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The Non-Mixy Nature of Magic and The Key

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Summary: Dawn heads to Hogwarts as a guest lecturer but an accident involving the portkey makes life interesting. Response to Harry and Dawn's Groundhogs Day Challenge.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-CenteredTakarameriFR1332,1750264,99418 Dec 0631 Aug 07No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

Day, The Second

Sorry it took so long for me to write this chapter. I think I'll be able to start updating more often. I'm going to try to update once every week or so.

Disclaimer: BTVS and Harry Potter belong to other people. People not me.

Chapter 3

“Would you believe that this is the second day in a row that you’ve landed on me?” Harry asked.

“Since I remember yesterday very clearly, I would indeed believe you.” Dawn replied. “However, since my luggage is also here I’m thinking something strange is going on. Potentially Hellmouthy even.”


“Strange, potentially evil and world ending magic; usually occurs on the Hellmouth, but that’s in Cleveland.”

“Oh.” Further discussion of the strange happenings was prevented by the arrival of Professor Dumbledore.

“Ah Miss Summers, I see you’ve met Mr. Potter. Welcome to Hogwarts. You are just in time for breakfast. I’ll introduce you to the students then and we’ll have Mr. Potter show you to the Defense classroom since I do believe it is his first class of the day. The House Elves will take your belongings to your rooms. Is there anything that you’ll need for classes today?”

“Just myself, Professor.” Dawn replied.

“In that case, let’s venture down to the Great Hall.”

“Sounds fantastic, Professor.”

“Right this way.” Dumbledore lead the way to the Great Hall where Dawn managed to avoid tripping over her feet. Dumbledore once again introduced her to the students. Dawn decided that she was going to take a different approach to lecturing the class this time around.

When the Sixth Year Slytherin and Gryffindor Defense Against the Dark Arts class was due to start all of the students were gathered in the classroom and seated in their desks and their temporary Professor was no where to be seen. The students were beginning to speculate among themselves when Miss Summers appeared in the classroom with a bright flash of green light. She caught the tail end of the young Malfoy’s complaints again.

“A muggle? Teaching at Hogwarts? Dumbledore’s really lost it this time. First a werewolf, then a Death Eater and now this.” Draco Malfoy grumbled to his friends.

“I can appreciate you concerns Mr. Malfoy and shall put them at ease. While I am not a member of your insular wizarding society, I am in my own right magically powerful. The magic that I use has its own strengths and limitations just as your wizarding magic does. However, I am not here to lecture you on alternative methods of magic. Headmaster Dumbledore has seen fit to invite me as a representative of the New International Watcher’s Council to lecture you on vampires, slayers and demons.” Dawn looked up briefly to see another familiar hand raised. “Yes, Miss Granger, I am aware that you have studied vampires already but I shall delve deeper into various vampire cultures, history and notable individuals as well as practice defense against them both with your wands and without.” The hand remained raised. “Yes, Miss Granger?”

“I thought that the Slayer was a myth?”

“While the story of the Slayer is rather mythological in its telling, the existence of the Slayer is quite real. As a matter of fact, I am the younger sister of the longest living slayer in several centuries and have had the dubious pleasure of living with several slayers.”

“Isn’t there only one slayer at a time?”

“There used to be only one. I won’t discuss the history of the Slayer line until our next class where I will tell the story of the origins of the Slayer and continue with the more notable events in history and finish with the current situation. That being said let me take attendance and then class is dismissed.” The students filed out the door quietly once she had dismissed class.

The rest of Dawn’s classes follow the same pattern. Dinner that night is just like the day before without the lecture from Dumbledore about using magic on a student. After dinner Dawn rewrites the lesson plans that she had made the first time around and half- heartedly does a bit of research on why a person might live the same day twice before going to bed having learned nothing new.

*Green Flash*

“Good Morning Harry.” Dawn sighs as she detangles her legs from Harry’s legs.

“Again?” Harry groaned.

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The End?

You have reached the end of "The Non-Mixy Nature of Magic and The Key" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Aug 07.

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