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Yay, Another Scar

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Summary: Xander Finds a Friend, the Demon Population find a problem

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August 19th 2004


My name is Xander Harris, and I have a lot of scars.

Scars from knives, cars from claws, scars from teeth and acid. Explosion scars and gunshot scars and even one deep scar where my left eye used to be. I’ve collected all manner of scars from demons large and small through my life.

You could actually consider me something of a scar connoisseur.

With all the scars I possess you might wonder why I’m so obsessed with this swirling scar on the palm of my hand.

In truth, if it was just the scar I probably wouldn’t raise an eyebrow, but it’s what comes WITH the scar that leaves me fascinated.

I guess it all started back in Africa, three years in a war torn continent changes a person, all the accusations of Genocide were real there. One group would gain power and use it to slaughter another , only for the underdogs to rise up and take power starting the whole bloody cycle over again and through it all the demons laughed. There was no need for them to go on a murderous rampage when all they had to do was pick through the rubble of the latest warlord's campaign trail.

I was burning out on humanity over there. Why should I risk my life for the people who could cause such wanton destruction?

The only thing keeping me going was my camp, the Samaritan Leagues African Youth Enhancement Retreat (I thought the acronym funny when I first started it.)

I would have left if it wasn’t for them, just packed my bags and walked away from the whole damn thing. Demons, Vampires, Aliens. I could deal with them, but it killed me inside every time I came across a destroyed village and had to leave the human monsters that caused it alone.

It was during one particularly violent warlord's rise to power that we got word of the ‘Great Awakening’ a tribe of Anubi were attempting. The Jackal demons were one of the more common apocalypse raisers and had a habit of eating the hearts of people. (Claimed they were judging them or something.)

I won’t bore you with the details (They're all written out in the incredibly dull Watchers report anyway.) Suffice it to say we wound up with close to two hundred freed captives, twenty injured slayers a laundry bill that cost more than most cars and a large red…


As a rush of wind jerked Xander out of his writing, he twisted to his right and smiled at the red form that dominated most of the clearing he was in.

Smiling at Yedora, Xander closed the leather bound journal and stuffed it into his pack before standing. “Have fun?”

*I do love how the demons squeal when startle them. I think one of the Magrotha’s even wet himself.* the dragon's smirking voice said in his head as Xander pulled his pack on and slid up on his partners back.

“Well I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, I think we’ll give them a couple days before offering them the peace treaty again, no point being pushy after all.”

*really? I would think pushing them while they were still unbalanced would be best,* the dragon questioned as it launched itself into the sky.

Letting the wind rush past, Xander smiled into the chilly air for a moment before opening his eyes to watch the ground flash by underneath him. “If we were fighting them, then now would definitely be the time,” Xander said trusting his bond to carry his words to his partner over the roaring of the wind. “But since we want a diplomatic solution, letting them stew in their fear for a while will change their perception of the events, in a few days time you’ll be remembered as twenty times larger with flames that challenge the hellfire’s themselves.” Xander said as he felt the shark's grin on his partner's face.

*Give me time, I’ll send them screaming back to their hells to escape the heat.*

“You know, I don’t doubt it.” Xander said with a lingering smile as the two dropped lower to the ground and headed home.

There would be work later for the last Dragon Rider.


Dragons will only hatch in the presence of their riders, sometimes waiting thousands of years until the time is right.


(A/N) Saw this movie over the Christmas weekend (First day off I’ve had in several months) and I enjoyed it. As I’ve never read the book I’m unsure as to how accurate it is, but I had a good time. After, that is, being beaten almost bloody for mocking the King's lament about how he was pained by his missing stone(s).

I Also Saw ‘A Night at the Museum.’ And can most heartily recommend that as well.



I Do Not Own BtVS Or Eragon.

Christopher Paolini Owns Eragon.

If this is in anyway a violation of any of the owner/creators desires it will be removed.

This is Fan fiction and as such, no money will be gained for this.

The End

You have reached the end of "Yay, Another Scar". This story is complete.

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