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The Unknown

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Summary: After ransacking W&H Connor found a prophecy concerning the vamp w/ a soul and his two children. But Angel only has one child...right?

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Charmed > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherDeziFR1533,5980296,21418 Dec 0626 Mar 07No

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

San Francisco; 3:15 a.m.

Anne Marie Evans hadn’t always been Anne, no; her real name was Buffy Anne Summers. When she moved to San Francisco and cut all ties with her old life in Sunnydale and LA she changed her name too. She couldn’t have anyone finding her, she had her unborn child to protect and nothing not even her calling could bring her back.

So she did what was against everything in her nature, she hid. And she hid so well that even when Giles came to San Francisco no more than two years after her disappearance and walked right by her—he didn’t recognize her.

According to Spike, who had become her only link to her old life and gave her information about the others told her that the Council told Giles that she was dead. Buffy would tell him repeatedly that she didn’t care to know but he never failed to fill her in. After a few years she stopped fighting it and accepted what news he gave her.

Why did the Council say she was dead? The reason was quite simple from their point of view. They couldn’t find her, just like everyone else, they failed in their duty to keep a close eye on her. Which was exactly what she needed and wanted to happen once she left Sunnydale. Since they couldn’t find her they certainly weren’t going to admit their failure so what better way to take the blame off them then to say she died?

Her slaying never suffered, she still kicked ass and took names with the best of them; she only kept that life far deeper undercover. Mia didn’t even know until she turned sixteen and a demon actually attacked the young teen in the house. Her little girl was so scared but she didn’t run away screaming, instead she took that fear and channeled it into one hell of a kick that knocked the creature into her mother who effectively snapped its neck.

That night she told Mia about everything. About slayers, vampires, demons, witches, and angels. For years she was in the dark about what went bump in the night, Mia, understandably was upset. After all she had found out her family had been lying to her. Spike and Dru never told her about being vampires. They never vamped out in front of her and told her they had an allergy to the sun. There were a couple mirrors in their home but the house was so dark normally that you couldn’t see yourself in their mirrors anyway.

As for crosses—in her life it wasn’t a big issue. Joyce raised her with no firm religious beliefs and she hadn’t raised Mia to worship any certain deity. Religion only came up once when she was nine and a boy questioned the pentagram necklace she wore. The necklace had been a gift from the Halliwell sisters, friends of the family. An amulet of protection.

The young child asked why she was wearing the sign of the devil. To which Mia said it wasn’t a sign of the devil, it was a present from friends. Piper had told her it’d protect her, keep her safe from danger. The boy told Mia she’d go to Hell.

That afternoon a lot of questions had been asked and answered. Mia was one smart cookie, she asked why they didn’t go to church, or pray to God, or had crosses around the house. Buffy told her that it had never been an issue for her, she was a good person and she didn’t feel the need to go to church and she prayed, not necessarily to God but she liked to think someone was listening.

Going through her normal routine of winding down for the night or more accurately morning Anne shut off all the lights down stairs and made her way up to her bedroom. Spike had gone home an hour ago, it surprised her how much he was apart of her life now.

A year after moving to San Francisco she saw Spike at a popular club called P3 run by her friend Piper Halliwell. At first she avoided him but eventually he sensed her and sought her out himself. Their first meeting had been less than pleasant but as the weeks turned to months and then turned to years he became her best friend.

She could pinpoint the exact time her relationship with Spike changed from mortal enemy to friend. It was a clear night, not a single cloud in the sky, the stars were burning brightly—even the moon made an appearance casting its heavenly glow everywhere. Mia was only three years old at the time; she had woken up in the middle of the night and crawled out of bed in search of her mother.

While she’d been outside fighting a nasty demon that refused to back down. The demon was no pushover either; it kicked her ass and kicked it good. Then Mia came out in the back and saw her fighting. The second Buffy saw her daughter she panicked, the demon would kill her in a heartbeat, Mia cried on the porch yelling for her.

Spike came out of the bushes and had his sights set on Mia. She’d fought harder and finally knocked the demon down long enough to stand up straight and make a move toward her daughter and keep Spike away from her. But the demon had other plans, as she started for Mia it grabbed her and threw her into a tree. From the corner of her eye she could see Spike rush up to the porch.

She had screamed for Spike to stay away from her. It was a mother’s worst fear, not being able to protect their child from danger—danger that she should have been able to keep away from her. But then Spike did something unexpected. He dusted two vampires that she hadn’t seen, lifted Mia up and set her back in the house before rushing to help her with the demon. Between the two of them they killed the thing and that was the moment they became friends. Thankfully Mia always thought what happened that night was a nightmare, nothing more.

Nothing had gone as planned in her life if she really thought about it. She wasn’t complaining it was simply an observation. Being called hadn’t been carefully plotted out it was thrust upon her, same as her parents divorce, falling in love with a vampire, sleeping with said vampire, conceiving Mia. Anne could never regret loving Angel, making love to him because without him her baby wouldn’t be a part of her life and this world. She wouldn’t have had that one special night that she’s treasured forever.

There was one thing she did regret and would always grieve for and that was missing the last few days with her mother. When she heard from Spike that she died she hated herself for not returning to Sunnydale for just a day to tell Joyce how much she loved her and appreciated everything she had done for her. Anne could only hope that Mom was watching over her and knew how she felt.

Sighing she undressed slipping into shorts and a tank top getting ready for bed. She didn’t patrol as often anymore, there were other’s patrolling the San Francisco streets, the Halliwell sisters for one, Spike and Drusilla, and a gang of demon hunters that came from all walks of life but had one thing in common. A creature had killed someone they loved and they wanted to help so others wouldn’t go through that same fate.

Now she’s a night manager at her friend Piper’s club. She’d always been a night-owl and didn’t feel the need to change her schedule now that’s she’s older. Buffy went into the bathroom and washed off her make-up.

Yawning Buffy came back to her bedroom, shut off the overhead light, leaving the lamp by her bed on. She pulled back the covers, got into bed and wrapped the thick sheets around her. Nights like tonight her thoughts tended to wonder, they usually wondered to Angel’s direction.

Mostly they were memories that her mind wondered to, but sometimes they were fantasies of what she wished her life with could have been like with him by her side. She knew he was out of Hell, had known for decades. When she heard that from Spike—when they weren’t friends mind you—she went weak, he wasn’t in Hell anymore. He was back.

Everything inside her had wanted to rush to his side and be there for him, with him. But two things stopped her, her own fear and guilt and Mia. Angel had to feel betrayed that she sent him to Hell, would it matter to him that she did it to save the world? If she went back to Sunnydale where would that leave Mia? Would Angel hurt Mia? Would he think she wasn’t his? So she kept away.

For the first few years of their friendship Spike told her about Angel, even about some of the women he’d seen him with. It hurt to hear he’d been with others but who was she to judge? She’d been with other men as well, none where she wanted the relationship to last longer than a night or two, but still she hadn’t been alone. Now however Spike kept any Angel information he learned to himself, sometimes she thought he hadn’t been telling her everything even when he had told her things about Angel.

With her thoughts racing back and forth it took her a while too finally doze off, but she was thankful when she did. Her dreams were always filled with happy Angel fantasies.


The End?

You have reached the end of "The Unknown" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Mar 07.

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