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Of Wizards and Elves

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Summary: When Harry Potter is six he is whisked away to Rivendell by a burst of accidental magic. How will growing up as Lord Elrond's foster son change his time at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry?

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Lord of the Rings(Past Donor)tamiamusFR18413,03327114,02116 Dec 0619 Dec 06No

Chapter 4

Beta: Tals

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is owned by J.K. Rowling and Warner Brothers. Lord of the Rings is owned by Tolkien and his estate. I only play with them for a while before giving them back unharmed. No money is being made from this.

“blah” talking.
'blah' thinking.
“blah” elven language.

Warnings: Child abuse, slash pairing much later in the story (Harry/Glorfindel).

A/N: Harry's elven name will be Estel; yes I know this is Aragorn's name, but I felt the name would fit Harry better, since it means 'Hope' and that is how the wizarding world sees him. Harry has also gained new hope for his own future by coming to the elves and that is why I chose it. The LotR part of this fic will be AU.

For progress reports and news on this story please see my livejournal at:
t a m i a m u s 1 . l i v e j o u r n a l . c o m ( remove the spaces, of course)



It had been a week since Harry's joining ceremony and he had been asked by his Adar to start classes with Erestor and Glorfindel.

Erestor would be teaching him math as well as writing, history and geography.
Harry could already read since that had been the one thing the Dursleys couldn't take away from him. Yes, they could take his books but once he had read something, the knowledge was his and stayed his.
This alone had been the reason why he had thought himself to read with such dedication. He had learned it from he was four by listening and spying on his cousin when Petunia had thought him. Now, as a six year old he was able to read competently though there were still words that gave him problems, long words or those not normally used in everyday situations were difficult for him and Erestor would help him refine this skill as well.

Glorfindel would take care of his physical education. Since he was still young this would mostly consist of swimming lessons, basic self defense skills and learning how to fight with a staff. Harry knew that when he grew older he would be expected to learn archery as well as sword fighting since these skills were invaluable here in Arda.

He had just entered the office of Erestor where he would have two hour lessons everyday for the first year. When he turned seven in summer the classes would be 4 hours long and he would also be thought about astrology and biology. His father had also told him that if he was interested later he would be taught how to play an instrument by the minstrel Lindir; Harry didn't know whether or not he would want that, but it was nice to know he had the option, in any case he would at some point be taught how to dance.

“Ah, Estel come in. We will begin today's lesson with geography, If you will take a seat I will get the maps out so we can begin.”

Erestor took out a map of Arda painted on a piece of parchment large enough to cover his whole desk. Harry, who had thought geography would only deal with locations and landmarks was astonished when he was also told how a volcano actually worked and why certain races inhabited the different regions of the world. There was clearly more to geography than he had first assumed.

After maybe 45 minutes of looking at maps and learning of the different forces of nature that had shaped the world into what it was today, Erestor gave him a book and told him to write down what he dictated.

Two hours after Harry had entered the office he left for lunch. As he ate he told his sister about the lesson which he had liked quite a bit. It was certainly different from being with the Dursleys where he was never allowed to ask a question and no one really talked to him at all. He wondered whether or not he would have been allowed to go to school if he had stayed. Surely not; then the teachers might have suspected the Dursleys of abuse since he was always injured. The only thing he wasn't sure about in the class was writing, not because he didn't like it but because he had to use a quill. At first when Erestor had given it to him he had thought it was brilliant, but he soon found out that it was very difficult to handle. His writing had never been orderly, but with the quill it looked like he was drunk, the letters jumping all over the parchments, blurring into each other, decorated with huge blots of ink. Erestor had told him it would become easier with practice and Harry hoped he was right, as it was right now, he could barely read his own writing.

After lunch Harry went outside to meet Glorfindel. He would only spend one hour with him a day the first year since his Adar wanted to make sure that Harry had time to be a child as well. Today he would learn how to fall without hurting himself. Sadly enough this was not a new skill for him, he had instinctively tried to do so many times when he had been pushed down the stairs by his former relatives. But since the weather was much too cold for Glorfindel to take him to the river and teach him how to swim, they would have to focus on defense until summer came.

“Estel, before we begin with the lesson you should take a run, maybe to the river and back? That you your muscles are warmed up and you won't injure yourself.”

Harry had no idea falling properly was that technical; first he had to start kneeling, and let him self fall forwards. Then, before he hit the ground he had to slap his palms and underarms against the ground to take the brunt of the fall. But it did work, now he only had sore arms and palms. After he had repeated the fall about 25 times Glorfindel finally decided that he had the basics down for now.

“Well done Estel, now we will move unto falling when standing, since there are more directions in which you can fall, you must respond differently to each fall. Let me show you”

Harry spend the next fifteen minutes watching Glorfindel falling over and over again, of course he never actually stayed down but somehow managed to roll back unto his feet every time whether he fell backwards or forwards or to the side. How he managed to keep enough breath to tell Harry precisely whet he did as he fell was a mystery to Harry, who had felt like he run a marathon after his warm up and the 25 falls. Harry personally thought it was beyond brilliant and hoped that he would be able to do the same thing one day. That way if he ever tripped over anything he could just roll down over his shoulder, follow the motion through and roll back on his feet.

As the days became longer and brighter Harry was often seen in the company of his elder brothers, the twins Elladan and Elrohir. The three of them were often found either planning a prank or perpetrating one. Their favorite victims were Erestor who would find himself having nothing to wear but pink cloaks or Lindir whose instruments would suddenly be out of tune. Arwen was kept out of this since her wrath was formidable and Harry refused to help the twins prank her. Elrond too would sometimes be included in their list of victims. Once the three of them had managed to sneak some sleeping powder into his wine and placed his bed on top of the roof together with all his furniture. Since Elrond could not prove who had been behind the prank he could not punish them outright. In stead he upped Harry's lessons with Glorfindel to 5 hours a day for the next week, leaving the boy completely exhausted while the two twins were sent to patrol the borders of Imladris for a month.

While Harry had been pleased at learning more from Glorfindel even he thought that five hours was a bit much. He liked learning how to fight and had moved on to battle staffs already but while it was exciting it was also very hard and he was always sore and tired when the day was over.
The day after his punishment was over he went from Erestor's lesson to the courtyard where Glorfindel was waiting for him.

“Estel, how was your lessons today? No, leave the staff, we will be riding today. You need to learn it well if you ever wish to travel much here in Arda, since your only choice is either on foot or on horseback. Come with me to the stables, and do not worry we will find a calm horse for your first few lessons.”

Harry grinned, he had never ridden before, in fact, before his arrival in Imladris he had never even seen a horse except on television. The horse Glorfindel brought him was a brown pony by the name of Beren. Beren was as tall over the back as Harry was high but he seemed like a very calm horse and with Glorfindel there, Harry doubted that he would get thrown off or hurt. Harry smiled as Glorfindel seated him on the pony and told him how to use his legs to tell Beren which direction he should take.

Riding was fun but it took quite some time for Harry to get used to the motions of the pony. He remembered seeing a cowboy movie once when his relatives had forgotten to turn off the TV and he had been left alone to clean up the living room. After seeing that movie, well part of it anyway, he had always wanted to ride a horse. Now he finally had the chance. He soon discovered that the pony seemed much taller once he was on it, that the movements of it made him feel vaguely as if he would topple over and fall off any second now and that riding was more tiring than he had imagined. After one hour where he had mostly learned how to balance on and direct the pony as well as trying the different paces of it, he found that he liked riding quite a bit, even if it wasn't as easy as it looked like on TV.

“Estel, here let me get you down, it is soon time for dinner and you should take a bath before then.”

Glorfindel reached up to bring his young charge off the horse and back on the ground again. He had to hide a grin when Harry's legs refused to bear his weight the moment they touched the ground. After Harry had gotten his legs used to being on the ground and supporting him again he sent a mild glare in Glorfindel's direction before running back to the 'Last Homely House' and a bath.

Glorfindel shook his head, apparently he needed to work on hiding his grin better if that glare was anything to go by. He was glad to see that the young boy seemed to be a natural when it came to riding, he had instinctively known how to move with the horse instead of against it.

Harry had grown into a happy and more importantly healthy little boy in the eight months he had spent with the elves. By now it was summer and he had learned how to swim in the river. It would be his seventh birthday in only a week and he was looking forward to spending it with people who loved him and cared for him. Today he was riding in the forest alongside Glorfindel who had become his favorite teacher. Erestor was nice enough but in Harry's mind he was much too serious and now that he was no longer forced to stay inside and be quiet like at Privet Drive No. 4, he found that he loved being outside riding, swimming or learning how to defend himself. He was getting quite decent at riding and had already progressed to riding on a horse twice the size of Beren.

He was also happy to note that he had finally gained some, in his view, much needed height. The malnutrition he had suffered at the hands of his former relatives had made him look much younger and smaller than six years and now, with the help of real food and Elrond's nutrition potions he had grown two and half inches in the last eight months. He would never be as tall as the elves around him but according to his Adar he would probably reach a height of six feet and one or two inches when he was fully grown. Had he been left in the care of the Dursley he would either not have survived to reach adulthood or in the case of continued survival, he would have reached a height of maybe five feet and four inches, if he was lucky.

Harry had changed a lot in his times with the elves, in the stead of a scrawny, emancipated, deathly pale boy, had come a healthy, happy, suntanned and active child with raven hair that barely brushed his shoulders, mischievous green eyes and a ready smile.

“Glorfindel, when do you think I can begin learning archery? Do you think I might be old enough for it after my birthday? Arwen said she would make me a bow when I start learning how to use it.”

He hoped he would be old enough for it soon he couldn't wait to learn it. Especially since his father had corrected his eyesight after he had started to run into everything and having trouble reading. He really wanted to learn it, not so he could hunt, he felt rather sorry for the rabbits. He liked eating them alright, but he didn't think he could shoot one, they were just too cuddly and cute. He wanted to learn it because he thought it was brilliant and it looked, 'What was that word Dudley always used, oh right, cool, it looked cool.'

“I will have to ask your father, but I think you are ready to learn it by now, Estel.”

Glorfindel certainly hoped Lord Elrond would agree, Estel had been badgering him about it constantly for the last two months after he saw Elladan and Elrohir having an archery competition.

The day of Harry's birthday dawned bright and warm. By the looks of the sky it would be a hot day with hardly a cloud in sight. Luckily the wind had picked up a bit leaving a refreshing breeze to blow through the leaves of the forest surrounding Imladris. The part itself would be held outside under an open sky since the weather was so good. Arwen had up till the birthday itself spent some time listening to Estel's explanation of his cousins birthday parties since Estel's party would be a blend of both elven and human traditions. For instance the customary cake would be made to resemble what Estel remembered from his own world while they would dance and sing long into the night as was customary for most elven celebrations.

Harry awakened much later than usual, since he had no lessons today and was allowed to sleep in. when he finally did wake it was because of the rays of sun streaming in from his windows brightening the whole room. As he stretched a look at the sky told him it was probably somewhere around eleven in the morning. Telling the time from the position of the sun was something he had been taught by Glorfindel just three weeks ago and it could, with some practice, be very accurate.
After a bath Harry got dressed a wandered down the stair to the small living room where he would have breakfast with just his family. This was a human tradition his family had decided to adopt, giving them all a chance to congratulate him and give their gifts in private. Later in the afternoon there would be a party with every elf in Imladris invited.

When Harry came down all of his family was already in the room, waiting for him.

“Good morning my son, congratulations on your begetting day. I hope you are hungry, Arwen insisted on making the cake herself.”

Elrond smiled at his son and motioned him over to the table which was filled with all of Estel's favorite foods as well as a chocolate cake which Arwen had not only made but decorated with the writing of 'Happy Birthday Estel' in green tinted glaze. Harry grinned at the cake; it was perfect, he still couldn't believe that he would really have a birthday party, it was his first. The Dursleys had always kept him locked away during festive times and they had certainly never acknowledged his birthday. He smiled when his sister and brothers came over to him, hugged him and whispered their good wishes for him on this day. He was touched when they all told him how happy they were that he had become a part of the family, the twins adding their gratefulness for the fact that his innocent looks had gotten them off the hook on quite a few pranks as well.

As Harry sat down and ate breakfast with his his family he thought to himself how very lucky he had been to come here. If almost dying at the hands of his relatives was the price for gaining a family like this he would gladly have payed it a thousand times over.

He had received a bow from his Adar, as well as permission to have Glorfindel teach him archery. From his sister he received new clothes since he constantly grew out of his old ones. For a boy who had been roughly the same size for the past two or three years due to malnutrition it was a heady experience to finally get bigger. From the twins he had received toys and a finely carved chess set.

After the meal the twins taught him how to play chess, though from the grin on his father's face and Arwen's smothered giggles he was fairly certain that they were teaching him their own improved rules of the game. After a few hours of family time they wandered out into the gardens where benches and tables filled with food were placed around a large bonfire. Lindir and some other elves Harry didn't know by name, were playing their instruments and quite a few smiling and laughing elves were gathered by the tables as well as walking around the garden. Some were dancing to Lindir's music while others ate or talked among themselves. Harry was congratulated by them as well, every elf in the garden finding the time to spend a few minutes with him, talking about his presents and inquiring as to how he liked Imladris.

“Estel, come dance with me. This is your party, you should not spend it all eating, the food will be here after the dance.”

A Pretty elf girl who had often accompanied Harry in his raids to the kitchens came over to him and dragged him out towards the other dancers. Her name was Minya and she looked to be 12 years old. Her mother worked in the kitchens and Harry had met the lively girl there, while hiding from Arwen after a prank he and the twins had pulled on her. Harry had learned in his months with the elves that they loved to dance and that even though he couldn't dance it wouldn't matter to them. No one would laugh at his attempts, they would simply be happy that he was having fun.

Six hours later, after Arwen had taken him out to dance as well as a few others who had insisted on a dance since it was his party, Harry was completely knackered. The sun had set some hours ago and the gardens were illuminated by the bonfires and torches, elves were still dancing or sitting close together and enjoying the summer night all over the grounds. Harry however could barely keep his eyes open anymore and found himself yawning more often than not. After this had continued for half an hour his father went over to him and carried him to bed. Harry figured this was probably a good idea, he was so tired he doubted he could stand, let alone walk anywhere. He fell asleep as soon as his head hit the mattress, the last thing he felt being his father kissing his forehead, above the scar and wishing him a good night.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Of Wizards and Elves" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Dec 06.

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