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Through a Portal We Shall Go

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Summary: Dawn is taken through a portal into the past. Buffy and Co. will do anything to get her back. They are also helping Harry. BTVS/HP!

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Harry Potter > Dawn-CenteredMishaFR1864,0120105,10827 Dec 0618 Sep 07No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

A.N. I'm starting a new story. Info is in my profile. It is very important you read it!!!!
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Chapter One

"I hate having to patrol," said Alicia, one of the new Slayers.

"Yeah, but Buffy said we had to as it is our duty," said Rayna, one of the English Slayers.

"I don't see her out here doing patrol," replied Alicia grumpily.

"Whatever, quit complaining Alicia. Did either one of you hear a sound to the left?" asked Kandi another new Slayer.

"All I hear is kids in the park. I don't know why they come out. Don't they know about vampires?" asked Alicia.

"Some do, some don't. This part of England doesn't really have that many vampires anyway. Buffy heard that some new ones were moving in so she decided to send us here, " said Dawn creeping up from behind them. When they screamed, she smirked.

"Why must you do that?" asked Rayna.

"You're Slayers, you are suppose to hear me. Do you pay attention to any of the classes?"Dawn said,"Never mind, don't answer that. If you would listen instead of complaining you would have heard me. If you keep this attitude up you will die soon."

"Hey! I pay attention in the Wiccan Magic class with Miss Rosenberg," said Kandi.

"Yeah, that'll help you, " Dawn rolled her eyes."You'll know magic and be dead."

"Sorry Dawn, "said Lisette another one of the English Slayers. Her normally dull brown eyes sparkling.

"Why are vampires moving in here?" asked Alicia.

"I don't know. The ones we catch just keep saying someone sent them and they were going to get the boy one way or another," replied Dawn looking at their surroundings.

It was a nice neighborhood but it was a bit boring. All the houses looked the same and the people they would get glimpses of would frown at them.

"Let's head towards the park. Maybe some vamps decided to bother the kids," sighed Dawn bored of this town, and of this street. What was it called again? Oh, yeah Privet Drive. What a stupid name for a stupid street.

She saw something slink by so she turned her head to get a better look. She groaned when she saw it was only a cat. Get a hold of yourself. It's just a cat. Okay a creepy cat, but a cat all the same.

That's when she heard the screams. They were coming from the park. She started to run not even looking back to make sure the Slayers were running behind her. Only when they passed her was she sure they were going.

When she finally made it they were fighting ugly green demons. She looked to see Lisette protecting the kids who she noticed were about Lisette's age if not a bit older. The kids looked to be shocked and extremely scared.

She quickly looked back at the demons to see if she could place them. She wasn't a watcher for nothing! While she looked she did not notice the demon coming up behind her. Only when she flew forward did she realize something was wrong. Then when she got up from the ground she noticed she was bleeding. Normally that wouldn't have bothered her but it had mixed with the demons blood. Where the blood met a great darkening portal grew.

Dawn tried to get away but the demon grinned. He or perhaps a she grabbed Dawn and jumped into the portal laughing.
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