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Of Life and things.

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Summary: What if Xander had a greater desitiny. What would that do to the Buffy world as we know it?

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Smallville > Xander-CenteredscwarriorFR181557074,60810 Dec 0610 Dec 06Yes
I own neither DC comics nor anything owned by them I also don’t own Buffy..

Universe One


The small space pod was launched, a small child rested inside it. A child with a destiny like none other, a special child, a child of power. He was born and would later in life do amazing things, a born leader, a hero, one who would lead the greatest team of Hero’s against impossible odds, time and time again. A team that would become legend, Everyone would know who they were. To be raised on a farm, to be loved, by his adoptive mother and father.

To grow up as Clark Kent, son of Martha and Jonathan Kent. This Universe would remain unchanged, he would grow up loved, with friends, a loving family, become the Hero he was meant to be.

Alternate Universe

Right before the destruction of Krypton, a small space pod was launched. Inside of the pod rested a small child. A child with a destiny like none other, a special child, a child of power. He was born and would later in life do amazing things, a born leader, and yet a follower he would be come. A hero, one that rested in the shadows, one who would help support the greatest team of hero’s the planet earth had ever seen against impossible odds, time and time again.

He would be abused, raised on the mouth of hell, and be despised by his adopted parents. He would be put down, time and time again. He would have friends, Willow and Jesse, both would be more like a brother and sister to him, than a friend.. Things were due to change, as all things of this nature do.

Sixteen years later...

Xander laid on his bed, letting the country music sooth his soul. ‘I wasn’t fast enough. I was too weak. I felt pain. They took him…. Jessie, I’m sorry’


"So vampire’s are real, huh?" said Xander as he appeared in front of the running, new transfer student, Buffy Summers. "How is the hunting of those going for you?"

Buffy looked at Xander in surprise. She opened her mouth to call him insane, to deny his statement, before closing it, after realizing that they were doing nothing but wasting time. Seeing that she needed his help to locate the red headed girl, she said to Xander " Xander, we don’t have time for this! Willow’s in danger… I need to know where she would go with a guy! "

Xander was stumped and thought to himself ‘Willow with a guy, that doesn’t happen. That never happens, it’s Willow. Danger, Willow is going to be hurt, in the fatal way.’ Xander felt rage build in him, rage unlike any he had ever felt. No one hurt his Willow… she’s his Willow-girl, his best friend, his sister.

Xander was going to hunt down this bastard that was trying to hurt her, and show the vampires that it was not a good thing to have Alexander Harris pissed off at them.

To Buffy’s eyes, Xander seemed to vanish. Xander ran as fast as he could through the small town, trying to locate his red-headed best friend, using all of the alien enhanced speed that he could.

AN: I’m sure this has probably be done before, probably to death. Thanks.

The End

You have reached the end of "Of Life and things.". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking