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A Warrior Meets the Warriors

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Summary: Buffy is somehow in Tortall, and she meets the strangest people. BtVSTortall xover. Please enjoy, fuller summary inside. Slight hint at BA. Shiny

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Literature > Fantasy > Author: Tamora PierceSerenityFR1554,3940355,02122 Dec 063 Nov 07No

Chapter Three

A Warrior meets the Warriors

A/n: A Buffy Tortall x-over. Somewhere after the fourth immortals book. Thanks to all those who reviewed!

(Disclaimer, I don’t own Buffy, Angel, or and Tamora Pierce)


Buffy felt a small tingle go through her tongue, then her jaw snapped shut, “Oh God.”

Buffy looked almost green, she covered her mouth with a shaking hand and closed her eyes, her trembling body completely vulnerable. After a few moments, her eyes snapped open and they glittered with pure rage. She stood, looking around the room with a calculating gaze. Finding what was dangerous, what could be advantageous to her. They didn’t know her skill, so if she took one of the royals, she would be harmed. The short one posed no liability. She may be a warrior, but she wasn’t strong enough to overpower the slayer.

Buffy smirked, “I think, that you might want to think about what you just did to me. Oh don’t give me the innocent look, I wasn’t born yesterday! I know you did something to me, there is no way in HELL I would tell anyone what I just told you, and believe me, I’ve been to hell.”

Numair gulped, he wasn’t really the gulping type, but this girl frightened him. Well, maybe frightened was a strong word, maybe disconcerted would be better. He licked his lower lip as he thought, “You’re in no danger, Miss, why don’t you just sit down, and we can talk some more. Are you hungry, thirsty?”

Buffy barely held back the snort of laughter; even vampires didn’t play this easily into her hands. In less than a blink of the eye, she had the woman, Alanna, in front of her. The woman’s own dagger poised unwaveringly at her jugular vein, “Come to think of it, I am a little thirsty. Blood thirsty…”

Alanna didn’t even have time to react, she had been immobilized by a woman who was about her height, but much thinner than her, and with less muscle. She was about to fight back when she felt the cool, flat steel of the blade tap gently against her throat in the slightest warning.

Buffy was right, the others in the room were hesitant to attack her, she watched for a few seconds as looks passed between the men in the room. Then her eyes lit on the young girl, she had the same innocent, but filled with spitfire, eyes as Dawnie had, “What’s your name sweetheart?”

The girl looked hesitantly at the blonde woman who had her mother captive, “Alianne.”

Buffy smiled softly, “It’s alright Aly, and you should be nicer to your mom though.”

A few jaws in the room dropped Aly looked puzzled, “How-I…”

“My Dawnie has the same look in her eyes when she is annoyed with me that you just gave your mom when you came in here.”

Aly moved closer, “Is Dawnie your daughter?”

A sad look crossed her eyes, “No, but it feels like it, she’s my little sister.”

Aly wasn’t sure why she liked the girl, she should hate her, her mother was being held hostage by the blonde who smelled of death, “Why?”

Buffy knew from the small flicker of the young girl’s eyes, that she was not talking about Dawn anymore, but her mother, “I don’t want to hurt her anymore than you do, but I need answers, and I know when I need leverage. I get what I want, and I release her, unharmed. I know what it’s like to lose a mother; you’re too young for that to happen. But if I am forced, I may inadvertently do bodily harm, irreversible bodily harm, and I may not feel sorry about it.”

Aly nodded in understanding, and was about to say something when Jon spoke, “What do you want to know?”

“I do believe, that I already asked what the fuck you did to me,” Buffy’s face was pulled into a too cheerful smile, and the tone was so sweet it was scary.

Numair made a move to step forward, Buffy stopped him, “Did I say you could move?”

The mage stopped, “I put a truth spell on you. We had to ascertain if you were a spy--”

His explanation was cut off by disbelieving laughter, “What is wrong with the world! Why can’t anyone do anything the old fashioned way?” Puzzled stares met her, “You know torture, chain someone up to a wall, and beat them till they tell you what you want. No, everyone has the need to do it the easy way. Who cares if you’re raping someone’s mind, as long as you get what you want. Makes me sick! You ever thought, that you may learn something that could get innocents killed, damn you guys really sucky white hats, I mean you are white hats aren’t you?”

Gary quirked an eyebrow, “White hats?”

Buffy looked at him, “The good guys, the heroes, the saviors. The protectors?”

Jon furrowed his brow, “We are the ‘good guys’.”

“Well then let me tell you something, I don’t care, I just need someplace to…to…” Buffy didn’t know how to explain.

A rather strangled voice came from her victim, “Learn to live again.”

Buffy looked a little surprised, “Yeah, you’re not as holier-than-thou as you seem. When this hostage situation is over, I could give you a few tips about the mothering thing. I sucked at, still not so good, but I got better, all hope’s not lost for you. You’ve just been too damn long.”

Jon looked at her appraisingly, “Until we can find you a way home, if ever, how would you feel about learning the way of the knight? Become a warrior of a different kind? You would be welcomed into my family.”

Buffy looked at him, beneath the cold gaze, she could see the fire that burned, for his land, his friends, and family, but most of all; she saw the passion he had for all humanity. She nodded and released her hold on Alanna, “I trust you, and I give you my sword.”

Alanna’s jaw dropped, “She just held me hostage!”

Buffy handed the dagger back, pommel first, “We’ll work on the jealousy, it looks like you aren’t going to be the best of the best anymore. Well, maybe I can teach a few tricks, I do this wicked spin kick, if you have something fitted to your boot, you can put the baddies to rest without them realizing.”

Alanna gulped slightly at the inventiveness of the idea, “I am the sole female knight, I won’t be displaced easily.”

“Well, we’ll see, now won’t we?”

Aly who had been taken in hand by Thayet broke away and threw her arms quickly around her mother, “I love you, Mum.”

Just as quickly, she had released the knight and flung herself on the slayer, wrapping her hands around the blonde’s waist. Buffy stroked the young girl’s hair, “You remind me of her so much.”

Aly gave the woman one more squeeze and went back to the queen. Alanna stuck her hand out in a gesture of friendship, or at least not enemies. Buffy gripped it and shook the hand firmly, a soft smile gracing her lips, almost like an angel.

Buffy looked around, “So if you guys live in a castle, does that mean you actually ride horses,” the entire room burst into laughter, Buffy pouting, “What? What’s so funny?”

The slayer did the only thing she could think of. She stuck out her tongue, inciting another bout of laughter, and even more pouting.


So, yes, I am sorry for not updating sooner, I just couldn’t get in the writing mood. Hopefully this chapter explains some things. I really like the thought of Aly getting to know Buffy, cause you know the whole relationship complex. Buffy and Alanna’s ‘friendship’ is one of respect, but that will change. Please review and tell me what you think.

~Your Loyal Authoress
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