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Can't Take It

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Summary: After Voldemort’s downfall in 1986, Elizabeth Riddle was relocated to Southern California. Now that Voldemort’s back, Buffy Summers must go to Hogwarts for safety.

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Chapter One

Can’t Take It
Chapter 1

SUMMARY: After Voldemort’s downfall in 1986, Elizabeth Riddle was relocated to Southern California. Now that Voldemort’s back, Buffy Summers must go to Hogwarts for safety.

SETTINGS: Buffy & co. about a quarter of the way through Season 3. Angel is out of hell; basically everything up to the end of The Wish.

Harry & Co. 6th year Voldemort is back in the game. Umm that’s all you need to know.



DISCLAIMER: hmm. If I wrote this story wouldn’t be writing fan fiction would I? Props to Whedon and Rowling

Here we go:


It was night. Buffy Summers sat on top of a grave stone as she waited anxiously. While she waited she tapped her stake against the palm of her hand and her toes tapped against her shoe. “Come on. I still have Calculus homework to do, and frankly I’m starting to get cranky.” She said to the fresh grave. An on looker would have thought she was crazy.

As if on cue a hand rose from the ground, it clawed at the grass as if to help pull its body out. At this point, Buffy already jumped from her seat and was in her slayer stance. The vampire turned out to be a heavy middle-aged man, he gazed straight ahead trying to stare Buffy down. However, Buffy was not intimidated; instead she pulled herself to full height and mentally prepared herself for this fight.

She kicked the vampire in the chest and sent him stumbling backwards. While the fiend tried to pull himself back together Buffy pushed the stake into his heart. The vampire’s face dropped as it realized what just happened, he then turned to dust. Buffy fled the scene and walked out of the gates of the cemetery.

Buffy walked into school the next day with a bad feeling, she walked to her locker where she usually met Willow and Xander for their morning ritual. As she opened her locker she noticed two shadows coming from behind her.

“Hey guys,” Buffy said without looking over her shoulder.


“Howdy,” Xander and Willow spoke at the same time each going to the side of her. “So, Buff, how was the slayage last night? Any new demons in town we need to research ‘bout?” Xander spoke again.

“None that I haven’t taken care of,” Buffy said, her voice sounded distracted.

“What’s wrong?” Willow questioned.

“Nothing I just have a bad feeling, hey, I need to go check on Giles fill him in on last nights patrol. I’ll see you guys later,” Buffy swung her locker door closed and walked away.

“Is there something going on that we should know about?”

“Nah, it’s Buff, she’s always like that, melancholy and all. So have you and Oz talked yet?”

“No. You and Cordy?”

“Is your name Earl?”


“There’s your answer.” Xander and Willow arrived at homeroom with a few minutes to spare. They sat in their assigned seats and talked amongst themselves.

Buffy walked into the school library, she instantly noticed Giles standing behind the front counter. “Giles.” She marched towards the counter her hands swaying next to her sides.

“Buffy, I wasn’t expecting you this early,” said Giles as he took a glance at his watch then took a sip of his tea. “None the less, how was patrolling last night?”

“I slayed this vamp, other than that uneventful.” Buffy took a seat at one of the chairs, noticing a book in front of her she picked it up, read the title, and then placed it back down. “Giles, I have a feeling. I think something’s going to happen, something bad, like uber bad.”

“I … erm… Buffy maybe it’s just that a feeling.”

“No,” Buffy said shaking her head in disbelief. “I know feelings; a feeling is when a guy kisses you for a first time. This… this is like the gut of my stomach is being attacked by fire.”

“Buffy, you mustn’t worry yourself over these things.”

“You speak to me and it’s like it doesn’t matter,” Buffy looked at Giles giving him an icy glare. “Call it slayers intuition or whatever, but something’s going to happen. Just promise me you’ll just look in books and see if there’s anything suppose to happen today.”

“I’ll consult my books; however, you mustn’t let this bother you. Something bad would have already happened.” As Giles was saying this he turned around rubbed his glasses on his handkerchief and put them back on. “Alrigh-” he turned around and found Buffy had already left.


Hiya !

I'm Michelle and this is my first story on this wonderful web site.


so did you like it?

tell me if you did. love or hate or even pointers?

ohhhh. anyone want to beta me tell me now or forever hold your peace.

Ok well review. now I command you,.
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