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A Warrior Meets the Warriors

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Summary: Buffy is somehow in Tortall, and she meets the strangest people. BtVSTortall xover. Please enjoy, fuller summary inside. Slight hint at BA. Shiny

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Literature > Fantasy > Author: Tamora PierceSerenityFR1554,3940355,02522 Dec 063 Nov 07No

Chapter One

A Warrior meets the Warriors

a/n: A Buffy Tortall x-over. Somewhere after the fourth immortals book

(Disclaimer, I don’t own Buffy, Angel, or and Tamora Pierce)


Buffy was sitting in the Magic Box next to Willow and Xander the three had been sentenced to after research clean-up. They had just rid Buffy of her ghost that had followed her and she was mumbling as she read a page of a Latin text. Her fingers started to itch and she swore as they began to fade, Xander and Willow looked up and watched flabbergasted as she blinked in and out of view. Buffy gave an ironic smile and rolled her eyes. The last thing the slayer did before turning to the oblivion is wrap her fingers around Letalis, the sword that she had used to send Angel to hell.


The dark surrounded her and she screamed letting the noise rip from her throat like it was her last breath, allowing the black into her lungs. She choked on it and the last thing she saw was the silver of the sword and the leather of the book landing next to her prone body on a grassy field. Letting her mind go she sunk into the inky pool of black that was her mind, with only the faintest feeling that something was wrong and that the tingle in her belly meant that Angel was near by.


In the City of Angels, the hotel was quiet, Angel had been more gloomy than ever since Buffy’s death and then her resurrection. He had locked himself inside his room and when the pull in his gut came he screamed, mouth closed he submitted to the pain just as he had years ago. Just for a moment he saw her lying in a field in a lovely country, horses racing across the land, as the sun rose in the distance. Just as quickly as it had come it left him, he shivered, and tried to remember.


Buffy groaned and covered her still closed eyes with her arm, it was too bright, then a shadow fell over her face and she sighed contently. The murmur of a man’s voice reached her ears and she snapped to her senses. She opened her eyes and found herself looking into those of a man with long hair, he was handsome, and she squinted against the bright sky. She shaded her eyes and took in his breeches and tunic, she groaned and thought about her tight blue jeans and scoop neck red tank top. Not to mention the leather jacket that she had on top, she felt the cool metal of the sword touch her fingers and she scrambled up.

Another dark shadow fell over her and this one was a beautiful woman, her dark hair was bound back and she knelt down so that she was at Buffy’s level. She was about to speak when a piercing noise ripped through the air, all of Buffy’s senses went on high alert and the other two who stood near her fell back each searching for something. Buffy Scrambled up and her hand wrapped around the hilt of the sword, she stood, looking around for the attacker. Then from the sky she saw the bird that glittered like steel, it flew at her and she realized that it had the head of a human. Behind it there were a dozen more, she lowered her voice, “Get out of here. Now!”

With that commanding voice, she at least got them to back away from her, letting her slayer side surface, she cocked her head and lowered the sword, she let the creature come within three feet of her and then spun, leveling the weapon at its neck. The soft snikt of metal on metal resonated. The thud of the body falling at her feet made her grin and turn her head up. The creatures clearly felt her power and had seen their leader taken down, they circled over head and went back the way they came. Buffy harnessed the slayer and looked down at her feet at the body, she carefully pulled out leather gloves and a white cloth stained with many different colors of blood. She wiped the sword down and then pulled the gloves on obviously unaware of the audience that had gathered at the fence as well as the man and woman who stood a ways back from her obviously bewildered.

She went about examining the body; finally she brushed off her hands and went back to the book that she had unwittingly taken with her, as she walked the events came barreling back to her. Finally, she looked up with book and sword in hand; she nearly choked when she realized that it must be a small army that was gathered. She took in their apparel, some wore chain mail, and others carried weapons like crossbows and swords. Looking for an escape she saw the forest not far off, she made a step towards them and then faster than the eye could see she took off in the other direction.

As she glanced back she felt strong arms grab her own, effectively stopping her in her tracks. Quickly she went through her options; she could either beat this man up and then have more people on her trail or be taken to the others, where who knew what would happen. Not like she could explain that creature, finally she let her body go and it relaxed. A warm voice like honey fell to her ears, “What is your name?”

“Buffy, who are you and where am I?” She decided to chance the man who seemed much kinder than she had expected.

“Sir Raoul of Malory’s Peak at your service. This is Tortall, Corus to be specific. Are you all right? You look rather pale.” He smiled and released her arms. The group had finally caught up and she paled even more at the sight.

A dark haired man held his hand out for her sword, her eyes gained a steely quality and her voice became angry beyond words, “If you think I would let just anyone handle Letalis, you’re an idiot. EGO iuguolo diligo of meus vita per is mucro. In common, I killed the love of my life with this sword, I sent him to hell to save the world. Death will do nothing for it is my gift. Nex est meus donum, and I have already given that gift.” She whispered those words under her breathe where no one heard.

The man who had stood over her as she woke spoke to her, “How did you kill the stormwing, they are immortals, they come from the Divine Realms.”

Buffy laughed, “You mean heaven, or hell, cause I’ve been there, and done that. Immortals can be killed, Gods can be killed, everything can die. It’s just a matter of the demon staying dead. Now somebody tell me where the hell I can find somebody who can do magic.”

A steel voice cut through the soft mumbles, “You are touched by the gods, who are you really?”

“Who are you is the question? I don’t take orders from the gods, I take orders from the Powers That Be, on occasion.” Buffy managed to say without snarling.

“I am the King’s Champion, Alanna the Lioness.”

“Yeah, okay, I am Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” the blank stares she got made her groan, “You know the chosen one? She who hangs out in cemeteries a lot. The one with the strength and skill to hunt the Vampires? Into each generation a slayer is born, one girl in all the world, a chosen one, one with the strength and skill to hunt the vampires, to stop the spread of their evil. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of evil. She is the Slayer.”



Not sure about this one, I have ideas, but I don’t know if it is worth continuing, if I get like ten people who want me to, I will. But I need Reviews

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