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For Reasons Unknown

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Summary: Every other attending seemed to have an intern of their own, why shouldn’t she? Alex/Addison, hints of Addison/Mark

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Television > Grey's AnatomyJamiFR1533,879011,10823 Dec 0623 Dec 06No

Pretty People Never Lie

3: Pretty People Never Lie

“Morning,” Bailey greeted Addison with a wary grin. “Let’s see…no bags under your eyes, you look wide awake and coherent…no drinking last night?”

“None whatsoever,” Addison nodded sharply, ignoring the fact that she had been mere seconds from breaking her promise. “And no drunken kisses either,” she assured her, consciously forgetting to mention the not-so-drunken kiss that did take place.

“Good to hear,” she acknowledged with a slightly more relaxed bow of her head. “It’s nice to know there’s at least one sane attending working here,” she snorted, missing the flash of embarrassment and guilt on Addison’s face.

Clearing her throat awkwardly, Addison straightened a bit, making an effort to appear all business. “I need an intern.”

“Take Yang,” Bailey stated, not missing a beat as she scanned her latest patient’s chart.

“Still on punishment?” Addison asked with a tiny, humored grin.

“She keeps it up and she may never be off punishment,” Miranda scowled. “I think a day spent with expectant mothers and crying babies might do her good. If not it will at least provide me with some semblance of amusement.”

“Send her up when she gets here,” Addison requested and at Bailey’s nod of confirmation Dr. Montgomery turned and headed for the elevator, her heels clicking loudly on the tile and echoing throughout the floor.

Stepping into the waiting car, her footsteps halted for a second as she spotted who was riding on the elevator already, rolling her eyes when she was met with Mark’s wide grin. His intern made no real effort to even acknowledge her presence, instead turning away and focusing on the lit numbers on the elevator panel.

“Mark,” she mumbled as she stepped on, leaving a good distance between them as she clutched the chart she had been carrying to her chest and focusing intently on the now closing doors.

No this wasn’t awkward at all.

“Are you busy tonight?” Mark wondered, stepping a bit closer to her, unfazed by her lack of attention. “I was hoping we could talk…we have to talk sometime,” he murmured, a hint of frustration appearing on his handsome face.

“I can’t,” she replied blankly, “I’m busy.”

“Doing what?” he challenged with a superior smirk.

“I’m washing my hair,” she retorted dryly. “I’m afraid it will take all night.” Neither one noticed the small smirk on Alex’s face.

The elevator dinged and Mark stifled an irritated sigh as the doors slid open. Giving her one last long look, he stepped off the car, Karev following him obediently, only glancing back after he had already started down the hall. The look they shared was pointed and after a moment she glanced down at her shoes. When she looked up again, the doors were closing once more and Alex was nearly out of sight, trailing after Mark without a second glance.

Her head fell back on the wall of the elevator. This was going to be a long day, she could feel it.

The next stop was hers and she stepped off with a sigh.

Scanning her patient’s chart, a few moments later she heard unenthusiastic footsteps heading her way and glanced up.

“Dr. Bailey sent me,” Christina said tiredly.

“Good,” Addison replied shortly, “I need you to check on Mrs. Peters in 304, I need her progress monitored throughout the day. If she continues to dilate at this rate she’ll be ready for delivery in six to eight hours. Then I need you to pick up the labs for Miss Woods and take some blood for testing from Mrs. Andrews.”

Looking bored and more than a little annoyed at Bailey’s choice of assignments, Christina nodded and took the chart handed to her. “Dr. Montgomery, I know you’re scheduled for surgery in two hours,” Yang blurted out, bringing Addison’s attention back to her abruptly. “I was hoping—”

“It’s routine. I don’t really need an intern for this, and extra hands only complicate things,” Addison broke the news unapologetically, glancing up from her paperwork only briefly at Yang’s disappointed face. “If anything changes I’ll let you know. Until then just check on Mrs. Peters.”

“Yes, doctor,” she murmured, turning on her heel swiftly, leaving Addison on her own.

After checking on a few patients, Addison headed for the cafeteria in search of a halfway decent cup of coffee and something to nibble on for breakfast before her first surgery of the day. Paying for her few items quickly, she spotted a familiar, albeit obviously annoyed face in line and shook her head incredulously.

“Karev,” she called out as she neared the exit and the intern glanced up at her in surprise. “Take a walk,” she ordered, starting out the door and not waiting for him to follow. After a short pause she could hear him jogging to catch up with her, a curious expression on his face.

“Mark asked for coffee, I take it,” she said unquestioningly.

“Bone dry cappuccino to be exact,” he smirked tiredly.

“Plastics everything you thought it would be?” Addison asked without any smugness or superiority.

“It’s a blast,” he snorted in derision. “Or it would be if I actually got to do anything. He won’t let me scrub in, hell, I’m lucky if he lets me in on a consult. Did you hear, he even let Izzie scrub in on his last one,” Alex grunted.

“Yeah, well, she’s blond, and a she,” Addison admitted with a roll of her eyes. “So she’s already got two up on you.”

“So if I had boobs he’d let me scrub in?” Alex grumbled sarcastically.

“Scary mental picture,” Addison mumbled, trying to shake that image from her head. “Listen,” she sighed as they reached the doctor’s lounge which was thankfully empty for once. “Mark is Mark. He’s arrogant, a horrible teacher, but damn good at what he does. You’re not going to make any progress with him if you keep doing every menial task he gives you. There’s one thing he appreciates and its backbone. Show some.”

“That what he likes about you?” Alex grinned crookedly.

“That and my sparkling personality,” she smiled lightly.

“Can’t forget that,” he agreed with a wide grin. They shared a smile, but hers began to falter under the weight of his gaze until she finally looked away.

“What is this?” she asked bluntly.

“Huh?” Alex murmured, his face screwing up in confusion.

“Is it a game? Are you bored? What?” she demanded urgently.

“Not following here,” he admitted, completely perplexed.

“The—” she nearly screeched, taking a moment to calm herself and inhale slowly. “The kissing,” she explained in a whisper, as if afraid the walls had ears. “Is that how you get your kicks? Because I refuse to be the butt of someone’s joke. I’ll have you know—” she steamed ahead.

“It’s not a game.”

Well that just stopped her in her tracks.

Alex looked uncomfortable as he fidgeted in place, his eyes flitting about until they reluctantly settled upon her. He couldn’t resist a slight grin at how equally discomfited she looked, but it soon faded.

“I don’t know what it is, okay?” he admitted with an awkward shrug. “It’s just…you’re hot. You’re hot, and you’re smart, and you’re a complete pain in my ass. And it’s kind of a turn on.”

“Well,” Addison muttered in bemusement, “You sure know how to turn on the charm.”

They remained at a stand still, both unsure what to say or where to go from there. Quiet honestly, Addison didn’t know what to make of being called a pain in the ass by the guy she had been making out with in dark corners. She supposed in his twisted mind it was a compliment.

“I…,” she paused, glancing at her watch and frowning. “I have to get to the OR.”

Alex nodded and started to turn away, but her hesitant voice stopped him.

“What’s Mark got you doing right now, other than the coffee fetching?”

Glancing at his watch, Alex shrugged halfheartedly. “He’s in surgery by now for another three hours. Mostly I’ll just be sitting around with my thumb up my ass.”

“Yes, well,” Addison coughed at his unpleasant description. “I—I have a patient with an ectopic pregnancy. She’s scheduled for surgery in a half hour. It’s not as thrilling as anything Dr. Sloan does I’m sure, but I could use another pair of hands,” she rambled awkwardly. “You think you might want to scrub in?”

“Uh,” Alex mumbled, a little taken aback by the offer. “I…yeah,” he decided with a small nod.

“Good,” she smiled slightly. “It’ll be nice having you back, Karev.”

Now if only she could get rid of this nagging feeling that she had done something very wrong.

The End?

You have reached the end of "For Reasons Unknown" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Dec 06.

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