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Lightening Crashes

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Summary: The Winchester brothers have a unique encounter in a public rest room. Crack!fic. Supernatural/Torchwood.

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Supernatural > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Dr. Who/Torchwood
Dr. Who/Torchwood > Non-BtVS/Ats Stories > Crossover: Supernatural
echoFR151789142,67712 Dec 0612 Dec 06Yes
Crack!fic. Supernatural/Torchwood.

disclaimer: Not mine. Eric Kripke and Russell T Davies. I'm just borrowing to suit my own sinister and perverted purposes.
shout: In all ways for Jinni. Every fangirl should have a fellow fangirl like her to exchange cracked-out ideas with.


Dean Winchester had never been so glad to find a rest room in his entire life.

For a couple of moments there, he'd honestly thought he'd wet himself before they found one. Sam wasn't in much better shape. They shouldn't have gotten the Super Big Gulps at that 7-11. It had been a hot day in this part of Texas though, even in the morning hours, and they'd been very thirsty. So thirsty that they'd gulped, no pun intended, those sodas down. Now here they both were, in the rest room of a Denny's which incidentally happened to be next to a La Quinta Inn.

Why is it that seemed to be the pattern? Denny's next to a La Quinta? Not that they ever stayed in a La Quinta. They stayed in places called the Caravan Motor Inn or the Trade Winds Motel.

But anyhow, here they were in the Denny's bathroom racing to get their pants undone before they peed themselves. Sam was laughing a bit and dancing from foot to foot. Dean rolled his eyes. His brother was doing a damned pee-pee dance. He was glad they had the appropriate urinal between them. It was unspoken male code. You didn't pee next to another dude unless everything else was full. It was man law.

Dean sighed in relief when he was finally able to relieve himself. Never again. No more Super Big Gulps.

He was nowhere near being finished when the door banged open and a guy rushed to the urinal between Dean and Sam. He danced as well. Dean didn't exactly look-look, guy code and all, but you couldn't help notice really. It was sort of flamboyant pee-pee dancing.

What had Dean forgoing all guy code anywhere and looking his fill at the guy next to him was when the urinal this guy was using exploded because apparently the dude had peed lightening.

"DUDE!" Dean shouted as he sprayed the wall while getting Little Dean as far away from the lightening pee as possible.

"What the-" Sam shouted, doing the same maneuver as his brother but in the opposite direction.

"Son of a bitch!" Dean hollered, doing a bit of a shake before putting himself back in his pants. "What in the hell did you drink, man?"

The guy smirked in a saucy manner. "Watch out for that Texas tap water. It'll do a number on you."

Dean watched in slight horror as the guy snapped himself back up and went to wash his hands. Sam was apparently so shocked that he still had his penis in his hand. The brothers both jumped when another guy stuck his head in the door.

"Everything come out all right, Jack?"

"Owen?" Jack replied.

Owen looked at the busted urinal that was now spewing a bit of water. Owen pointed. "You didn't."

"I mostly certainly did."


"Urinated lightening again. Yeah. I think we might have to do something about that. I keep frightening the locals."

"Right then. Best we clear out?"

"We're not that local." Dean added, being a bit confounded that this Owen dude sounded pretty British. What in the hell was a Brit doing in ass-nowhere Texas with a guy in what looked like an old school military issue trench?

Jack gave him a wide grin and a nod before heading out of the door.

"Well, that was weird." Dean said as he moved to the sink to wash his own hands. He turned and looked at Sam because his brother had yet to move. "Sammy?"


"You do realize you're standing there with Little Sam still saying a big hello to the world, right?"

"What?" Sam looked down. "Damn." He situated himself and moved to wash his own hands.

"Dude, I think pissing lightening would be a cool gig."

Sam looked at him like he had lost his mind.

"What?" Dean asked.

"Dude, there is something very fucked up about you."

"I'm not saying I want to do it... necessarily. Just that it's kinda cool. In a scary way. That would definitely be a way to take your enemies by surprise." He jumped out a bit and mimicked a peeing stance. "You think I'm gonna pee on you? Aha! You get electrocuted, bitch!"

Sam was still looking at him as if he'd lost his mind.

"I'm just sayin', dude."

"And I'm saying you're fucked up."

"Shut up, bitch."



AN: This entire thing was prompted by my saying in the Cyberwoman episode that if Jack got the voltage one more time, he'd be able to pee lightening.

The End

You have reached the end of "Lightening Crashes". This story is complete.

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