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New in the Night

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Summary: Set in Season 3 summer and after Season 7...Xander's car breaks down in New Orleans and he gets a job at Sanctuary. Crossover with Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series.

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Literature > Dark Hunter SeriesAlmadynisFR1576,52357527,46120 Dec 0627 Jul 07No

Road Trip Disaster

New in the Night
Road Trip Disaster


Some call it quantum physics: The branch of physics that uses quantum theory to describe and predict the properties of a physical system. The study of different ways of thinking and experiencing reality. Some call it fantasy, mental imbalances in neuronal chemistry. And still others call it normal.

Different dimensions trail through the thoughts and whims of people, unconsciously changing and choosing paths that alter reality and rotate what others see and experience.

These people are unique to their reality. Without realizing it, or even knowing it is possible, they can change the world around them, or travel to other worlds entirely. Their hopes, dreams, wishes…effect the reality they live in.

Only a couple in the history of the universes can do it consciously. For all the others, it is just a heartfelt desire.

This is the story of one of these.


Xander felt like fainting, or bashing his head against the nearest wall. “What do you mean nine hundred dollars?! It’s a repair job! I could buy a new XBox with that!” He ran his fingers through his short brown hair in exasperation and anger, his movements jerky.

“I mean it’ll take $900 to fix your car. That thing is a junk heap, it needs a new transmission, engine, motor, and new brake pads. I’m cutting you a deal, kid. I’m the cheapest guy in town and this thing just happens to be old enough that I can get used parts that still work for a low price. So take it or leave it, but it ain’t gonna’ run without ‘em,” the mechanic groused at him, but he had an honest face, and Xander knew he was right because he had already been to three other mechanics that had prices over the roof. All of them had referred him to this place when he had said he ‘didn’t have that kind of money’. Honestly, he didn’t have nine hundred dollars either, but it was better than the two thousand five hundred that the second guy had quoted.

Xander ran another hand through his hair. “I really don’t have that kind of money.” When the man gave Xander an intense once-over, Xander tried not to fidget.

Finally, the man said, “Well, tell ya’ what. It’ll take me about a month to fix your car with all the parts I need to find. I know a place where you can get a job and you can pay me when I finish. If you talk right, you can probably get a place to stay along with the deal.” He was writing on a piece of paper with a grease-smudged hand as he spoke.

Xander took the paper eagerly, it was more than the other mechanics had done plus about ten percent. “Sanctuary,” he read, “Is that some type of club?” He was a little leery, but as long as it wasn’t some strip club, he figured it would be fine. Hell, even if it was a strip club he’d probably do it.

But the man laughed, and it was a nice sound with an easy smile, his eyes sparkling with mirth. “Nah, not like that. It is a club, but just one for food and drinks. Business has been picking up lately and they need another busboy and bartender. You can learn the drinks quick and look strong enough and steady enough to carry dishes. Just tell Nicolette that Jean sent you and you’ll be fine.”

Xander grinned in relief and the contagious laughter. “Thanks dude, I owe you. Where is this anyway?”

The mechanic shook Xander’s hand as he led him back out to the front. “Don’t worry about it, and it’s right around the corner down two blocks. Just take a right after you go out my door and then turn left at the crosswalk and then another two blocks west. Can’t miss it.”

Xander nodded and waved. “See you in a month Mr. Peltier!” then set out for his new job.

Jean Peltier watched the human walk out of sight, then got on the phone with his mother. “Hey Mama, I just had a customer that needs a job…”


Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. I’m not making money from it, and Buffy and the Dark-Hunter series is not mine. I’m not Joss Whedon or Sherrilyn Kenyon. *bows* Thank you very much.
AN: I would very much appreciate reviews! Comments, critiques, just about anything. Please no flames though.
AN2: For those of you who have been following “As Long As You’re Mine”, I pretty much have given up on it, I can’t get a good enough plotline. Fortunately, this will not happen to this story, as I have already outlined the entire thing and just have to write it. Thanks so much to WinterRayne for her support and ideas.
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