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Willow and her Merry Band: Part Three

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Willow and her Merry Band". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow/Angel Spike/Illyria Xander/? Logan/? The gang goes to the Anita Blake 'verse! Some one has been is the gang going to handle a pissed off Anita, a master Vampire, and a wolf king?

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Chapter Two A surprise or two?

Disclaimer:  I own nothing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, X-men, Stargate, Anita Blake, Hellsing, nor Highlander.


Chapter Two  

“…the ‘Powers’ want us to leave now.  We’ll come back for Angel and Logan later, so don’t worry.”  Willow finished as they stepped out of the portal.

“Bloody hell Red!”  Spike growled at her, and his eyes flashed with impatience.  “All ya’ know at this point is we’re to stop a hell mouth, and found something that belongs to ya’…Ya’ wake us up with ya’ screaming…and off we go?  …and this doesn’t bother ya’ at all?  I don’t like this!”

Willow eyes narrowed with anger at the blond demon.  She stopped, and placed her hands on her hips.  “Yeah!  I don’t like it much either!  I didn’t ask for this, you know.  It’s not my fault the ‘Powers’ are sending me dreams, and stuff…”

“Hum…guys?”  Xander tried to get their attention, as he and Illyria glanced at something over the red head’s shoulder.

“Well, that might be true, but maybe if ya’ explained a bit more about what is going on…” Spike snared at the witch.


Willow, and Spike jerked in reaction to the shout.  They both turned to stare at Xander.  “What?”

The young man pointed to something behind them.  He was smirking.  “We’ve got company.  Perhaps you two want to continue the fight later?”

Willow spun on her heel, and gaped openly at the group standing less then ten feet away.  In the front of the group, stood two master vampires; a dark haired vampire, and a platinum blond; a slender woman…whom screamed with death magic, and standing to the left of the two vampires stood a very powerful werewolf.  Behind these four individuals stood an assortment of other supernatural beings; more werewolves, a few more vampires…and some others, which were some other type of were.  They were all powerful, especially the dark haired vampire, the wolf in the front, and the woman…it was as if the three of them were bonded together… somehow…and this bond increased their own powers.

“Oh…Hi there!”  Willow chirped, while an embarrassed blush covered her face.  There was a force reaching out to her, and her friends, from the strangers, so in response, she slammed her magical shields closed; around herself, and her companions.  She stared intently at the group as she felt something else tug at her soul.  This pull did not come from these strangers.  What was it?

 “Do you guys feel that?” she asked her friends without glancing away from the strangers.  She used a fraction of her power to search the interior of the building they stood in; which appeared to be the insides of a circus.  The pull on her was growing stronger.

“Yeah Red…”  Spike murmured a reply as he searched for the source with his demonic senses, his gaze narrowing as the pull grew on him as well.

“What troubles you?”  the ancient asked the witch, herself having felt nothing.

“You don’t feel it?”  Willow questioned with a frown growing on her face.  For the time being, they ignored the strangers.

“Wills, buddy…”  Xander shrugged his shoulders, having not idea what she was talking about.  He kept his eye on the group before them.  He hadn’t liked how the strangers had all tensed when Willow had spoken.  He could smell the adrenaline in the air.  “I can only feel them over there…”

“Only Spike and I…” the witch whispered thoughtfully, and taking a chance, opened the soul bond she shared with Angel.  The blond demon stiffened behind her, as he felt the link opening between them.  The tug on them grew stronger, as did the impression of what was causing the pull on both of them.

Spike’s eye’s opened wide with the shock.  “It’s Dru!” he cried out in surprise.

“What?”  Xander exclaimed.  “How is that possible?”

“Oh goddess…I don’t know.”  Willow gasped, and then she closed her eyes as she concentrated on the pull on her soul.  She used her magic, and the strength of the soul bond to search for the female  childe of Angelus.  Ruthlessly she used her magic to by past the wards in place inside the building; not caring who felt her power at this point.  Nothing would stand in her way.  Finally her search came to an end, and in response the color of her eyes turned to a swirling mixture of black and white; and they opened to blaze with the anger she felt.  She stared at the group of strangers standing in front of her, her face tight with fury.  Spike, Xander, and Illyria stepped back from the witch, knowing was it was safer to do so.

“What have you done!?”  she screamed the demand, her control slipping as her hair began to bleed black, and sliver.  Her power rolled under her skin, and all present felt the threat she presented.  Her voice shook as she struggled to hold back her wrath.  Oh goddess, the pain…an instinctive drive to protect rose within her.

“Where is she?  Where is our sister?”

 “What have you done?” screamed the red haired woman.  Jean-Claude and his group fell back a step or two under the unleashed power rushing towards them.  Mon Dieu…so much strength.  Never had he felt the like before.  He struggled to hear her next words.  “Where is she?  Where is our sister?”

Their sister?  How is that possible, he wondered silently as he gazed upon the strangers standing in the middle ring of his circus?  That female vampire…or demon; he wasn’t too sure about that; was over a hundred years old.  How could this witch child claim to be her sister?

“I told you this would happen, Jean-Claude!” hissed Anita Blake in his ear.  He could sense she was furious that he had allowed a witch of unknown power, and her companions to enter his city.

“Shut up Anita!”  Richard growled at her.  The situation was bad enough; he didn’t want her to upset the four strangers more than they already were.  They had felt the red head slam her shields down; so none of them had any idea how powerful she really was.  Even with the magical wards closed around herself, and her companions, the force she wielded; the strength she had to force their group to back away was indescribable.  Richard had a suspicion she wasn’t even using one tenth of her power…and that didn’t even cover the mysterious power surrounding her friends.

 ‘I’d advise caution Jean-Claude.’  He sent mentally to the master vampire, and to Anita.  Politics was not going to play with these people. 

“We have not hurt anyone rouge sorcellerie.”  Jean-Claude declared loudly.  He stood tall, refusing to cower before the strangers.  He was master of the city.  “She came to us, the one called Drusilla, hurt and in need of shelter.  We have offered her sanctuaire.”

The red haired witch cocked her head to the side as she stared back at them, with a calculating gleam in her swirling colored eyes.  She watched quietly as the platinum blond stepped forward.  Her three companions stepped closer to the witch; offering her their protection, thought Jean-Claude had a feeling the sorcellerie had not need for such.

“Mademoiselle…”  Asher spoke as adequately as he could in the tense situation.  “The one called Drusilla arrived but two days ago in front of the building.  She has refused our aid to help her.  She informed us, you, and those of your friends would come here for her.  We mean no harm to you, or yours.  Come, we will take you to her.”

“Alright, thank you…”  Willow replied as she stepped forward.  “…but only the four in the front will lead us.”

Jean-Claude, and Asher both raised a inquisitive brow at this.  “May I ask why?”  the master of the city asked.

Willow waved in the direction of her friends.  “We do not know you…and you do not know us.  The circumstances are much too strained for us to add to the mix.  I give you my word…and you know I speak the truth.  You would sense a lie…I, nor my friends, will harm anyone who does not harm us.  We wish to see Dru first…then we will talk.”

Jean-Claude gazed at her, his eyes beginning to glow.  Willow grinned widely as his power washed over her, and her companions.  “That will not work Master Vampire…” she told him as they as a whole, pushed his power right back at him.  “You can not enthrall any of us.  It strange, isn’t it?”  she asked softly as her smile turned into a smirk.  “This poor, half mad vampire stumbles unto your doorstep…and you have no power over her.  She must have told you things, things unimaginable…things of power.  What an extraordinary opportunity for you…Master Vampire…” her voice trailed off, and her eyes hardened with warning.  “Do not fool yourself into thinking any of us are lacking in intelligence.”

The glow left Jean-Claude gaze, and the rest of his party blinked in surprise at the red head.  They could see admiration, and craving for the power the witch commanded, growing within the master of the city.  He bowed gracefully towards her in respect he showed to few.  “Pardon mademoiselle, it will be as you wish.”

Willow, along with Spike, Xander, and Illyria followed the dark haired vampire into the lower room of the circus; sensing only the powerfully werewolf, the platinum vampire, and the human woman join them at their backs.  They all made a mental note of the maze of halls Jean-Claude sent them down.  It was as if he was trying to confuse them.  They shared a grin at this useless strategy by-play.  Even if Xander couldn’t lead them out with his enhanced senses, there was Spike with his nose, and last, but not least, there was Willow, who could teleport them out of the building in a blink of an eye.    

“Wills…what’s Dru…”  Xander began to ask, but was quickly hushed by the red head.

‘Xan-man, don’t speak out loud.’  Willow said in his mind.

‘Okay, witchery mind reader…what’s going on?  We are talking about Drusilla, right?  The insane vampire that tried to kill us numerous times in the past;  How could she be here?’

‘I really don’t know.’ was the reply, Willow’s mental voice full of confusion.  ‘Our Drusilla is here…somehow she was taken from our dimension…and kidnapped.  I don’t know how long she’s been here.  She is different then she use to be…I can feel it…she’s not a danger to us…we’ll have to wait and see.’

Xander gave a shrug.  He trusted Willow, really he did.  If she said Dru wasn’t a threat, then the vampire wouldn’t be one.  He would deal.  The sooner they got to their destination though, the happier he would be.  ‘Okay best bud…we’ll play it by ear.’

Richard in the back of the line wondered at the young man’s sudden silence.  His beast could sense the power whirling around the strangers, and it made his wolf flinch.  He could sense no evil in the four strangers.  He only wished Jean-Claude had sent for him sooner, he might have been better prepared to meet them.  He was still somewhat surprised the strangers were immune to the vampires enthrall…just as the crazed vampire who had come seeking shelter two days past.  There was more going on then Jean-Claude was letting on, which wasn’t surprising.

Anita did not turn her gaze from the back of the red haired witch.  She did not like her.  Too much power and magic in once person always made Anita nervous.  This stranger’s very arrival upon the city was a beacon of doom.  There was a twitch in the back of her mind, which told her something was coming…something terrible and destructive.  God, she wanted her gun.

Asher could almost feel the thoughts running around in Anita’s mind, and that of Richard.  The master necromancer was suspicious of the new arrivals, and the wolf king was wary.  If the situation had been any different, Asher would have find amusement in the stand still the red witch and Jean-Claude had come to.  The girl intrigued him.  There was so much darkness and light inside of her, flowing under her skin; alive and powerful.  Her mere presence made his un-dead body sing with anticipation.  He could feel the blood lust growing; he could only wonder how Jean-Claude was dealing with the temptation the girl represented.  Never had they met anyone stronger; not even the whole Council…and her friends…he couldn’t determine the extent of their power.  He only could conclude they should not be underestimated.

“Here we are, rouge sorcellerie.”  Jean-Claude said to the witch in a soothing voice.  He opened the door to the room he had led them to.  He flicked a switch, and the room flooded with light.  There, huddled in the far corner by the single queen sized bed was Drusilla.

Willow gasped aloud as her gaze beheld the slopped figure.  She couldn’t understand why she felt such horror at the depleted condition the vampire appeared to be in; and why at the sight before them, pain twisted inside her chest.  “Dru!” she cried out with concern as she rushed into the room, followed by Spike.  Xander and Illyria stood at the entrance, blocking the others in the hall from coming inside the room.  Neither the young man, nor the ancient knew what, the hell was going on, but until Willow gave them go ahead, they would continue to hold their position.

The witch could not believe the state the dark haired vampire was in, all skin and bones.  Drusilla was in a weakened condition, to almost the point of no return, and her skin and clothing reeked of blood.  Her face covered in bruises, and her long, dark hair tangled with dirt, and dead leaves.  She was a mess.  

“Dru…” Willow whispered brokenly as the link she shared with the childer of Angelus flood with emotion.  She couldn’t explain it, but she had the intense need to help, and protect this vampire.  She knelt down by the fallen demon, and took a hold of her shoulder.  “Dru, please wake up.”

“Little tree…” came the soft murmur from the dark haired vampire.  Her head rolled to the side as she tried to look up at the witch.  She lacked the strength to hold her own head up.

With assistance from Spike, Willow was able to pull Dru up and across her lap.  She held Dru’s head against her shoulder.  The witch could sense the intense pain the vampire felt, and the deep hunger, which crawled at her.  The need to feed pulled at the demon from the inside.  The blond vampire leaned down on one knee, facing Willow.  He held out a hand that shook, and tenderly pushed back Drusilla’s hair from her face.  For years he had loved this vampire, and to see her in such a state…it brought tears to his eyes.

 “Oh Dru,”  He groaned as he stared down at her, “what happened to you pet?”

Willow gasped softly at the connection she felt growing between the three of them.  Her eyes widened with shock when she learned the extent of the bond she shared with them.  She could feel both their demons, and their…How was this possible?  She glanced up into Spike’s red tear streaked face; his surprise growing as he felt the same thing she did.  The two of them could feel the new essence within the dark haired demon.

“Oh goddess…Spike!  She has a soul!”
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