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The Unknown

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Summary: After ransacking W&H Connor found a prophecy concerning the vamp w/ a soul and his two children. But Angel only has one child...right?

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Charmed > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherDeziFR1533,5980296,21118 Dec 0626 Mar 07No

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

With over exaggerated movements of frustration Wesley set the phone back on the hook. That call was a waste of time. All he got from Giles was a huge helping of attitude about how stupid he could be; there was no way Faith could have been the Warrior of Light in the prophecy.

For one she’d been dead for over sixteen years and knowing how deeply involved the Council was in their Watcher’s and Slayers lives the child the prophecy spoke of would have surfaced long before now. Not to mention as Giles so vehemently spat, Slayers and vampires could not have children together. To which Wesley snapped back that if a vampire and another vampire could have a child than he was sure a Slayer and a vampire could have one as well.

However despite all the back and forth bickering Giles did have a good suggestion. Since it was quiet on the Hellmouth and Selene along with her Watcher were fully capable of handling the normal Hellmouth activity he and the other members of the original Scooby team could come to LA and help the AI Team.

Reluctantly he agreed it’d be a good idea and within moments Giles gave him an estimated time of when they’d arrive. If he expected someone to meet them at the airport he’d be sadly mistaken, too much was going on here, they knew the way.

Years of working with Angel and the others had hardened the once stuck up, prissy Watcher. Not to the point where he couldn’t feel emotions but he could effectively place them behind a wall to be dealt with later. His fighting style had much improved since moving to LA; he’d been to the dark side of his soul and back again with the scars on his body and soul to prove it.

For years it frightened him to be capable of the some of the things he did, but as he lived with it more and more he’s embraced that side of himself. He still fought on the side of good and helped innocents but there’d always be a shadowed area that he learned to live with and accept.

Sighing he stood from the desk chair, time to tell Angel that he was no further to discovering if he had another child out there and that they’d soon have guests.

San Francisco

Rolling her neck back and forth Anne Evans stepped out of her Jeep, locked it up tight and climbed the stairs leading to her front door. She had a wonderful home, when she first bought the place ten years ago it needed improvements. So many improvements that she got the house on a great deal.

Keys jingle in her hand at the ready to be slipped into the lock to let her inside. Her long brunette hair swished with each step she took, bright hazel eyes took in her surroundings, a habit she got into when she was a teenager and never stopped.

Anne didn’t look forward to staying in the empty house. Ever since her daughter Mia ‘never call me Amelia’, moved in with her boyfriend the house had been almost eerily quiet. The young man Mia chose for herself came to her a week ago requesting her blessing in proposing to Mia.

She thought it was so sweet that he asked before jumping ahead with his plan. He looked so hopeful that even if she wanted to say ‘no’ she couldn’t. When she’d asked when he was planning on giving her the ring he told her in two weeks the date of their second year together as a couple. In one more week her baby girl would be engaged, there was no doubt in her mind that Mia would say yes; she loved that boy with all her heart.

Anne remembered when she loved a man so much she’d be willing to do anything for him even let him kill her…but those days were behind her.

Slipping the key into the lock felt the door open. Instantly her alarms sounded inside her head. Someone was in her home.

Silently she placed her briefcase on the porch against the brick decoration. She slipped into the darkened house not making a sound as she made her way toward the living room. Not finding anyone she hurried toward the dining room, making it all the way to the kitchen before seeing a figure.

She pounced pushing the figure stomach first into the edge of her sink. “Oomph.” The figure pushed a painful breath out; it wasn’t till she turned him around pulling back to deliver a killing blow that the man spoke.

“Bloody hell Slayer you’re cutting off my air-supply.”

“Spike?” She let him go switching on the kitchen light. Sure enough the platinum blonde whose style hadn’t changed in the twenty years she knew him stood bracing himself against her counter. “What are you doing sneaking around my house.”

“Wasn’t sneaking and I don’t exactly need lights to see where I'm goin’ luv.” He rubbed at his tender neck. She certainly hadn’t lost her touch; he hadn’t been at the receiving end of her attacks in quite a long time.

Remembering her briefcase outside she excused herself, retrieved it, locked the front door, than came back to the kitchen automatically heating up some blood for Spike. “Thought you weren’t going to be back in town till next week.”

“Wasn’t till that horny little ponce called me up and asked permission to propose and what not to Mia.” Spike was Mia’s Vamp-father; he hated the word Godfather, so he made up his own title. Either way they preformed the same duty, protecting and spoiling Mia.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t give your blessing. Mia loves Wyatt.” She handed him the heated blood and worked on making her own decaf coffee. “And Wyatt loves her, what more do you want?”

“For her not to marry that guy. He’s not good enough for her.” He argued.

“No one is good enough for her. But he makes her happy. I’ve never seen her light up the way she does when she's with him. Give him your blessing. You’re important to Mia so your blessing will mean something to him.” She could tell he was about to argue with her but she lifted a hand signaling silence. “Do it or I’ll have to figure out how to explain to Dru why her mate can fit in an ashtray.”

Sneering Spike rolled his eyes but didn’t disagree with her. “Fine, but if this blows up in her face I'm blaming everything on you.”

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