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Willow and her Merry Band: Part Three

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Willow and her Merry Band". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow/Angel Spike/Illyria Xander/? Logan/? The gang goes to the Anita Blake 'verse! Some one has been is the gang going to handle a pissed off Anita, a master Vampire, and a wolf king?

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Chapter One A new portal

Disclaimer:  I own nothing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, X-men, Stargate, Anita Blake, Hellsing, nor Highlander.


Note:  I haven’t read all the Anita Blake books, so I working with what I know.  If I mess up somewhere, please let me know.


Note:  In these stories, Angel is Spike’s sire.



The dark haired vampire hung loosely from the chains wrapped around her seemingly delicate wrists.  A slight figure came close by; and the touch of a wet cloth bathed the raw skin of the demons back.  Without the regular intake of blood, the vampire found it was becoming harder to heal her broken body as time went by.  The brunette could not remember how long she had been a captive; nor how many times she had been tortured.  She moaned low in pain, as someone washed the blood away from her back.

Drusilla kept still, with all of her senses on high alert.  There was no one else in the dungeon cell, but the young one attending her wounds.  There were two others in the hall beyond, guarding the entrance-way.  They were joking amongst themselves; teasing each other…A male, and a female.  Her eyes flashed with heated amber.  She did love the kitties…and loved how they liked to play.

With her head tucked down to her chest, the dark haired demon grinned with anticipation.  Her teeth grew, and she inwardly smiled.  Now was her chance.  She ferociously swept her leg out, kicking at the knee of the were leopard, the one who had been administration first aid.  The were stumbled against her chest, his neck just inches away.  With a growl, the vampire sank her teeth into the young man, tearing into his throat.  The power in his blood coursed through her veins, quickly restoring some of her strength.

Once the were leopard past out from the loss of blood; after falling to the ground in a lifeless heap; the vampire snapped the bonds holding her to the wall with a upward thrust of her wrists.  Drusilla wasted no time as she got to her feet.  She had to get away…get out…now…before her false daddy returned with the scary lady to play with her again.

The demon slid quietly towards the door to the cell room; moving within the shadows along the walls.  She used one of her long nails to push the pegs out of the hinges of the door.  She used only a little of her magic to mask the noise when she pulled the door open.  With her sensitive hearing, she could pin point the location of the two guards in the hall.  In a blur of motion, she took both were leopards down.  With one hand around the neck of the female, and holding her up against the wall, she high kicked the male in the chest, sending him crashing to the opposite wall.  There was a loud crushing noise as the male were hit the back of his head.  He slid down the wall, unconscious.

“Now deary…”  Dru whispered to the blonde-haired haired were leopard.  With the fingers of her free hand, she waved them before the woman’s violet colored eyes; back, and forth, she moved the tips slowly.  She held the female up high in the air with the strength of her arm.  The demon knew she was using too much of her power, and she did not have much time before she would need to feed again.  She had to escape.

“Look into my eyes…” she sang, and with her words, had the were under her enchantment.  “You will help me, pretty kitty…you will take me to St. Louis.”  She commanded.  “The White Witch will come there for her lost princess…Come with me kitty…we must leave here…”



Willow knew she was dreaming; and she was not afraid.  There, before her stood a city, with it’s lights a blazed in the middle of the night.  She floated unseen above the streets, the night air warm on her skin.  She stared down at the people going about their business in the streets below.  Everything looked normal…suddenly there was a loud snapping noise coming from deep within the earth.  The ground under the city shook with the force beneath the concrete.  Flames burst out of the cracks forming throughout the metropolis, with one growing a mile long, and as wide as a four-lane street in the middle of the city.  Large hordes of diverse demons came crawling from within the cracks.  Horrified screams and sulfur filled the air as a new hell mouth roared its arrival upon the unsuspecting population.

(Will you not help them?)

Willow stared down at the carnage now displayed in the city below, damage done by ferocious claws and sharp teeth.  Time past quickly.  Humans, and the like, fell before the horde of evil invading the city.  The howls of pain, and the tears of sorrow filled the night air.  Moisture filled the witch’s eyes, and salty tears fell past her cheeks.  The buildings below burned.  So much terror, so much despair…how could she stop this from happening?  Where was here?  When?

(Will you save them?)

Willow bowed her head, and whispered, “Yes, I will save them.”

(Good…You must go, as soon as you wake…You must take the ancient, the boy who sees, and the young vampire, with you when you leave.  You will have time to come back for your family; the Angel who weeps, and the man of your bloodline.  Later, they will be needed.)

“Little tree…help me!” screamed a voice from the far side of the city.  Willow’s head jerked to the left, and her gaze fell upon the building in the distance.  It looked like a circus…wait!  That voice!  She felt like she should know whose voice that belonged too,…why did she feel a pull towards…?  It was female, and she was in terrible pain.

“Who is that?” she asked.

(Someone taken from you; one you did not know was lost.  You must wake now….wake up Willow!)



“Willow!  Wake up!” yelled a male voice over her head.  “You’re scaring me Wills!”

The young red head jerked up in the bed, a scream dying in her throat.  She stared around the room with wide-terror filled eyes.  She had tears drying on her face.  Her gaze settled on the two seated on the bed; Xander and Spike.  She felt the tight grip Xander had on her forearms.  “What happened?”

Spike let out a sigh of relief at her seeing awake and aware.  He shook his head at her.  “Don’t know luv’.  Ya’ were screaming bloody murder in your sleep.  Ya’ were quiet terrifying pet.”

“What’s going on?” her best friend asked.  He pulled back, releasing the hold her had on Willow.  He had a sudden suspicion the nightmare Willow had was not normal.

She rubbed her forehead, recalling the details of the dream she had.  “The ‘Powers’…sent me a vision…we have to leave…leave right away.  There’s no time to waste.”  She threw back the covers of bed, pushed past the blond vampire, and jumped to her feet; wearing her cotton pants, and tank top.  She run past the bemused men by her bed, and opened the hotel dresser.

“Come on, you two!  Get your stuff!” she told the other two impatiently.  She pulled out a change of clothing, and pulled her bag up from the floor.  She threw a few a few pairs of jeans, some t-shirts, and such into the bag.

“Wills…slow down.”  Xander told her.  “What’s going on?”

She ran into the bathroom, calling to him over her shoulder.  “I’ll explain later!  Get dressed, and then get Illyria.  The three of you meet me back here in ten minutes…now hurry up!”

The vampire glanced over at the young man with a raised, questioning brow.  He got a shrug in reply.  “Let’s go Jr.”  Xander called as he left the room.  “We have to get your girlfriend…no wait…go get your master!”

Spike’s eyes narrowed dangerously on the young man.  “Chub…I’d hate to see ya’ get hurt during one of our training sessions.” He threatened as he walked out of the hotel room.

Xander just laughed back at him; which pissed the master vampire more.  The kid knew he would never seriously hurt him; it would hurt Red…well maybe he wouldn’t have to hurt the little guy…maybe some itchy powder in the wrong place…Spike’s mouth twisted as scenarios danced in his mind.

Short time later, Spike, Xander, and Illyria stood in the middle of Willow’s hotel room; watching as she finished packing her bag.  It had only been a week since they had returned from the other dimension; where the SG-1 lived.  They had only a few more days before their new home was finished construction.

“Luv’, what going on?”  Spike asked the red head.

Willow put her bag on the floor, moving once more to the bathroom to retrieve her toilet bag.  She began to explain as she came back into the room.  “We have to go to another dimension.  Someone is trying to open a Hell Mouth.  It’s going to be bigger than any we would have faced here.  This Earth…has creatures similar to ours, vampires, and weres…they are powerful…and the vampires still have their souls.”

“What?”  Xander questioned, jaw dropping.  Illyria glanced over at Spike with a pointed look, before she glared back at the young man.  Xander rolled his eyes.   “Yeah God-king, but he’s only one of the two on this world.  Our vampires have no soul…there is only a demon left inside, once they are turned.”

Willow dropped her toilet bag on the floor by the other, and turned back to her friends.  “This is what I know.  Everyone on this Earth knows of the supernatural.  They even have laws, which protect them.  There’s even a Vampire Council.  Most major cities in the U.S. have a Master…a leader Vampire; with ties to the Vampire Council.  There are were-wolves, were-leopards, were-hyenas…even were-rats.  They have Vampire Executioners who work within the law.  It’s all very diplomatic.  Someone has stolen something from our world…and gained knowledge to open a Hell Mouth.  Our job is to find this lost one, or lost thing, and stop the Hell Mouth from opening.”

“Hum…pet?” the blond demon questioned.  “Shouldn’t we wait for peaches, and your uncle?”

“We can’t.”  Willow replied with a dark frown.  “They won’t be back from visiting the Oracles for another day or so.  This Hell Mouth will be opened in the next few days, so we don’t have time to wait.  The ‘Powers’ sent me this vision to show me where we’re to go.  Don’t worry, we’ll come back in two days.  I’ll leave Angel and Logan a note.  We’ll need them before this is over…Besides, there is something on this Earth…which is mine.  I have to find it before it’s too late…the pain…it’s screams…I have to save it.”

“You sure it’s a ‘it’ Wills?”  Xander asked with a narrowed eye.  “It sounds like this ‘it’ is a person.”

“I don’t know Xan.  I hear a woman screaming in my mind…”  Willow tried to explain, and then gave a shake of her head when the images in her mind began to fade away.  “There’s a lot of pain,” she continued, and pointed to her chest.  “…and I fell it here.”

“Then we will go.”  Illyria decided; her gaze sharp on the young witch.  She would find this source of pain for the red head, and it needed, she would eliminate it.  “You said the ‘Powers’ have given you a destination for us.”

“Yeah.”  Willow confirmed as she pulled on her leather coat.  Angel had it specially made for her.  It was light in weight, soft to the touch, and had several pockets on the inside; all the better to hide things, like a knife or two.  She reached for her rapier, and stored it on the back of the coat.  She returned to the dresser, and pulled out a note pad, and pen.  She quickly wrote out a letter for Angel and Logan.  She stuck the note to the mirror.

“Is everyone armed and ready to go?  Good…give me a second to hide our weapons.”  She said as she closed her eyes, and murmured the spell to shield their weapons.

She reached down with a jar of salt, and made a new circle of power on the floor.  She sat down in the middle of the circle, and began to chant.  Within moments, a portal of gold and silver light appeared on the other side of the room.

“Whoa!”  Xander exclaimed, and then squinted at the portal.  “It’s different, isn’t it?”

Willow grinned up at him.  “Of course it is.  We’re not going to the same dimension as before.  Each dimension has a different power signature, thus the different color of lights when we summon a portal.  Just think; after awhile, we could tell were we are going just by the color of the circle.  Pretty nifty, I would say.”

“It’s simple enough.”  Spike commented with a cocked head.  He threw his bag over his shoulder, then reached for Illyria’s at the foot of the bed.  Xander, the ancient, and the blond demon began to follow Willow as she stepped through the circle of light.

“I still say we should have waited for peaches.”  Spike murmured under his breath.  He saw from the corner of his eye, how Xander nodded his head in agreement.  Angel and Xander might still how some issues to work through, but the young man would rather have the older vampire at their backs, then leave with only the four of them to confront this new threat.

Willow pursed her lips, and then turned on her heel to confront the vampire.  She continued through the portal, walking backwards.  “We can’t wait Spike.  They need us.  The ‘Powers’ want us to leave now…” and as a whole, the small group disappeared.  A few minutes later, so did the circle of light.
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