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Immortality's Gift (The Alternate Version)

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Summary: Parts 1-18 of ImmGift have remained the same, but it's NOT the same story after that! For one, Faith lives. Look within to see what else is different. Summary of first eighteen parts on 1st page.

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Highlander > Multiple PairingsTwilightUnicornFR181045,41914313,72413 Dec 0611 Jul 10No

Parts 1-18: In Summary

Title: Immortality's Gift (The Alternate Version)
Author: Twilight Unicorn: The Vampiric Unicorn
Beta Reader: Harry2
Rating: PG13 (nothing worse than the shows, if that even)
Category: BtVS/AtS/HL Xover
Summary: Parts 1-18 of ImmGift have remained the same, but it's NOT the same story after that! For one, Faith lives. Starts with a summary of the first eighteen parts.
Pairings: Buffy/Angel, Willow/Tara, and various others as/if they come along.
Disclaimer: (sighs dejectedly) I wish I were the creators of Buffy, Angel, or Highlander, but I’m not. None of the characters used are my own on this one.
Feedback: Any and all reviews are welcome.
Spoilers: Buffy and Angel series (up to BtVS s5 & AtS s2, and a character or two of AtS s5), as well as general knowledge of Highlander and the Four Horsemen story arc.
Timeline: The end of Buffy’s 5th season, and Angel’s 2nd season. Nothing else matters.
Notations: emphasis/other side of a phone call, inner-thought, "mind-speech", and /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ means a scene/viewpoint change

Now, on with the show!

Previously on Immortality’s Gift:


Angel stood staring at Willow, his gut twisting with a certainty of something terribly wrong. As Cordelia began to ask "What's...", Willow slowly stood up, keeping eye-contact with Angel the entire time. Her expression was pain-filled and haunted. It was then he understood.

In a whisper, Angel said, "It's Buffy."

After a moment, Willow nodded, and said, her voice trembling, "She needs you."

In a dull and lifeless voice, Angel said, "Somehow I knew. I felt her death in my sleep."

His attention completely focused upon Buffy, Angel -- in a last desperate attempt -- said raggedly, "I love you, Buffy. I can't loose you again.... Come back to me!"

Buffy's eyes snapped open, as she drew in breath sharply. With unerring certainty, she focused her eyes onto Angel's. For a moment, neither moved.

With a suddenness that not even Angel expected, Buffy flung herself into the souled vampire's arms with a cry of agonized relief

"Do you have an idea why Buffy's still alive, Giles," asked Angel, never taking his eyes off of the Slayer.

Giles leaned forward, studying the supernatural couple before him, before saying firmly, yet quietly, "Yes. I do. I believe she is Immortal."

"Yes, hello? Is this, ah, Mr. Dawson?"

The voice was male, and had a British sound to it, which made Joe's eyebrows go up. At Methos' questioning look, he shrugged, then said, "Yeah, this is Dawson. What can I do for you?"

"My name is Rupert Giles, and I have a situation here that -- I am told -- you can help me with. I am in Sunnydale, California, and am in need of finding an Immortal willing to come here."

"So, how do you know all this...stuff anyway?" asked Joe, as he and Methos drove towards Sunnydale.

"Because," he said, he voice so quiet, that the Immortal Watcher could barely hear him, "in my life...I have been on both sides of the battle between the Light and Dark."

"When I was a Horseman known as Death, Joe, I was a Warrior for the First Evil. After I left the Horsemen, I wondered around for quite some time, wondering what I was supposed to do with myself...other than just exist. A Messenger for the Powers That Be  came to me. From that point on, I was Their Warrior."

Giles sat alone in the magic shop, checking some last-minute orders, when the doorbell rang. He glanced up, thinking it was one of the Scooby Gang coming in to pick up something they might have forgotten, and saw two strangers instead.

The Watcher stood swiftly, and asked, "May I help you?"

The elderly of the two, stepped forward, leaning on a cane, and said in a low and slightly rough voice, "Yeah, are you Rupert Giles?"

Giles pushed up his glasses, and said, "Yes. I am."

A pleased grin split the man's face, as he said, "Pleasure meeting you, then. I'm Joe Dawson."

Joe gestured to the other man, who was looking around the shop with interest, and said, "This is Adam Pierson. He's the Immortal that volunteered to come here."

Angel felt as Buffy pressed herself tightly against him, as she then said, her voice becoming pain-filled, "Don't leave me again, Angel. I need you!"

He felt his heart breaking at her plea. Slowly he pressed his own hand over Buffy's, as he said quietly in promise, "I won’t." He then opened his eyes, and turned Buffy's head so that they were face-to-face. "But we will need to do something about my curse, if you are to be with me."

Buffy smiled faintly, and nodded her understanding, before saying, "Willow's gotten pretty powerful, especially with Tara to help her. Maybe they can find a way to fix it."

Tara: I looked more closely at Dawn’s aura, and realized that it was a close second to the other three's. It made me remember what Buffy had said about her and Dawn's blood being the same....

Would that make Dawn pre-Immortal then?

"Slayer," he said, drawing Buffy's attention, "what is your relationship to the girl you hold close to you?"

"She's my sister," came the simple reply.

Methos' eyebrows shot up, as he exclaimed, unable to hide the shock in his voice, "Slayers have never had siblings! How is this possible?!"

"Simple," came the reply from the hallway, as a badly dressed man in a fedora hat came into view. "She didn't. Not until half-way through last year. And the way the Powers That Be worked it...she's not even that, but her daughter instead. Yours and Angel's actually. The Powers That Be decided to give you guys a break, and give you a reward for all the stuff you've done. They found a way to do that when those monks made the Key mortal. They took the essences of both of ya, and combined it into one entity: Dawn there."

"Apparently," Whistler continued, "the Powers That Be want you two back together. They don't like what's been happening with you two separate. The whole thing with the Slayer dieing could've been avoided had ya been here. And you, Angel, wouldn't of had your little trip to the dark side recently if the Slayer had been there to give you support, and keep you in line."

"But Angel's soul...."

"Yeah," Whistler said, "I know. That's why They didn't bring you two back together sooner. Ya didn't have the firepower needed to bind his soul then...but you do now."

"Will and Tara," the Slayer whispered, turning her face to the two witches.

"You got that right," Whistler said, looking at them as well.

"W-we b-b-bound h-his s-soul," Tara said, not wanting to give the real answer the Watcher asked for, making her stutter in the process.

Giles gazed at Tara, then said quietly, but firmly, "I can tell that you don't wish to tell us what happened. I can understand that...but we need to know what happened -- in detail -- concerning Angel."

"When we got to where Angel was in the ether, we saw the Demon and Angel fighting--"

"Huh?" said Cordelia, interrupting Tara. "What do you mean by 'Demon and Angel'? There's just the demon, then the soul."

Tara shook her head, then said in explanation, "No, not with him...he's far more than he seems. Do you ever wonder why as just a vampire his reign was so terrifying? The demon that resides within him is one of the Old Ones-- The thing is, is that his soul is the complete opposite of the is an Angel. Actually...make that Archangel, because of how powerful he is."

"Some of the normal rules about vampires no longer apply to Angel. Such as the not entering a home without an invite. Since he's clearly chosen which side he'll fight on, They can take that rule away from him. He still can't go out in the sun, but that couldn't be avoided. Basically, he's still a vampire, but not."

Willow asked after a faint pause, "What did you three talk about? You were in there for about an hour."

Dawn slowly smiled, and said, "Oh, the fact that Angel and Buffy have been married since she was seventeen, and what we're going to do about me."

"What is it, Angel?"

He slowly raised his head. Once gazing at everyone, he said -- his voice a low growl as his eyes flashed yellow as he spoke --, "Faith's been killed."

In a flash, she was on her feet and kicked Spike hard. He was thrown several feet back, and fell to the ground. In seconds, Dawn was upon him, hitting him as she screamed.

Abruptly Angel pulled Dawn away from Spike. In the stunned silence that fell, Spike staggered to his feet with Buffy's help. As he wiped the blood from his split lip, he rasped out, "Bloody 'Ell! She's a Slayer!"

Methos ignored the vampire's protest as the Slayer said, "Apparently -- through me or Faith dying -- Dawn's become the next Slayer."

She looked over to Giles, and said with desperation in her eyes, "Giles, I don't want the Watchers to get a hold of Dawn. I won't allow it!"

The Immortal watched as Giles carefully placed the books he had been carrying onto the table where Methos sat, and said grimly, "Agreed."

Several minutes later, Giles put down the phone. It was a moment before he looked up, face grim, and said, "That was the Watchers Council. They just arrived in LA.... They're on their way here."

"Giles, what are we going to do? You know they're coming after Dawn, they have to be."

The Watcher was silent for a long moment, before saying quietly with authority, "I do have a plan. This is what I will need for you to do..."

And now, we continue with the story...
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