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All The Pretty Maids, Two By Two To Fall

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Summary: Serenity's crew find themselves in a bit more trouble then they ever intended, especially after Mal decides to help some one from his past. Secrets are uncovered & every one discovers that no one can ever escape their past no matter how far away they are.

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Firefly > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: MalheathenseyesFR1832,79401911,21326 Dec 0610 Jun 07No

Chapter Two

Disclaimer: Nope; still don't own anything!

Once again; this story is seeing some revision, for every one that read and reviewed the original postings thank you so much. I hope the new version will be easier to read and more cohesive.


Hazel eyes regarded the confused vampire, amusement dancing in the depths.

Drusilla stared for a moment and then cocked her head. Her eyes squinted at the blonde, as though she were having problems reading some thing.

"You look like the tart, but, you aren't her." Dru stepped forwards and sniffed daintily at her intruder's neck. "Death and decay," she said backing up, her nose wrinkling in disgust.

The First laughed and Dru frowned.

"You aren't here. Leave." The First walked towards the vampire and smiled.

Suddenly Spike stood before her and Drusilla drew back, her back bumping against the wall even as she snarled at the thing advancing upon her.

"Just here to give a message, pet. That's all." A pale hand ghosted along her arm as he spoke, and Dru snatched her arm away, growling softly at the intruder.

"Don't want to hear your lies." Brown locks swayed angrily as Drusilla shook her head and raised her hands, covering her ears in vain as the voices began to speak again.

Oh yes, she could hear them all so clearly. Each clamoring for her attention, but fore most was the dark. It called so sweetly.

Promised all sorts of goodies if she would just listen. If she would just play. For just a little it promised, such sweet things await. Come and play, for just a little while, for just a moment.

"Really? Even if I said that I could make him come back to you?" The slayer stood there again, looking at her intently, the tracings of a smile playing at the ends of the smaller woman's pouting lips.

Drusilla’s hands dropped to her side and she stood to her full height, towering over the apparition, and let out a short bark of laughter.

The dark could promise all it wanted, but, the moon and stars had promised her light and she was so very tired of the dark; all things must come to an end.

The First cocked it’s head and a cascade of blonde curls tumbled over one shoulder with the movement. Silently it regarded the vampire before it; such a creature of dark should listen to it’s words, that this one didn’t was… odd.

"Why would I believe the king of lies? My Spike will never come back. He'll follow her across the stars and never look back, their love moves beyond your pathetic little games. Greater danger lays beyond your imaginings, monsters more pretty then your little soldiers will travel farther then yours could ever have moved, creating such monstrosities upon their prey that blood will spill for years and years, not even the little humans will raise their hands to stop them. No, the one who he sought the spark for will come and make all the little darlings go away. Monsters and man can no longer play together. To long has man played second fiddle to his better and now it is time for all the little bits who go bump in the night to fall before the light, our bindings to the sickly tree will bring us down; sickly little tree, she'll betray all she knows to try and relieve her guilt." Dru sighed sadly, swaying slightly. "We must make way for a creation that the little army boys could only dream of; their screams will be so pretty."

The figure before Drusilla opened it's mouth to speak, but, the vampire's brown eyes grew dreamy and she lifted her hand to her face. Looking in surprise at the wound from which a trickle of blood still sluggishly seeped. Drawing out a piece of porcelain she sucked at the small cut, ignoring the image before her.

Still licking at the already healing wound she stepped over the broken doll and through the First, coming to stand in front of the broken window once more. She looked back once at the surprised figure and smiled.

"You have no powers. Cannot hurt me. Even those who you lead will crumble to dust and be no more; their bones shall speak no stories, their tales nothing but silence in a world forgotten. Everything you are comes from those who follow you, but, what will happen when she kills them all? You will fade away into nothingness." Drusilla looked back down on the still bustling streets, unaware of when the phantom had left; it didn't concern her.

She had seen the future. Even though Spike did not love her anymore, she still loved him. She would warn him, first though she had to wait.

Wait, wait, wait.

Wait till he had died and came back again. The pretty would only borrow him for a bit; it was not his destiny.

The light was hers and hers alone. Her lovely one had a different path that he must take. But, first he would crumble away, saving the little tart and all her pretty maids.

They had not a moment to lose in their little fight, already had the king of lies come to bring them down.

They would not fall today, nor tomorrow, but, it's little puppet would survive and begin the chain. Time was slipping quickly away from them and they didn't even yet know it, wouldn't know until there was no more left.

The same was not true for Drusilla. For her, time’s sand was naught but her toy and she had enough left to spare for a snack or two first. The darkness no longer crooned and for once her mind was silent save for her own thoughts.

In the dark of the night she watched as people scurried to and fro, to and fro. Remaining silent in her contemplation as she watched scenes play through her mind and dreamed of her pretty; it was so shiny.



Thanks to all who read and I hope you have enjoyed up to this point. By and by, I need a beta for this story, if any are interested just let me know. E-mail is

Thank you again!

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