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Wishing for Dummies

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This story is No. 2 in the series "SOMEWHERE OVER A RAINCLOUD". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow tries to figure a few things out .... and Tom tells a story (second in the Somewhere Over A Raincloud series)

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Star Trek > VoyagerLyndymuiFR1311,513072,38211 Dec 0611 Dec 06Yes
Disclaimer: No-one is mine, I didn’t make them up and the characters and the universes they normally live in belong entirely to their creators and respective television companies (I assume).

All I will admit to doing is taking these characters and their universes and mixing things up a bit. Hope you enjoy.

As this is an AU story, some of your favourite characters or events will probably not appear or be mentioned.

Warnings: No character death will be mentioned in detail or described. However, due to events and the time line of this story, this is implied.


Captains Log – Supplemental

Our young guest has been given a clean bill of health by the Doctor, who assures me that, given the various bacteria and anti-bodies found in her system, she did actually originate from 20th century Earth.

As a result I still have the ship on red alert as, worryingly, the computer did not pick up and alert on her arrival. We will remain on alert until satisfied that nothing else has breached our systems.

Tuvok and Chakotay assure me that Mr. Paris cannot be held accountable for Miss Rosenberg’s arrival on holodeck 4 during the Sunnydale simulation, which has been disabled for the time being.

She is currently residing in Sick Bay until we decide what to do with her, and whilst I agree that she herself is not a threat to the ship, I would be foolish to discount the fact that she has traveled almost 400 years into the future, not to mention another part of the galaxy, with no apparent knowledge of how this was done. The implications for the safety of my ship and crew are too severe to ignore.

On a lighter note, Miss Rosenberg managed to elicit a somewhat emotional response from Tuvok when she asked him if he was an elf. Having started to re-read Lord of the Rings I can see that she may have a point … or should that be two points …..


Willow didn’t know if she should be afraid or excited. She was certainly bemused and bewildered, so that would have to do for now.

One simple little drunken spell (complete with bad rhymes) and she had managed to transport herself nearly 400 years into the future and to “Voyager” in the Delta Quadrant (wherever the hell that was and what was a "Voyager" anyway??).

She mentally kicked herself. Why did she have to say "Through space and time ..." with hindsight the line "between the state boundaries of California, but maybe as far as Ohio" might have done just as well and not had such dramatic consequences.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the spell she had cast was to find her true soul mate - if that turned out to be the cute blonde with the blue eyes, well that wasn’t too bad – but to admit what she had done to a group of strangers (obviously people would want answers)?? Well, that would be humiliating and embarrassing and probably make her look desperate (Okay, so she was, but they didn’t have to know that.)

Even though the doctor had assured her that she was fine and in fact had removed some flu antibodies and other 20th century bug like things from her system, shiny new, and squeaky clean Willow wondered why she felt a bit sick as she waited for Captain Janeway and Tom to arrive ……. Oh yeah, that was why she felt sick – she was about to meet her “true soul mate” and find out why she had woken up in bed with him. “Please,” she prayed, “don’t let him be some sort of 24th century creepy …..” Her thoughts were interrupted as the door whooshed open and a formidable looking woman entered, followed by a serious looking Tom Paris.

It was Janeway who spoke first. “Miss Rosenberg, this will be very difficult for you to hear and perhaps understand, though I have no doubt that you are an intelligent and resourceful young woman. I understand the doctor has already told you where, and more importantly 'when', you are?”

At Willow’s nod she continued, “There are a lot more things that you will need to know, but first we have to explain why you found yourself in what initially appeared to be your home, and then perhaps you can make a suggestion as to how you think you traveled here. Mr. Paris, if you please …,” Janeway indicated for Paris to takeover.

He cleared his throat and began speaking. Willow immediately found herself lost in his blue eyes, again wondering if she might still be dreaming after all, before paying attention to what he was saying …..

“…. So, after the war in 2053, humanity was decimated and scattered in all directions, small pockets existing where possible, just trying to survive. Eventually contact was made with an alien race called the Vulcans, you’ve already met Mr. Tuvok, and we re-organized, re-built our lives and re-evaluated our past.”

He stopped to think and sipped his coffee. His gaze hadn’t left Willow’s face as she seemed to be enraptured by his story so far. He breathed a quick sigh of relief that things seemed to be going well so far. A quick glance at Janeway showed her nodding her head in approval.

“The books and information that survived were collected and new libraries were created. Umm, certain books were found and thought at first to be fiction. Later, as more and more versions appeared, it was realized that the events described were real and 'The Watchers Diaries' became a publishing sensation. The earliest book was written by an Italian watcher in 1348 at the time of the black death…...”

Janeway raised a hand, “Mr. Paris, stick to the point. A history lesson can follow later if Miss Rosenberg is interested!”

Paris blushed and smiled his apology to Willow, who was too busy trying to process everything to react to the devastating smile. Her mind worked overtime circulating a load of thoughts around in her head. The main one she kept coming back to was “Wow!” but that was soon replaced with “I’m in a book!” before she hauled herself back to reality and continued listening …..

“….. Rupert Giles’ books were the most popular. People could identify with you and Buffy and Xander, plus it had all taken place within 70 or 80 years of them reading the books, that helped make it more real and believable. Your house in Sunnydale was rebuilt as a museum. I visited it sometime in the 40’s or 50’s and used what I remembered to create the holodeck program, though most of it came from photographs in the journal.”

Willow interrupted, “You created all that from a book?”

Tom shrugged modestly and collected his thoughts as he drank more coffee. On the one hand he was grateful she was taking this so calmly (the doctor had mildly sedated her), but on the other hand, lost as they were in the Delta Quadrant, she was lost in time as well, and when all that sank in, who knows how she would react.

“I thought I had done a pretty good job, but you saw through the illusion quickly. From what you were talking about in there, a few assumptions were made and stereotypes were created. Most people who use the program aren’t interested in the characterizations.”

Willow interrupted “What is the 'program' used for?”

Janeway answered this one to save Tom any embarrassment. “The Sunnydale program is very popular with the crew. It is programmed with some of the incidents and battles described in the Watcher Diaries and the crew like to pit their wits to see how they would cope in similar circumstances, or they just use it as a general work-out program for keeping fit, testing fighting skills and hand to hand combat.”

Willow looked at Tom curiously. He was a rather startling pink color, and she couldn’t help but wonder what battle was being re-created in her bedroom. She knew that she should somehow be disgusted or offended by this, but he was just so damn cute with his little pink ears...and they were turning redder by the minute.

“What happened to the vampires and demons once people knew about them?” Willow was concerned what the answer to this question might be as Tom paled and, looking at Janeway, she saw that she had lost the look of quiet amusement.

Tom thought carefully before replying to this. If he believed what was written in the “Diaries”, Willow was friendly with a couple of vampires who she might reasonably expect to be still alive in the 24th century.

He reached for her hands and the quick thrill that traveled up her spine died suddenly as she listened to what he was saying.

“After the war, apparently any vampires who survived the initial blasts died out pretty quickly. Nobody has ever done any research into why, but it is possible that they couldn’t cope with radiation poisoning the same as normal live humans. Or maybe they just couldn’t find any untainted blood sources to feed on, either human or animal. No one on earth has ever seen a vampire and they are believed to be extinct….."

His voice trailed off as Willow collapsed unconsciousness again.

The End

You have reached the end of "Wishing for Dummies". This story is complete.

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