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Immortal Kiss

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Summary: Big Problems come in little packages

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Anita Blake > GeneralyakuitFR151592032,43011 Dec 0611 Dec 06No
Immortal Bite

Disclaimer: I own nothing.
The Anita Blake verse belongs to Laurell K Hamilton. Buffy belongs to whats his name but not me - Basically I own nothing.

Synopsis: Edward lands a small problem in Anita’s Lap.

There was no signs of pursuit just a dark empty highway behind him, he needed to stop soon, ditch the car and take care of his wounds, a safe place to keep his head down, he was out of his depth - he needed back up. He glanced in his rear view mirror at the small bundle lying enclosed in blankets. It was whimpering and shivering now, thank god the screaming had stopped. He really had no choice now there was only one person that could help him out and probably would, flipping open his mobile phone he rapidly dialled a number.

Circus Of The Damned
Anita had a headache, she had a really shitty day, she had been called out by Dolph to a murder scene with a body covered with bite marks and massive blood loss, he had been convinced it was a vampire murder despite the fact that the murder was only a few hours old and it was mid afternoon. They had a screaming row in the car park with Dolph really laying into her before Zewbrowski interrupted them with the news that the victims all too human boyfriend had given him self up. Turned out the victim had been into bloodsports and they had got carried away in the heat of the moment. Dolph had not even had the grace to apologise he had just glared at her before striding off. Her night wasn’t looking much better, Bert had scheduled in an emergency zombie rising in two hours despite it being her night off and now Jean Claude was informing her that the council was on the move and word was they planned to pay St Louis a visit. Wonderful…Just Wonderful!

“Ma Petite?… Anita”, Jean Claude’s voice interrupted her internal rant, “Your purse is vibrating”.

Anita whirled around completely nonplussed to find everybody’s gaze firmly fixed on her small black purse, which was currently vibrating its way along the table. Jason gave her a sly look, “Kinky! Though I am shocked that you would resort to sexual aids”. Anita glanced around and realised everybody else had jumped to the same solution as Jason, even Jean Claude looked slightly surprised. She snorted and swiping up the bag she extricated her new mobile phone which she had left on vibro mode. Men!

“I’m calling in favour, where are you”.
“Edward? …How did you get this number its new?” Asked Anita suspiciously, there was a small silence and Anita could almost see Edwards slow smile.
“Where are you Anita?”
“I’m surprised you don’t know”, replied Anita dryly, “What’s up Edward?”
“I need your help Anita with a small problem, I’ll fill you in when I get there, now where are you?”
“Circus of the Damned”. There was another silence, and Anita could hear his breathing now, slightly laboured.
“Edward are you hurt?”
“I’ll be there in thirty minutes using the south entrance, have somebody meet me there, and I need Jean Claude also”.
He rung off and Anita was left holding a dead phone. “Well that was strange”.

“Ma Petite, I take it our Mr Edward is paying us a visit”. Anita nodded and then gave them all a run down on Edward’s conversation. Jean Claude and Asher coversed rapidly in French, Asher nodded his face grim as he left to carry out Jean Claude’s orders.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Immortal Kiss" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Dec 06.

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