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All The Pretty Maids, Two By Two To Fall

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Summary: Serenity's crew find themselves in a bit more trouble then they ever intended, especially after Mal decides to help some one from his past. Secrets are uncovered & every one discovers that no one can ever escape their past no matter how far away they are.

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Firefly > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: MalheathenseyesFR1832,79401911,21326 Dec 0610 Jun 07No

Chapter Three

Disclaimer: I own nothing, it all belongs to their collective creators and who ever else may have a piece of the pie, which in any case is not me.

Authors Note: There will be some jumping around, this chapter is set about a year or so after the Battle of Serenity Valley.

Chapter 3

Two years after the end of the war between the Alliance and the Brown Coats had seen much changes. Though whether they were for the better or worse was still being debated by those still willing to.

And in a very unremarkable building, in the center of the Alliance's heart, a girl began to stir.

Hazel eyes opened sluggishly. Pain racked the small body and moaning softly she struggled to sit up.

The attempt did not proceed very far though, the many bonds securing her to the table some what hampered her movements.

Blinking rapidly to clear the fog still clouding her brain, the girl increased her struggles. Her fear increased and her body tingled. She didn't know why, she didn't know anything. It was all so confusing.

Frantically her eyes darted around the glaringly white room, searching for a door, a window, something, anything.

There had been something…

Some one…


Several people.

A fight?


That wasn't right.

Was it?

No. It couldn't be, she remembered the pain. Oh, god, she remembered the pain as the blade slid into her and she felt as though she should have known her killer before the light had swallowed her.



That wasn't right.

And she hadn't died, had she? No. She couldn’t have. If she had, she wouldn’t be here.

Tied to a table.

There was something about it that tugged at her mind, but, when she tried to recall why it seemed familiar, her mind hit a wall.

And then it hit her. She not only didn't know where she was, she also didn't know who she was. And. She. Was. Tied. To. A. Table.

The remembered realization of her bonds were enough to drive away the confusion and the girl began to struggle again, though to no avail. She could feel her blood rushing and she felt… strong.

Her efforts doubled and she had just heard something start to give when the door opened.

It was enough to make her struggles stop for a moment.

Two men stood in a doorway that hadn't been there a moment ago; everything was so white.


For some reason it reminded her of a hospital, even though just now she wasn’t too sure of what a hospital was.

One of them smiled at her, the shorter of the two, and the girl noted how the expression never reached his eyes. As the two walked in the smiling man glanced at his colleague and came to a stop at the table where the young girl lay bound.

And if her skin had been tingling before, it was burning when the two men walked in.

Something made her begin to thrash; the dead brown eyes of the shorter one reminded the girl of something, but she still didn’t know what. And the bonds were remaining stubbornly tight.

"I am Mr. Harlow," he said, introducing himself before gesturing with one blue gloved hand to his associate. "Mr. Avers, I would like you to meet our newest addition to the family. My dear child can you say hello to Mr. Avers? We'll be spending quite a long time together."

The one called Mr. Avers approached her, his face stubbornly remained lacking of any expression and the girl gave a whimper.


That wasn’t right either. She shouldn’t whimper. She wasn’t supposed to be afraid…




Okay, so she was the one who was secured to a table, but it didn’t feel right to be afraid. She wasn’t supposed to be the damsel in distress, she was supposed to save them.

Save them…

Something clicked and the blonde’s right hand suddenly surged upwards, breaking the bond which had held it down only moments ago.

Her struggles recommenced and the taller one, Mr. Avers, moved fluidly towards her; she hadn’t been aware he was so close until his hand connected with her left cheek. The blow was enough to knock the girl back down and a trickle of blood trailed from one corner of her mouth.

"Tsk, tsk, you shouldn’t misbehave so. Mr. Avers, perhaps you would like to teach our newest pupil a lesson?" Mr. Harlow smiled as he watched his associate begin the process.

The girl's screams echoed off of the walls of the room.

Behind them the door silently closed. 'Such pretty blond hair,' he thought, looking at their latest find. 'If she survives our tests she should become quite popular indeed.'

Looking over her files, he read to the sounds of her screaming and Mr. Avers steady stream of the one sided conversation, describing all their plans and dreams to his rather captive audience while he worked.

Street child, no known relatives, approximately 15 years of age, 5 foot one, hair: blond, eyes: hazel, and no record of her existence before she had been picked up walking down an alley with absolutely no memory.

He listened to the screaming until it suddenly ended. The silence sounded much the same to him, he could still feel her fear.

They had so many plans and this was just the beginning.

After all, all they wanted to do was create a better place and now that the war was over, they could begin.

Serenity Valley, such a strange name for a place where so many had lost their lives. To the man it had a certain humor to it.

It was only two years since the end of the uprising and the time had been well spent, even if the other experiment had failed.

Mr. Harlow had great confidence in this one.

Absent mindedly he reached out and stroked a curl of blonde hair with a blue gloved hand, smiling distantly.

The girl's eyes fluttered as unconsciousness over took her.

Sighing, the shorter man drew away his hand and his hand came to rest upon the reaching arm of his fellow.

Mr. Aver's looked briefly at him before shrugging and putting the needle he had held in his hand back on the tray.

After all, the girl was already unconscious, what need did she have for pain blockers?

Mr. Harlow had no fear of the girl laying before them, she would quickly learn to behave.

Briefly, he wondered if she were dreaming as he watched the machine drive a needle into her brain. He would find out soon.


*Love to hear what you think. Love it or hate it, I want to know. Questions will be answered and I apologize for the ambiguity but all will be revealed as the story progresses.


The End?

You have reached the end of "All The Pretty Maids, Two By Two To Fall" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Jun 07.

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