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Eight Months ago

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Summary: Ever wonder why Jessica is so much stronger than Niki?

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Chapter One

Title: Eight Months ago
Characters/Pairings: Jessica, Niki
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mentions of violence but really mild considering it’s Jessica
Disclaimer: I do not own Heroes or BtVS
Spoiler alert: Vague Spoilers to Episode 1x 11
Summary: Ever wonder why Jessica is stronger than Niki? Xover BtVS and Heroes

Eight months ago, a white witch cast a spell that gave all potential slayers the power to fulfil their destiny; she sent a plea across the globe asking whether they were willing to be strong. In Las Vegas Niki Sanders busy with her son’s birthday party felt an itch creep across her skin and dismissed it, turning down the offer without even thinking about it. Deep within her psyche, Jessica Saunders stirred from the depths she had been cast so many years ago when she was no longer needed, and screamed “Yes”

Seven months ago, Nikki saw her husband put his hand through a wall and refused to admit what she had seen. But Jessica saw, and knew from the dreams that nothing that could do that could be human and if it wasn’t human it was evil. DL was endangering them and Micah, they needed money and they needed protection, even if Niki didn’t see it. That was what Jessica was for, dealing with the truth. She understood how the world worked, there was good and there was evil and she was chosen to do what she always had and protect the innocent from evil.

Six months ago, their father returned and Jessica broke free from Niki’s mind, seizing control when Niki was forced to face some of the reality that she was always protected from. Jessica did what she had to do and protected Niki as she always had, but this time she was strong, strong enough to hold their father against the wall and make sure he would never hurt them again. Her blood pumped through her veins pleading for revenge, but no, Slayers shouldn’t kill.

Five months ago, Jessica framed Niki’s husband and stole the money. She used her power to rip open the safe and the men she used still saw her as weak and powerless and tried to take what was hers. They were stupid like the watchers and didn’t realise her power could never be controlled. She didn’t mean to do it, but they threatened her and she did what she needed to, to protect those more innocent, just like she always did. They would have told, and it was necessary to keep her secret

Four months ago, Micah met Jessica, She didn’t mean for it to happen. But Niki just had to take Micah to the movies and had to respond to the screaming woman because Niki never understood that she had to take care of herself first. Niki had told Micah to stay where he was and had rushed over to the man and been pushed away like the weak girl that she was. What choice did Jessica have? She took control and did what was needed, barely pulling her punches. The man ran, the woman looked at her like she was a freak and a little voice had queried “Mom?”
The logical answer was to lie, but the truth had slipped out whilst she was looking at the innocent face that she had done so much to protect “Your mom’s not here right now, I’m your aunt Jessica” Niki’s son had taken her hand and led her to the car, he had waited until Niki came back and hadn’t mentioned the truth when Niki had looked around confused.

Three months ago, Jessica learned how to shoot, down at the local firing range, it was Vegas everything was open at any time – provided you had the money. Niki didn’t but Jessica did. The guns fitted into her hands like they belonged there. She never would have thought that it was so easy, to pull the trigger and hit dead on the centre, it felt wrong somehow like the weapons were too easy, like she needed something that offered a challenge. But the guns would do.

Two months ago, a client sought her out and tried to take advantage, the poor deluded man thought that a single mother would be easy pickings. Niki was safely in bed when Jessica heard the squeak of the door. She left him alive, just unable to reproduce and Micah never heard a thing.

One month ago, Jessica did what she always did when Niki was in trouble and took control. But this time she had the strength and didn’t have to take the beating and sought revenge. They were evil, they had hurt so many innocents and they deserved to die. It was so easy this time, a matter of grabbing the glass next to the bed and slashing a throat, kicking the other, it felt good and she was powerful, she felt all the girls that had come before her flowing through her helping her fight. But Niki just wouldn’t stay buried this time, and took control too early and had to face the mess for once. But deep down Jessica smiled, it was about time Niki faced reality.

Now, Niki looks with horror at the blood seeping through her husband’s shirt and looks at her son sitting on the ground in pain. And realises that Jessica is so much stronger than her. In the mirror Jessica smirks “I was just fulfilling our destiny”
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