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Summary: Veronica may want normal to be the watchword, but when you know someone like Faith... (Faith/Veronica)

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Television > Veronica Mars > Faith-CenteredHopeFR18710,6490157,04825 Dec 0623 Jan 07No

Chapter Seven

Authors note: This was going to be posted as two chapters, but the last part i felt was too short to go on its own, so I'm just dividing this chapter into parts. Yeah. I am preying this isn't confusing as well.
Disclaimer: Veronica Mars the show, and the dialog I used in this chapter belongs to Rob Thomas. Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss.


Part 1

“That was a bust,” Faith sighed as she strolled into the kitchen, hoisting herself up on one of the counters and snatching an apple.

“Well there was a pretty lights show.” Veronica said as she placed her bag down. “It doesn’t matter, maybe some things aren’t supposed to be remembered.”

“Maybe,” Faith shrugged. Before she could take a bite of her apple the room flickered and began to distort, a hazy silhouette engulfing the kitchen. “What the hell?” She was now sitting in the Mars family apartment. A clatter of paws caught her attention and her eyes widened as Backup trotted past. Veronica leant over and stroked his head, then sat down at the small table and opened a ghostly text book. “Uh, V?” The brunette cautiously crossed the room and waved a hand in front of Veronica’s face. The blonde didn’t react.

“Who’s your daddy?”

Faith spun and frowned at the short balding man who was smiling fondly at Veronica.

“Ack. I hate it when you say that.” Veronica said as she looked up from her reading.

The man suddenly looked serious. “You know what, this is important. You remember this. I used to be cool.”

Veronica looked skeptical. “When?”

“’77. Trans Am, Blue Oyster Cult in the 8-track, a foxy stacked blond riding shotgun, racing for pink slips. Now wait a minute, I’m thinking of a Springsteen song. Scratch everything I was….”

The world shimmered again, and the ghostly scene vanished. Now supported only by air, Veronica fell to the floor. Letting out a groan she sat up and shook her head, staring around the room, then up at a wide eyed Faith. “Woah.”


“Woah.” Willow breathed, her eyes wide and worried as she squirmed around in her seat. “The spells not supposed to do that. Your memories are supposed to stay in your head, not all outside in the world and… this is bad-very very bad.”

“Well it hasn’t happened since, maybe it’s worn off.” Veronica suggested hopefully.

“What hasn’t happened since?” A familiar male voice chimed in.

“Nothing!” Willow blurted as she spun in her chair and stared nervously at Xander and Buffy who had just entered the library. “Nothing has happened since anything, because nothing happened in the first place,” her words dissolved into nervous giggles. “Just a whole lot of nothing’s been going on here.”

“Faith did you give her coffee again?” Buffy glared as she and Xander flung themselves down onto the vacant library seats.

“Learnt my lesson the first time B,” Faith said with a smirk. “Plus all Giles is packin is tea. Oh and a bottle of—”

“You went through my things?” The shocked watcher cut her off as he emerged from his office, an annoyed frown on his face.

“Bottle of what?” Buffy interjected, shooting the librarian a disapproving frown.

“Buffy that’s hardly…” Giles trailed off. The world began to flicker again. The quiet library suddenly became loud with the din of echoing voices and laughter as the world around them melted into a crowded car wash, populated by throngs of ghostly teens.

Veronica, again the only one unperturbed by the change of scenery stood up and moved over to one of the cars, where a smiling blonde was standing, dressed in a small t-shirt and shorts. Veronica picked up a cloth and began to methodically rub ghostly suds over the car’s surface as she matched the other girl’s smile. “God Lilly, I see the Prozac’s working.”

Lilly’s grin widened as she flicked her hair. “High on life, Veronica Mars.” She leant forward a little, her smile becoming mischievous. “I’ve got a secret, a good one.”

Before Veronica could answer the memory world disappeared again, plunging the library into heavy, stunned silence.

Giles was the first to break the silence. “What’s going on?”


“A memory spell?” Giles said in a strained voice as he began polishing his glasses.

“Yes…” Willow looked I’ll. “But it’s not supposed to work like this. It’s supposed to be more in her head a-and…”

“Let me see it,” the librarian demanded grabbing the sheet of paper she handed him and moving away from the table.

“Did anyone see that?” Xander said, his eyes wide as he gestured around the room.

“The whole outer body flashback was kinda hard to miss Xan,” Buffy said.

“Veronica, you have no control over your actions?” Giles asked, still frowning intently at the spell.

“Nope, it’s like I’m there again.” Veronica said as she began to pick at her cast. This flashback had been much more powerful than the last one. She could still smell the faint scent of Lilly’s hair and perfume in the air and the echo of her voice was still ringing in her head. It had been so real. “This memory was stronger than the other one I had.” She added

“I would imagine so,” Giles said grimly. “This isn’t a simple memory spell Willow.” He said as he shook the paper at the cringing witch.

“But I checked! It-it—”

“This is a very powerful spell. It essentially recreates fragments of the past for the subject of the casting. It’s a wonder you even pulled it off,” he glared at Willow, whose suddenly proud smile vanished as she sunk down into her chair.

“How long does it last?” Buffy asked.

“Inevitably unless we find a way to reverse it,” the librarian said. “Veronica I think its best that you go back home before you have another ah… episode.”

“I’ll go with her,” Faith volunteered as she jumped up, pulling Veronica with her as she started for the doors.

“Faith I believe you have class,” Giles said in a voice which was laced with the faintest hint of amusement. It had been almost a week since the brunette had started classes and she was, to put it mildly, not enjoying it.


“Faith you know…”

There was a cool gust of air as the world changed again. The soft shimmering light of a pool danced across the library which had almost faded away completely, now replaced with a luxury outdoor setting, which was a mess of cops and crime scene tape. It was eerily quiet, the only sounds punctuating the scene being soft murmuring of cops and the sobs of a woman standing off to the side. Pushing Faith aside like she wasn’t even there Veronica broke into a run towards the center of the activity.

“Oh my god,” Willow whispered, almost in unison with Veronica’s cry as the crowd parted slightly, revealing the broken body of the blonde girl they’d seen earlier.


Part 2

“God Xander get your leg off me!”

“I can’t!”

“You better or I swear to god—”

“It’s too cramped to move Cordelia. Giles’ car wasn’t built for this many people.”

“Duh Willow, but at least your not stuck between sweaty and butch.”

“What the hell did you just call me?”

“You heard me, and with those boots and that shirt you can’t exactly deny it.”

“Oh great lets piss off the slayer. Faith, she didn’t mean it I swear... Wait I’m sweaty? Hey!”

“I think you mean a slayer not the slayer, there are two in the car Xander.”

“Why did she get the front anyway?”

“Yeah B you’re tiny.”

“I’m minding the books!”

“Why couldn’t I mind the books, I’m the only one here that doesn’t shop at Sears.”

“Shut the hell up Cor! Nobody gives a shit about what you’re wearin.”


“We’re here.”

“God I’m just stating the facts. Why the hell did Queen C have to come along anyway?”

“We’re here.”

“Trust me I have plenty of better places to be right now, in fact—“

“I said, we’re here!” The watchers yell brought the squabbling to a halt.

“Finally,” Cordelia broke the stunned silence as she leant over Faith, pulling open the door and scrambling her way over the fuming brunette slayer with as much dignity as she could muster.

Faith slowly climbed out of Giles’ small car as she tried her best to retain her composure. Slayers weren’t supposed to kill humans but right now she was seriously wondering if there were any loopholes to the rule. She had been on edge for the whole school day and having to spend time in close quarters with Cordelia Chase had nearly made her snap. The fact that the research wasn’t exactly turning up any solutions wasn’t helping either. After a couple of hours at the library after school the gang had decided to relocate to Buffy’s house. They needed to cast the reversal spell the moment they found it.

“Mr. Giles!” Mrs. Summers hurried down the front steps, pulling Dawn with her.

“How is she?” The British man inquired from behind a large stack of books balanced in his arms.

“She’s having a lot of… flashbacks, but she’s fine.”

“There were bikers!” Dawn piped up with a grin. “One was called Weevil, funny name.”

“I’m going to take her… somewhere.” Joyce said with a frazzled smile. It wasn’t that Veronica’s memories had been offensive, but the flickering scenes were fast becoming more solid, larger, and more frequent, making it impossible to give the girl any privacy.

“Yes, good… good idea. We’ll uh… try and fix this as soon as possible,” Giles said with an apologetic smile as he readjusted the books, following the teens into the house.


“V!” Faith called out as she dumped the books she was holding on the dining room table. “V?”

“Hey,” Veronica greeted sheepishly as she emerged from the kitchen, cradling a mug in her hands. “Found anything?”

“Not yet, but the whole gangs on it.” Faith said, grimacing a little bit as she heard the bickering of Cordelia and Xander from the other room.

“Cordelia?” Veronica mouthed with a frown, smirking as Faith rolled her eyes in response. Lifting the mug to her lips she took a sip, the cup flickering from blue ceramic to flimsy disposable plastic before the world suddenly exploded with sound and people.

To Be Continued?

The End?

You have reached the end of "Normal" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Jan 07.

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