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Empty Rooms

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Seven Brushes With the Letter "D"". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Cordelia complains, Doyle sucks up to her, and Angel listens.

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DC Universe > SandmanloyaleskamoeFR1313630198421 Dec 0621 Dec 06Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

Angel doesn't have any mirrors.  Cordelia used to complain bitterly about that fact.  She complained so hard, that she eventually came to the conclusion Angel liked to hear her complain.  Her belief was that it was some sort of semi-masochistic Angelus thing caused by his inability to get any.  

Well she was wrong.  

Angel told her, repeatedly, he didn't see the point in having a mirror if he couldn't see himself in it.  To which Cordy rolled her eyes and told him she needed one.  And if she had to put her makeup on in the window one more time, there would be trouble.  

Doyle laughed, wondering whether Cordelia would give their boss the silent treatment.  Then, bless his little alcoholic heart, he insinuated said boss would probably enjoy it.

Cordelia narrowed her eyes and focused her ire in Doyle's direction.  He swallowed hard and hastily backtracked, offering his full support on the mirror idea while grinning sheepishly.  

She shook her head in fond exasperation before declaring she had to leave for an audition.  She strode out of the office regally.  Doyle hurried after her, offering what he insisted was moral support.  In reality, he was just taking the opportunity to admire her ass.  Truthfully, Cordy wouldn't have minded either. 

Angel watched them walk out of the office and into the cheery L.A. sunshine with a wistful smile.  After they were out of sight, he headed down into his apartment and pulled out a wrapped package.  He looked at the card.  It read:  To Cordelia.  From Angel.  Knock em dead.   

Angel pulled off the wrappings and revealed the smooth reflective surface underneath.  The vampire held the mirror at arm's length.  As he stared, Angel remembered reading something years ago in Giles' library. It was a description about a sect called the Unforgiven.  The passage told how this sect worshipped the goddess Despair, and of how they proclaimed all empty rooms were to be her sacred places.  

Looking into this mirror and seeing only his apartment, Angel could believe it.


Angel was created and owned by Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt.  Despair was created by Neil Gaiman and is owned by DC comics.

The End

You have reached the end of "Empty Rooms". This story is complete.

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