess Leis had left the rebellion in a fit of pique over pay and had become a dancer on Tattooine. He often though the spies they employed made up outrageous stories when they had nothing else to report. Using the force he let himself slide into a half meditation level as he scanned through them. Mostly they were garbage, useless idle chatter and gossip of no use to him. But one sang to him with the force saying LOOK LOOK LOOK, he paused and read it more thoroughly it had been rated a 3% accuracy rate so would not even usually be picked up by the intelligence analysis team. But one name stood out. NABOO - her planet, her home world. He read the report that a bitter rebel office had complained about the princess going for a holiday jaunt to Naboo while there the rest of the rebellion was on high alert. Despite his machines keeping him alive his breath caught and his heart seem to stutter. Why was the princess going, had Luke discovered his mothers identity and sent Leia to look for him, or perhaps she was meeting him there. They seemed close perhaps the infatuation with Captain Solo had worn off and she was now with Luke, perhaps his son was more like him than he believed. The thought warmed him and gave him brief amusement though it seemed wrong somehow. However a more deadly thought occurred to him, perhaps the princess was suspicious of Luke parentage and was investigating. If that was the case the Princess had just signed her death warrant, strange he mused as to how that thought pained him.

Pressing the Holocomm he signalled for Admiral Piett

“Yes Lord Vader”
“ Admiral . Move the Executor away from the fleet, and prepare to jump”.
“Yes Lord Vader at once and the co-ordinates?”
Admiral Piett didn’t even blink “ Yes Lord Vader”, he bowed and his image faded.
Darth Vader gazed at the screen, before absently typing a recommendation for the intelligence office to be removed and sent to Patrol detail on the outer rim.

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