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The Onigiri Slayer

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Watashi no tomodachi wa Tohru-kun desu.". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: When Dawn is sent to Japan to be the Watcher of a very special girl, she doesn't realise this girl is perhaps the strangest Slayer she'll ever meet.

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Title: The Onigiri Slayer

Summary: When Dawn is sent to Japan to be the Watcher of a very special girl, she doesn't realise this girl is perhaps the strangest Slayer she'll ever meet.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the idea and Mizuno Kyoko.

Author's Notes: Just a little idea that popped into my head one day. I am taking all my Furuba info from the anime only.
**Fixed by khimeraus.

Dawn was doing her homework at her favourite little cafe in Rome, enjoying a cappuccino and the warm afternoon sunshine. She liked Italy, it was so nice and hot here. Much better than Cleveland, where she'd spent two shivering months with Buffy, before the pair decided to go somewhere warmer.

Then, after two days of sisterly bonding, Buffy met the Immortal. It hadn't lasted long, but while it did, Buffy had no time for her younger, normal (she wished!) sister. That betrayal still stung, three months later, and while she and Buffy didn't fight, per se, they rarely had anything to do with one another, either. The last words Buffy had spoken to her were two days ago, and they were "we need bread."

Shoving the hurt down with the last of her milky coffee, Dawn tried to figure out where X came into her maths equation.

Her mind had just about gripped the answer, when her phone rang, shattering her concentration.

"Bloody hell-Ciao, Dawn Summers."

"Dawn, you need to get back here right away, ok? See you soon." Buffy hung up.

"Wait-" Snapping her phone shut, Dawn gathered her things. "[1]Stupida Buffy! sempre a comandarmi in giro!**" she grumbled, throwing a few lire on the table to cover her cappuccino and stalking home.

It was a quick five-minute walk to the apartment she and Buffy shared. She quickly unlocked the door, dumping her keys and wallet in the crystal bowl by the door.

"I'm home!" she called.

"In here." Buffy's voice floated to her from the lounge.

Moving from the hall to the lounge room was pretty easy, the whole house was open plan, except for the bedrooms and bathrooms (they had two, both Dawn and Buffy had learned their lesson when it came to not enough bathrooms), it was as simple as crossing the archway to the cosy cream and peppermint themed lounge.

"You rang?" she said sarcastically.

Buffy was sitting on one of the pale green couches, opposite her a woman in a kimono, sipping tea.

Dawn groaned. Oh, she knew what this meant. "Who's in Japan?" she asked wearily.

"You should well ask," the woman approved. "Greetings, Dawn Summers. My name is Mizuno Kyoko; I am a former Watcher from Tokyo. It has recently come to your Witch, Willow Rosenberg's attention that there is a Slayer there. I would take her on myself, but for the fact I retired when Quentin Travers took over. I have no wish to return, having a family of my own now. But someone needs to look after her."

"Why me?" Dawn whinged.

"Because you speak fluent Japanese, and are still young enough to pass as a school student. The girl in question is a senior at her high school, so it is essential that you be able to blend in." Kyoko smiled thinly. "And before you ask, the position of Librarian is filled. This girl...she can act in a rather odd manner, so it will be your job to get close to her, and find out why it is she acts the way she does." Kyoko passed over a thick sheaf of files.

"Oh, all right." As reluctant as she sounded, she was rather excited. Not only was this a chance to explore a new country and culture, but this would be her first solo job (her first job at all, sure, she was Watching Buffy, but Buffy was her sister, and quite capable of taking care of herself, really.) "What's the Slayer's name?"

"Tohru Honda."

End Prologue

[1]Stupida Buffy! sempre a comandarmi in giro: Stupid Buffy, always ordering me around.
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