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Twenty Permutations of Faith

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Summary: Faith has never been a hero, but she knows what's important. Protect what's precious and the rest be damned. Nathaniel/Faith.

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Anita Blake > Faith-Centered > Pairing: NathanielSpecksFR1351,8792268,01414 Dec 0627 Oct 07No

Not Quite Wonderland

Title: Twenty Permutations of Faith
Rating: PG 15 (for now)
Author: Specks
Disclamer: Mutant Enemy, Fox, Laurell K. Hamilton and all those network honchos and writers own all, I own nothing, don't sue.
Synopsis: Faith has never been a hero, but she knows what's important. Protect what is precious and the rest be damned.
Spoilers: Not much just hints up to Season 4 of Buffy and Season 1 of Angel.

Feedback: Yes! I crave feedback. It is good food for the writer soul. Constructive feedback is also good if you’ve got any, always looking forward to improving my writing. Thanks!

Prison turns out to be nothing like the TV shows she used to catch on tired Saturday evenings after slayage. It’s a strangely banal affair, full of regimented sleeping cycles, red wiggly Jell-O and the occasional excitement of jail yard basketball. With nothing much to do, she’s learned to like reading. It soothes and speaks to that quiet little spot inside the maelstrom that is her life. There is something in the stillness of painted words: the song of someone else’s dreams, someone else’s nightmares… someone else’s life.

Restless doesn’t even begin to describe how she feels.

She’s here for redemption yeah, but somehow, just lying around like this makes it all too easy and easy was never a word to describe her life. It puts her on edge, makes her go through the routine with one eye on her chores and the other on the sky, watching for the other shoe.

So when she finds herself dropped rather unceremoniously down the rabbit hole to land inside the Lunatic Café, it’s almost a relief. Dusting the debris out of her hair, she catches the violet eyes of her favorite wereleopard and grins.

“Hey, name’s Faith. What can I do you for?”


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